36x26mm Oval Labret (1 1/4")


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30 thoughts on “36x26mm Oval Labret (1 1/4")

  1. i love his mods but i think the plate would look better if it(and the silver bits) were black to match all his other jewellery

  2. i love the look of this one but it must be awkward?does it feel heavy, does it affect ur speech, even your eating?Like it though :)

  3. I don’t always like big labrets but this one looks good…I wonder what it looks like when he takes it out. The double monroes/snakebites look cool too.

  4. I really like this. It suits him.

    Oh, and I know Modblog is starting to get a little famous, but do we really need ‘first!’ posts here???

  5. I like how – because the photo is black and white – his eyes look like a set of plugs themselves.

  6. i can never help but to wonder how people that stretch their labrets that big function in day to day life. how it must be to eat, talk, drink, kiss…all the usual things you would normally do. could someone inform me so i can end the torturous wondering?

  7. ah, thank you for letting me know. other than that, the mods are great. they suite you very well.
    you just might be the next pauly after :]

  8. correction to previous post: when i say “other than that” i didn’t mean to imply the labret botherd me. it looks good as well. i’ve just always wondered about it.

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