30 thoughts on “Star Chest Implant

  1. first to comment?


    i loveee it. the definition is awesome

    & easily covered which is nice.

    well done.

  2. nice definition.. i would have placed it higher though. it almost looks like its slid down her chest or something

  3. It does look low, lol. I read the title, and scrolled to see it, but I had to scroll again, because I hadn’t reached it yet. It’s nice, though.

  4. Am not usually a fan of implants but this looks great. More-so because it isn’t lost among a barrage of other mods.

    Simple, well defined and effective.

  5. Yeah, She wanted low because of her work and future..
    This is a quit old picture, it looks better these days!
    Freakje Rocks!

  6. Wowza! Absolutely gorgeous. It looks so pronounced and well-defined on her skin. Most implants, I find, detract from one’s overall look, but this implant really enhances hers.

    What a gorgeous girl!

  7. I think part of the reason it may show up so clearly is because of the placement. her bones are fairly prominent on her chest and she isn’t heavy chested- not a lot of stuff to cover it or distort it. It all looks very delicate!

  8. I really like to see implants like that. i think they’re beaytifull, specially when placed under some real cool tattoo.

    But i wonder if it don’t bring any kind of limitations for those into sports practice.

    dunno, something like skateboarding, jiu jitsu, etc..

    with all the falls, and bruises, got it?

  9. he guys. thank u all for the nice response. didnt even now i was on here. still got it and really proud of it!

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