93 thoughts on “Day forty three.

  1. Really well, thank you!

    I’m not sure on the exact amount but it’s over $400, it’s not about the money anymore though (well, it is I suppose).

    It’s also about sheer determination.

  2. Well, this entry has some meaning to me in terms of modblog (as opposed to the last one featuring that yotube video) soooo I see no need for mocking!

  3. Awwh Roo, I can’t mock you either! I’m guessing you’re feeling rather uncomfortable though! I know how I get when I leave the hair in my netherregions to grow!! Great work, we’re proud of you :]


  4. that’s what my boyfriend looks like! minus the piercings. so basically, all i’m saying is my boyfriend is hairy.

  5. I definitely see a Grisley Adams thing starting there. My heart goes out to you cause I hate hair too.

  6. whay the hell should we borher mock you? Im getting pretty tired of everyone trying to be so fucking cool. oh yeah roorah youre so special. woo hoo… I dont think I can be bothered anymore…

  7. sibera – I’m special because I have three a’s in my name, and I have trouble trying my shoelaces.

    Ca – I’m so Cali and hip.

    Blake – Gee shucks, you’re such a charmer.

  8. Dear Mr. Roo,
    I met you on a patio outside a pub on queen Friday when I was mildly lost trying to find a show.
    Thank you very much for the help. My friend and I found the show, but sadly the act we wanted to see had already gone on.

    Also, for the record, you look far less grisly Adams in real life.


  9. RooRaah:

    Great cause. I pledge if I am off my Duff of Doom(FM) and gainfully employed by the time your drive ends, I will match some percentage of the total collected. Yes, I’m leaving it vague. No, it does not mean it’ll be 0.000001%. 🙂

    Until then, Happy Hairwashing fur-face.

  10. D’awwww. I do agree with the previous two . . . you’re anerable with hair!

    But how did you ever shave in the first place? When I had my christina (*tear*), it was IMPOSSIBLE to shave around the balls. IMPOSSIBLE. Do you just take all the mouthy piercings out when you shave?

  11. Your coiffure suggests you’re almost due a foot-washing. I bet Shannon would give it to you, and I doubt the current charges would. Think about it. 🙂

    Blessings Abound.

  12. grow Roo grow!!!

    best thing i’ve seen on Modblog for weeks!!! Terribly missing all the cute modified boys.

  13. Aww, poor Roo. Looks scratchy. Well, itchy anyway. Good luck with it! If I had any money to send at the moment, I would. Though, I’ve still got plenty of time before you’re done. Will send when I get paid! =)

  14. I can’t bear the cuteness. My piddling donation went to a good cause, fer shure.
    I hope you invested in one of those little beard comb thingies….I think you’re just about at that point where you’re needing one.

  15. who cares! this was posted once on the modblog once and if people were interested they can go to his page. i think its pointless to post this on here.

  16. awwwww! so cuddly and fuzzy!!!

    rubbing lotion in the beard usually cuts down on the itchyness.

  17. i wonder, is the hair making you weigh more?

    When you get rid of it all you should get people to guess the nearest weight for a dollar or something.

  18. Thanks everyone!

    carla – Take a look at the first post, I did say I’d be giving you an update every two weeks 🙂

    everything and nothing – I can assure you I have two eyebrows rather than a single one I’ve been plucking at.

    CrimsonCherub – Yes! It’s quite disconcerting, haha.

    SnaiLuv – A friend’s buying me a beard comb today actually, she decided to after I mentioned your comment. Hooorah.

    chloedon – I’ll weigh myself today and then again in two weeks time :).

  19. LOOSER! What a stupid beard, why don’t you shave, jeeze, you look like a hippy.

    Just kidding, calm down, i apologize. No one else was making fun.

  20. Jesse – That’s more like it! More mocking less playa-hating.

    blackandblue – I’m not allowed, I asked Allana if I could a few weeks ago and she said no. If I do I’ll be evicted.

    She’s a terror.

  21. Roo- At this rate, those’ll be the only updates we’re getting here. As much as I love looking at your pretty face, can we start getting some more updates soon? :p

  22. modblog is broken again…clickthroughs are not supposed to show the fullsize image, they’re supposed to show gratuitous genital shots.

  23. Never mind updates, keep this! HairyRoo looks great and it’s impossible for anyone to be negative here in this oasis of happiness. Good vibes to you…

  24. Always good to see people helping others, especially when theres some personal sacrifice involved. Keep it up!

    Sadly, since the inter-mod drama, of which Im only vaguely aware of, (not choosing any sides here) the site has gone way downhill. Hopefully it comes out of the rut it seems to be in currently.

  25. O.K. I wasn’t going to comment…but…I really need mod blog to get back on track. I love it. I check it everyday and I want some updates. It was the first site of it’s kind that I put into my favs. and I don’t want to stray. I’m affrad modblog is going to loose even more of it’s fan-base. Let’s keep it alive people. PLEASE…work out your shit…and get back on track for our sake…we love modblog and you people who run it. It’s like when you fav. band is on the edge of breaking up…and that sucks.

  26. Thanks JOE…..here we go with more of, “wheres shannon?” “we want modblog back!” and “rAcHeLs a HoAre1!!1!1!!!!11!!”…..let the fun begin……

  27. Just think how much fun you’ll be able to have experimenting with having chops/little moustachios as you shave it off.

    Woop, you look pretty with hair roo : ), but I bet it’s gotta be pretty annoying.


  28. Roo, I am really enamored with your dedication to this cause. I thank you and I know the animals do, too.

    You’re my hero!

  29. dookie, you are quite the moron, arent you? i think JOE was referring to the lack of updates PERIOD. if youll check the timestamp, his comment was posted a good 4-5 days after roo posted this lovely update and a couple of hours before modblog was updated again.

    even though its quite clear where i stand on the issue, theres no need to be stirring up random shit because you want attention.


  30. Hm, I’m curious to see how long it will be when this is all finished. You better have the measurements posted=].

  31. Wow, a homo on a hijacked site growing a beard, to save worthless animals. Whoopee… Come on, you really identify with this crap? Animals are property, the human body is property… Come on, do something other than what you’re told to think.

  32. So… when a guy shaves and he has multiple facial piercings where hair grows, how does one shave around those? Do you take them out to shave?

  33. “rude ass shit”

    Very creative. I guess hijacking a website isn’t rude, and growing a beard to “save” animals isn’t retarded. Meat is meat. You eat it, I eat it, wow. Guess what, we’re both made of it. Save the animals. Insipid shit. Sympathy for lesser animals while you claim to advance the human through modification. Please.

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