Tattoo Coverup, Before and After

SwanQueen decided to replace marijuana with a beautiful lotus flower by Mz. Anna-Banana at Evolved Bodyart in Columbus, Ohio — having stopped smoking pot now for a couple months myself and enjoying the hugely cleared head as a result, I think it’s the right call (not that I have the slightest problem with pot smoking!)…

57 thoughts on “Tattoo Coverup, Before and After

  1. I think it’s a really smart decision. If a pot leaf tattoo is EVER visable, I’m almost positive that the wearer’s treatment from the mass public, cops, and employers (unless they work at a head shop) will be nothing but negative.

    Even if they still smoke pot, wearing something on their skin that says “Hey, you… I break the law.” is socially crippling.

  2. Wow, that is a brilliant cover up!
    And I’d like to say that it’s fabulous seeing Evolved Body Art featured twice within a week on modblog, thanks Shannon!

  3. The lotus is a lot better, but I don’t see what’s so “immature” about having a good marijuana tattoo, especially considering the possible political motivations.

  4. anna has a done a bunch of nice coverups. A large portion of these are in her portfolio at Evolved.

  5. I almost like the pot leaf better. The lotus kind of looks like an artichoke, with the color and how thick the petals look.
    That is the best “before” picture I’ve seen in a cover up.

  6. i don’t think pot themed tattoos are immature, but a lot of the ones i’ve seen are poorly done. i liked the before on this one, too, but the shading on the lotus is really nice.

  7. I find it hard to take pot leaf tattoos, and pot in general, very seriously. Partially because every teenager and prepubescent in my town thinks they’re badass for smoking it or dealing it. I do think a tattoo like the former could leave you with some serious regrets later on in life.

  8. Great cover up! I have no problem with marijuana tattoos, but the lotus definitely demonstrates the skill of the artist with the shading and definition of the leaves. (and it doesn’t really look like an artichoke…they are a different shade completely). One peaceful plant morphed into another. 🙂

  9. I smoke, but I don’t want a tattoo advertising it. Besides the fact that the leaf is not an attractive image that I want on my skin.

  10. Beautiful coverup, it looks so real, it’s as if the tattoo gained a dimension and leaps forward!

  11. I understand one not wanting a pot tattoo, I have artwork in my room, but I wouldn’t ever get it inked, but I do have to say I love the look of the before picture.
    I hate to say, but I don’t much care for the cover up, doesn’t really look like lotus flower to me.

  12. Really nice. It’s an interesting example of how tattoos can evolve/change along with the individual.

  13. does anybody realize that the lotus is a drug tattoo anyways… they both look kind of nice

  14. Yes, love weed, but a conspicuous weed tattoo is a little much. I wouldn’t have a beer themed tattoo. And yes, it does invite unwanted attention– but then again so so facial tattoos.

  15. its definitely a lot better, maybe it could have a couple of pinkish lines to make it more obvious that its a lotus ^_^

  16. 24> Yes, they do.

    I think the defence for facial tattoos is that people with them generally thought about the implications, and how it would effect their every day life, long before they went under the needle.

    Unlike with pot leaves, which seem to be spur of the moment.

    (That’s a generalization for both types of tattoos, I’m sure there are many exceptions for both.)

  17. I don’t get why a lotus would be on fire. And I hate evolved (oh, teh drama!)
    But the coverup does look nicer, yes.

  18. Hey Shannon, have you ever thought of making a coverup gallery?
    This one came out really well, it’d be neat to see more like it.

  19. I think if you feel strongly about marijuana, as do I in pushing for its legalization, then it isn’t necessarily immature. I understand the “immature” demographic that is being talked about though, so I concede that. But I have been at rallies and seen lots of very well done, classy, politically motivated weed tattoos that look awesome as well. I think marijuana tattoos are should be taken on a case by case basis.

  20. I always love tattoo coverups, getting to see something of poor quality or something the person just grew out of get reworked into something really nice.

  21. My 2¢ – All the people I’ve seen who feel the need to adorn themselves with pot leaves, be it clothes or jewelry or anything else, seem to belong to the stoner culture of incessant drug use and no motivation outside of that culture, i.e. pot runs their lives. Therefore, I find displaying the pot leaf distasteful, because if it’s immature associations.

    That having been said, I lost a friend to that stoner culture, because being worried about her drug use apparently made me a bitch. So, there’s one person’s biased opinion. Peace out.

  22. I’m a big stoner, but I’d never get a cannabis tattoo. Although I’ll admit that weed is a big part of my life, I wouldn’t want it inked on me for a variety of practical reasons.

    The cover-up looks a lot better.

  23. Just to chime in again. I’ve always been a stoner, but stay away from the whole pot leaf symbol culture. I just feel like pot itself is a tool and something that I do that works for me. The focus on the symbols and images of that culture just takes away from the focus on the beauty and usefulness of pot.

    And I agree, the pot tattoos– like any tattoo– should be taken on a case by case basis.

  24. Weed is a retardive drug that makes you dumb and lazy. Glad I gave that shit up weeks ago. Just sticking to good old ecstasy.

  25. haha, I have quite a few white collar older friends who enjoy marijuana and I had friends in highschool that came to school high everyday and still pulled A’s and B’s. Ive seen trashy pot tattoos as well as some beautiful ones…
    I agree with judgment being reserved until you know the motivation.
    great coverup although I do like the before. Moreso because the “lotus” really does remind me of an artichoke.

  26. The tattoo looks like crap now that you fucked it all up. taking the tattoo off shows that your a little bitch. FUck weed anyways its all about meth

  27. immature?…. 🙁 weed is not the enemy. and whats with all the stereotyping?
    -stoner 4 life

  28. I can understand getting the tattoo in the first place. it is a beautiful design and it promotes peace and self meditation. I myself smoked weed through high school. It was a better time. this was back when everyone did it. and i mean EVERYONE! I got high with several of my teachers. And you know what? those were the one’s i learned the most from. But now everyone just likes to go to the store and by a new video game and talk on the phone and listen to their ipod. You pass a joint, you hide in an ipod.

    I can also understand covering it up, weed is such a controversial topic that you’d rather not be anyone’s enemy. Plus you will be discriminate against because the TV is teaching our children that weed is bad. WEED PREVENTS CANCER!! Don’t believe me? look it up. The only bad thing about it is you get the munchies and might gain weight, but not if we were alowed to be stoned in public. then we wouldn’t hide in our houses. we would go to the mall, go to an amusment park just anywhere but we would be more active because it would be a new adventure every time.

    so i’ve blatherd all i guess i need to,
    smoke ya later,
    Tarry Howard Conner THC just a stoner joke

  29. I don’t know how possible it would be for a police/law enforcer to see the tattoo in the first place…and secondly, I don’t know what law enables such people to act against the cannot be arrested or cited for any type of body art. Hey, atleast it isn’t a swatsticka.
    P.S. there IS such a thing as a tasteful cannabis tattoo 😉
    P.P.S. beautiful shading job, the lotus is beautiful.

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