22 thoughts on “Skull and Bones

  1. Really want a UV tatoo, but I’ve heard a lot about them not being safe in the long run, indeed the place at home won’t even use UV ink for that reason.

  2. So jealous, I’ve been wanting UV skeletal tats for a long time. His are beautiful.

  3. Rediculous. Does no one find it funny that no tattoo pigment is FDA approved, yet people think UV reactive ink is so safe?

    UV is approved for humans granted. For fish coming off of docks to be stamped with the ink, rinsed off, decontaminated, and then consumed by humans. So by “FDA approved for humans”, that means in those standards.

  4. so since no tattoo ink is “FDA” approved by peopl who think they know whit is safe and what isnt….does that mean people should stop getting tattoo’s?….or whats your point? o.0

    Oh and does anyone know where to get those UV reactive plugs in his ears?…..i want a pair….

  5. You know what else isn’t FDA approved?

    The calcium supplements I take daily. Does that mean I’m going to stop taking them? No. Does that mean they’re bad for me? No.

    Really people, most things you consume/put into your body aren’t FDA approved.

  6. omg that hand….so awesome!
    and calcium supplements arent quite the same thing as a substance going under your skin. i have no idea what UV ink is made with, but comparing it to something found naturally in food, isnt the best example imo.

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