The sushi looks vegetarian?

Synesthetic writes of this photo by Machine, “want to eat sushi off a naked lady with mods?”

Mods in the photo (some of which require you to click through for) include two pubic mound dermal anchors, a VCH, nipples, a scar from a Madison piercing, and of course the wrist tattoo… Piercings by Nicc Stienmetz and Phish at Slave to the Needle in Seattle, WA.

68 thoughts on “The sushi looks vegetarian?

  1. Sushiiiii!…and a lovely lady!…what more can you ask!?…is that serious there is vegetarian sushi???…and i really like the scar too!!!…

  2. the madison scar is because my cat thought it would be a great idea to rip it out… oh-well

  3. How the hell did the whole eating sushi off a naked chick start, cause for the last few years it seems to be a growing trend.

  4. Vegetarian sushi is fucking delicious, but she looks more apetizing at the moment. (Not to sound like a perverted scumbag)

  5. That looks like futo…which is my favorite sushi ever. I’m not usually a fan of curvy ladies, but she’s lovely.

  6. I’ve been wanting to eat miso soup out of an oriface for a long time.

    I guess that means if I want Beer and saki, all that’s left is to get it baby-bird mama-bird style.

  7. She really does have amazing breasts, makes me wish I weren’t so twiggy. Her chopsticks are pergectly fine, there are numerous ways to use chopsticks. It just happens that caucasians prefer the straight away.

  8. Coincidentaly, my wife told me she wanted sushi for dinner tonight. I hope the place we go has plates that pretty.

  9. Wow, her shape is perfect!
    Miss Kayla = Jealous (especially since my personal shape right now is… Round. Darn baby living in my stomach).

    Can’t say I’ve ever had sushi, nor have I ever wanted to… however, with a presentation like that I have to say that I’d definitely give it a try if that’s how it always came 🙂

  10. Only french pepole would understand :

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