Remember Joy, Not Anger

My friend Dan just told me about his new tattoo. When he was younger, like many of us, he was mad at the world, and has various bitter tattoos marking that path… In the picture you can see some of his shoulder tattoo which is a heart with daggers and a banner that reads, “once you get burned, you’re never the same” (don’t I know it, Dna, don’t I know it!). Anyway, he says that while he still loves all those old tattoos, he wanted to get something new with a more positive spin.

He told me,

“As a child, one of the few times my whole family would sit down and spend time together was when we’d play board games. My very favorite was called Escape from Atlantis, which featured an octopus destroying a boat on the box. Over the years my recollection faded a little and turned the octopus to a giant squid, but it’s still a very fond memory, and I wanted to dedicate a tattoo to it. Also, having a water theme helps to balance out all the flames I’d gotten previously. Now I’m a little older and more content, so I wanted to wear that on the outside.”

The tattoo was done for him by Jamer who works out of a private studio in my hometown of Victoria, BC.


8 thoughts on “Remember Joy, Not Anger

  1. Ah. I can’t wait til’ I get a bunch of tattoos, then my mind changes. Thankfully he didn’t get anything worse. :]]

  2. OMG that was my favourite game too!
    We used to have that game.. but I think its been chucked out now which sucks…
    Love it tho.. and thats a nice tatt too.

  3. i really enjoy this tattoo (i have a soft spot for octopus tattoos) the colours are great, i love the black waves and how it makes the ship and octopus pop! its a good change from the negative ones 😛

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