21 thoughts on “Open wide, you’re on ModBlog!

  1. seems like that would hurt so bad to just let your lip hang over a needle through your flesh like that. but what do i know.

  2. Yeah if that didn’t rip out right after from using a 12G catheter needle (cheater), I’m sure it will not hold.

    Good thing they got their picture though!

    And when is the front feature picture on BME going to change?

  3. not a fan of smileys, but that photo is funny. More people should get smileys so they can take funny pictures like this.

  4. ozzylynn-, im not sure what country this girl is from but in australia pretty much all piercings are done with catheter needles

    mimi- no that isnt a regular stud earing in her labret, it is a normal labret stud with a screw on end that is usually placed on a tongue bar although i have seen them on surface piercings as well

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