Apokalypse Party


I got some more great photos from Sergio Enfermo of Russian suspension events by the folks from Apokalypse Party in Saint Petersburg. This set is from a suspension party at the tattoo studio Extreme Art, where they did the three suicide suspensions — Totay, owner of the studio (the guy with long hair and beard), Aspid, and Clockorange (I really like the touching photos of Doggy, her husband, and her in this set — below at full size, and you can find more if you follow the links).

apocalypse-party-1.jpg apocalypse-party-2.jpg apocalypse-party-3.jpg apocalypse-party-4.jpg

apocalypse-party-5.jpg apocalypse-party-6.jpg apocalypse-party-7.jpg apocalypse-party-8.jpg

apocalypse-party-9.jpg apocalypse-party-10.jpg apocalypse-party-11.jpg apocalypse-party-12.jpg

They’re aiming to host an event every week or two, and you can also find them on IAM — Doggy, Clockorange, and devil rejeñts.


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