When Car Crashes Turn Lucky


A little while ago my friend Sandy (Moritura) was in a car crash — that’s a picture of her above with her various implants and now-healed ear pointings… She’s just fine thankfully, and the good news from the crash is that she got a few x-rays that include her modifications!


17 thoughts on “When Car Crashes Turn Lucky

  1. wow, that’s such a cool X-ray!! I would hang that on my wall if I had one showing all my mods like that.

  2. When I see xrays with piercings I always wonder what the Xray techs reactions are. I love her pointed ears as well.

  3. its a smiley 😉

    i have another picture from my hip, and you can see some piercings too hahaha… and the doctor came in, and said: oooohhh you’re wearing the piercings everywhere 😉
    at this moment i was feeling pretty naked hhahahaha

  4. Looking at X-rays of myself make me very uneasy too. Seeing me from that perspective seems almost post-mortem…just bones.
    But to see other’s X-rays is very interesting.

  5. Somehow, the words ‘you have such a pretty skull’ seem a little too creepy for use right off the bat, but nevertheless…

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