34 thoughts on “Hanky Spanky

  1. I usually love thin eyebrows but it’s not doing annnyything good for this girl but I love the smiley.

  2. Don’t like her fringe/bangs/whateveryourcallthem. And the smiley piercing in the second picture makes her look like she has teeth missing.

  3. Why the hanky spanky headline? Am I the only one confused by that? Eyes look ‘shopped to me too.

  4. I guess I retract my previous “cute” comment because my girlfriend, who also frequents the modblogs, has read my comment and gave me shit.

    And yes, way too much PS :)

  5. smileys are ok on some people. she is definitely not one of those. the two monroes also look a bit funny. her face is too delicate and soft, they are to harsh and heavy.

  6. is her monroes still swelled? a combination puffed lip on the sides only and the smiley sticking out isn’t very becoming.

  7. Is having silly eyebrows counted as a mod?!
    If not i petition to get them off modblog!
    ha ha ha

    + in the middle pic (umm unflattering much!) it does look like the eyeliners been shopped

    i like the piercings though!

  8. the smiley does look a little funny in that photo, i thought seh was missing a tooth. but smileys are such an adorable and flirty piercing! i think a horshoe septum would look better than a cbr though. i actually don’t think i’ve ever seen a cbr with the ball hanging down in the center before, it’s a bit distracting.

    still great piercings, all of them, though. :-)

  9. Maybe I just don’t get it (quite possible)…but what does it matter if the photos (these or for any other entry) have been Photoshopped? If someone faked the mods, that would be one thing…but if the color of someone’s eyes is enhanced, or the overall contrast of the photo is jacked up a bit…what does it matter?

    What if the whole photo was a sepia tone…would everyone be yelling “Photoshop! Photoshop!” then?

    Just seems to me, that unless it’s used to misrepresent the modifications, Photoshop is another tool, just like a camera filter is a tool.

  10. Is it just me or is her septum pierced really low? I feel like I could just tug it out…

  11. I like the symmetry, thats about all. That eyeliner is so obviously shopped…..a damn bad job too…

    I think she looks sooo much prettier in her other photos. The heavy dark eyes, shopped or not, dont suit her delicate face. She looks really good with a natural look…and it makes the piercings look less harsh.

  12. I don’t understand everyones need to disect every person that makes it on to modblog. This isn’t a free for all rating forum.

  13. I think everyone is still upset that Shannon is not controlling the content on ModBlog. I know I feel the need to say negative things about some of these posts, but instead keep my mouth shut, well, for the most part.
    The first picture is pretty cool.

  14. are really thin eyebrows a throwback to something? i’ve never personally found them attractive and they seem like so much work for something that tends to not suit anyone. confusing this business is…

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  16. I feel like I should be asking her “pre-op or post-op?”

    None of those piercings do anything for me. Just seems like another person who thought “Oh there are a lot of cute people with ________, so I’m gonna get one”

    But whatever, if the piercings were done for personal reasons (which I don’t believe) then I guess I’m okay with it.

  17. god i was like 17 in these pictures, and myspacing my arse off. gimme a break. ive grown up since then. This website is about the piercings not how much makeup i used to wear…

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