What do you get when you cross Lucky Rich and Santa?

What do you get when you cross Lucky Rich and Santa?

I’m sure you’ve seen the “Blue Man” in the news — CNN has a video, and BB linked to this story and video. I was quite struck by how similar he looks to Lucky Diamond Rich, who’s tattooed himself completely black (which has faded to a dark grey)… Definitely drinking a few colloidal silver cocktails is a whole lot less painful than hundreds of hours under the needle! I’m quite surprised that people don’t do this on purpose.

…although perhaps the eerie “zombie-skin-without-the-rotting” look is not something most people seek out?


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20 thoughts on “What do you get when you cross Lucky Rich and Santa?

  1. i was in line at the bank when i saw this and i thought to myself whats wrong with looking like Papa Smurf! i liked him and it would be a cool mod if not for the smurf jokes you would get all the time. I have a feeling if there were different colors you could pick. World of warcraft nerds would start mod.ing themselves to look like their characters. that would be kinda cool but creepy that someone is that into a game. yes, i saw the south park episode and love it.

  2. I totally saw this on cnn today.

    My dad drinks colloidal silver, too, I hoe he turns a funny colour!
    But on CNN he said his skin didn’t start changing until he started rubbing it on himself!

  3. Just think – he’s got a permanent case of blue balls!
    Well,somebody had to say it! Merry Christmas everyone.

    Paul L. : )-

  4. I found out about the long-term effects of ingesting silver about a year or so ago and was initially very interested, if not for myself than at least because it seemed pretty neat.

    After doing some more research and finding a few different pictures, I discovered that the change in skin coloration is entirely unpredictable; while some people developed a blueish hue like the man above, some turned very dark grey, and some looked, quite disconcertingly, like they were made of pale, colorless dead flesh.

    Some of the tones were pretty interesting, but the woman who looked like a walking corpse was extremely unsettling. Even though some people may be interested in that look, it seems to me that something so unpredictable and irreversible takes a rather brave person to knowingly attempt.

  5. Yeah, this dude was on the Australian news as well. He took a natural therapy medicine that turned him this colour. He’s still taking it, though if he stops his colour should return to normal =/

  6. I dated a guy who’s father had to take some very serious heart medication, and one of the warnings his doctor gave him was that he had to stay out of the sun or his skin could turn blue. While the whole family was really upset by it, no one thought to ask why! I wonder if it’s the same thing?

  7. oh hell yeah! thank you roo for posting for shannon(can’t wait to see ya back man).

    on topic… i saw this vid the other day. and i instantly wondered what some UV tattoos would look like on his skin. or any tattoo really. i love this guy. he looks so damn happy go lucky. i’d love to see him with a lil UV papa smurf tattoo.

  8. I saw him on TV here in Japan as well. When I heard “purple man” I wondered which tattooed guy would show up. Then it’s not a tattoo… He looks good and happy!

  9. Argyria is permanent and long-term effects of ingesting colloidal silver are undocumented scientifically (the people selling it reckon it’s the perfect drug for everything, a lot of people are opposed to its use and say it’s at best useless and at worst very dangerous).

  10. OneEyeAskew, I’d love to see some of the links you found those pics at. It’s very interesting and I’d like to see more.

  11. This was on my local news this past week. He lived in my town, (Bend, Oregon) in an apartment building which is about a 4 minute drive from my house. He moved from here fairly recently (I don’t remember exactly when) because of all the stares and questions he was asked about his skin color. What initially caused the blue pigmentation was from putting the colloidal silver on his skin when he was sunburned. A friend of his agreed that “it took off from there”. I have seen him around maybe 2 times, and I assumed that it was from tattooing or something along those lines. He is a very friendly guy!

    The clip that was on my news is the first search result.

  12. I’d be surprised that with all this publicity some people don’t end up deliberately trying this as a mod. It would be interesting to see how it would affect existing tattoo work. I’ve done a bunch of searches for “colloidal generator” and so far haven’t come up with the exact device he has in the video. Also it appears that neither he or his girlfriend have any independant presence on the Internet other than the stories that hit a few days ago. If anyone out there deliberately tries it I’d hope the “how to” detailed results would show up on BME!

  13. I agree with the sentiment that we will likely start seeing more of this in a modification context.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if this becomes a relatively common thing in the coming year.

  14. I would definitely be interested in doing this as a mod, but the idea of drinking metal just doesn’t appeal. OneEyeAskew’s comment bothers me, too – I would want to be a nice color, not a sickening color, and you just can’t get that precision.

  15. Please do NOT encourage people to do this. Argyria (deposit of silver particles) can cause all kinds of organ damage, including brain damage, and lead to seizures, persistent vegetative state, or death.

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