Teapot Chestpiece

A little while back I posted a “tea time” themed tattoo and people said that it looked like clip art (to which the wearer replied, “that’s because it is clip art, duh!”, or something like that)… Anyway, I thought on that meme I would also post Alexandra’s teapot chestpiece, done by Joe Stamp at Trilogy in Memphis, TN… Another tattoo that just gets cooler the older you get, and peaks in your seventies!

38 thoughts on “Teapot Chestpiece

  1. Actually, Joe Stamp has left Trilogy and has started his own tattoo shop, No Regrets. There’s a lot of really fantastic work coming out of that shop.

  2. Cheaterpants! I’ve been planning a teaset-themed chestpiece for quite some time now…

    I’m still going to get it, however… and perhaps we should start a club. We can have tea parties and play musical chairs, and other sorts of appropriate nonsense.

  3. gotta admit, its pretty original…
    never have gone up to someone and been like “damn i LOVE that teapot”… i think she looks great with it

  4. am i the only one who was hoping for a click through?
    really like the tattoo. love the colours and the design. and tea of course. gotta love tea

  5. Am I the only one who’s going crazy because the teapot is tilting backwards yet tea is pouring out?

    It is really pretty though. 🙂

  6. I always enjoy looking at tea related tattoos. It makes me feel at home. mmmmmm. warm goodness.

  7. Beautifully done, and I love the subject. Tea is awesome, and I love the delft china pattern.

    And hey, certainly doesn’t hurt that the girl is gorgeous too…

  8. i don’t even like tea, but i like this tattoo a lot! i was just wondering if she was planning on shading the cups to match the teapot? either way, it’s a great chestpiece…and her eyes are very striking

  9. yes, very true. like most things in life, medium-sized chest pieces of teapots really go down hill after your 70′s. i mean i can just picture sitting there in the nursing home at 83 with all the whipper-snapper 70-year-olds heckling you, “nice medium-sized chest piece of a teapot, grandma, what do you think you are, like 70?” old people can be so cruel…

  10. Actually Joe Stamp is a shitbag that slept with my wife while I was in Iraq. Quality people there.

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