53 thoughts on “Ben got shot in the ear

  1. Stones. Glass houses, Fred.
    There’s always going to be someone out there that thinks a particular body mod is lame. To each his own…

  2. Anyone want to wager that he’ll use his fake injury to deceive someone at some point? I bet he doesn’t have it because it looks cool, he wants it to get free drinks at a bar or to pick up chicks.

    Maybe I’m old fashioned.

  3. fake injuries are pretty lame – i dunno, i just feel like if you want the look of someone who’s gone through something, you should go through something – if he had actually had someone shoot his ear, then i’d have no issue with it.
    it’s like the whole dueling scar thing – http://wiki.bmezine.com/index.php/Dueling_Scar – they wanted scars, so they fought to have them. they didn’t just go to a shop and have a guy carefully cut the skin away then take care of it.

    i barely have an argument here, it’s just the principal that i find, i dunno, troubling?

  4. honestly after seeing the aftermath of one of these procedures done, I’m going to always strongly advise AGAINST people getting this work.

    People are going to do what they’re going to do, but people REALLY need to get the WHOLE story from previous people who’ve gotten this kind of work.

    Let me tell you it was not a fun task.

    Not to be rude or anything, more of a question…But is Howie starting to put gauze or something into the ear canal now to prevent blood flowing into the inner ear canal? Or does everyone getting ear work need to go out and buy those ear suction cleaning kits?

    Not overly trying to knock against Howie, I’ve(we’ve all) seen a quite a bit of solid work from him…But with this type of ear work, that was my only pet peeve with what I’ve seen and heard.

  5. i’m not a fan of smoking, so perhaps if he quits he can keep something else there…like christmas ornaments or lollipops. though i suppose they aren’t so cool- probably not the image he is trying to portray 🙂

  6. I can never get enough of looking at this guy! Absolutely gorgeous, and I love the lobe nullos…

    I didn’t ‘get it’ at first, but it’s a cool concept. I seriously doubt he’s going to go around telling people he got shot, but then again I wouldn’t give two shits if he did so maybe my opinion doesn’t matter.
    In any case it probably hurt about the same and it looks really interesting–that’s good enough for me.

  7. I love this guy’s mods.

    He always does stuff that I’m like, “Wow, thats really cool. I’ve never seen that before.”


  8. aw now this was perfectly timed. chatted with him on my way home then open up modblog to this 🙂 ive seen him numerous times since this has been done and never guessed what it was supposed to resemble, just always thought it was a very cute, very ben thing to do.

  9. oh and i also agree hes quite pretty 😉
    but damn boy this would be a sexier shot if that wasnt a native…

  10. Interesting conceptually. I imagine you could rest a round there, much like the ciggie. A true-to-life “injury caused by a .50 cal round”, though, would be to have ones head mimic a plastic baggie full of raspberry Jell-0 dropped from, oh, say ten stories high. 😉 BTST….

  11. Thank you for all the comments , especialy you Shannon for the Niettzsche reference allthough I don’t think I can ever live up to such perfectly enlightened ideals of this genius.
    As for # 18. People will do what they will do but to advise people not to do or go through with procedures like this at the hands of some of the most talented and inovative artists in the industry , espcialy people like myself that are in the industry who have endured new procrdures and advanced the art for the sake of the art. Yes I did suffer and will keep suffering for this art.
    #18. and others I didn’t mean this to look like an gsw but it is what people have told me and have said is what it looks like , this was solely my idea and just because I’m tired of seeing the same old shit being done over and over again and wanted to give people something new isn’t of anyones concenrn but my own.
    This procedure could not have been done more professionaly and under more experienced hands. I’ve known and worked with Howie for a decade and wouldn’t have dared or trusted to ask someone else to have carried out my vision.

  12. Warren – How dare you post an intelligent response here. You forgot to mention how attractive the guy is and end your post with “I soooooooooo want this done”.


  13. Sorry but a fake gun injury is pretty lame. If the dude really wanted that look then he should have shot his ear off with a .50.

  14. slight problem….
    a 50cal wouldnt do that little bit of damage….
    it would’ve ripped most of his ear completely off

  15. Giles, well…I didn’t want to be all public about it…but that second picture…with the neon glow…that’s some awesomeness right there! LIKE OH-EM-GEE!!!!

  16. Anyone notice that the scars across his left eye are almost exactly like the previous modblog entry.

  17. I walk by future skin all the time and have seen this as it healed…It’s darned cool…but I’m glad to know what it was meant to be.

  18. its funny how i only read the comments on posts when it involves one of my friends…he just said it wasnt done to look like a gunshot wound..yet people keep insisting fake injuries are lame..you know what else is lame not reading before writing..geez..its a one of a kind piece..and ben is hot to boot ..and a sweetie who i hope would tell you if your mods are lame to your face!

  19. its funny how he just said it wasnt done to look like a gunshot wound..yet people #34 keep insisting fake injuries are lame..you know what else is lame not reading before writing..geez..its a one of a kind piece..and ben is hot to boot ..and a sweetie who i hope would tell you to your face if your mods are lame !

  20. This is great! I really like the look of pieces cut out of the ear, and I like this one in particular. And it has a practical use! Although I’ve quit smoking (cigarettes) these days, so I’d just have to keep a spliff in there. Much cooler than keeping it in your lobe!

  21. fake injuries are lame, but he’s hot, and very vain, as all of his mods are very cosmetically appealing.

  22. im sorry but i don’t think ive ever seen the guy without a cigarette stuck in one of his wounds.

    please. im sorry, no offense, but please.

  23. oh, caroline june, don’t get me wrong, i think he’s flat out gorgeous, but i think that’s all alot of it is. the cig thing is always a major turn off.

  24. That is not a .50 cal wound, fake or not. He would have stopped smoking, which is good. The bad, is that he would no longer have a head to use for smoking purposes, thus, no more smoking addiction!

  25. Thats not from a .50, the concussion of the round can kill in a man within a 12-15 inch radius of the head.

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