70 thoughts on “Big Marilyn Manson Fan!

  1. I really love that lower-tummy tat, even though I’m wondering… is that a white stripe right through that tattoo? or a scar?… and wow, beautiful body

  2. yeah, pretty harsh looking face. really nice body though, not sure marylin manson is someone i would like to get tattooed on me though!

  3. haha! I used to be such a little Mansonite! I have two of his logo Ms scarred on my boobs… Also, her breasts scare me.

  4. her body looks so young because shes very fit, but her face looks really aged. too much tanning in the past perhaps? this could also explain the freckles.

  5. Just perfect, Manson 4ever…

    I’m going see him in Portugal at 19th November hehehee =)

    Keep going girl xD

  6. Hot body, hot piercings, not so crazy about Marilyn. I just can’t imagine looking at his face for the rest of my life every time I looked in the mirror.

  7. I think it’s the makeup that makes her look a little harsh. I think she should let the freckles show without the blush, and the lipstick competes with the freckles. I kind of like freckles though, haha.

    I think her Manson tattoo fits her well, actually. 🙂

  8. Perhaps she looks’aged’ because of the squint/frown lines from her extreme facial expression. Saying sh’e fifty is just exaggerating.

  9. I think she looks great. So what if she’s squinting or has a few lines or not. No one has an immovable face. (Except Cher.)

    And as for age…it happens to us all, kiddies…

  10. Too much make-up.

    Nude pictures should be taken with elegant make-up or none. I just don’t like all the blush, lipstick & heavy liner.

  11. I don’t know about everyone else, but I think she’s beautiful. Even though her face looks aged, she still has a great attitude towards life. If she indeed is in her mid years, and he body is still that smoking, you turn her down for her facial features? Naw, I’m good. I’ll take her to the back any day.

  12. Who cares if she ‘looks old’ or not? We’re all going to be old someday, (if not now, even.) It amazes me how comments here very often lean towards the uber-critical. I realize there’s a lot of outside web traffic, but still.

    Anyway, yay for her!

  13. Stop posting these goddamn pictures, you keep breaking my heart.

    Yayayayayaya. Hot. Cool. Hot. Cool. And hot. And I guess she also has better taste than the majority of the girls I know.

    And yeah, makeup sucks anyway.

  14. I have to admit that she does have an aged face, but it looks to be due to tanning.

    It just isn’t a flattering pose either though, but man…great boobs!

  15. She looks nothing like Manson. The tattoo barely looks like Manson.

    I do agree on the nail polish. And the sleeves, her sleeves have good color.

  16. She used to be on suicidegirls.com. She’s from germany. I think she’s ugly but to each their own.

    Oh and last month she was in a special “erotic” edition of a german tattoo magazine. Sadly she was the best looking out of all the models they had 😡

  17. #61, what a fucking horrible thing to say about someone. If you don’t have anything nice or even civil to say, don’t post.

    As for who ever put 55 as her age, no way. I’d say 35, 38 max. What a great looking lady. =]

  18. Why does her vagina look so weird to me? I think it’s just the way she’s standing but something about that space between the mound and her legs weirds me out.

  19. “The tattoo barely looks like Manson.”

    Agreed. Maybe it’s just a horribly unflattering angle but my first thought was that it was one of the worst portrait tattoos I’ve seen.

  20. It seems that there are dozens of Vogue supermodel sheep suddenly feeling it prudent to let some lady know that she was not in fact cast from the same mold they were. It’s doubtful that she is overly concerned or surprised at this news. I think her look is pretty rad. She obviousely thinks so, as its hers and she created it. The photo has a shitton of personality. I imagine the purpose behind the Manson portrait had less to do with said supermodel sheeps collective opinion of his music or his face, and maybe more to do with her own opinions on the matter.
    mean motherfuckers, most of the above. People irritate me.

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