Grossest Plugs Ever?

John cut off his nipples, cast them in resin, and wears them in his ears. This is the body modification equivalent of a fly in amber I suppose.


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41 thoughts on “Grossest Plugs Ever?

  1. john for fuck sake.
    when you said you were going to do this i didn’t believe you.
    thats pretty cool.
    wear them on thursday and i’ll come see you in the shop.

  2. oh and i guess this means no more ‘nipples in bags’ :( – at least when you aren’t wearing them they make pretty gross paper weights too :)

  3. I came on the internet to do something, and as this is my homepage, i forgot what that was thanks to these treasured nipples. That`s pretty gnarly though!

  4. that is pretty much amazing.

    i want some. anybody willing to give their nipples to me?

  5. That is fucking awesome. I want some of my adult teeth the bastard dentist pulled set into plugs. That way at least I still have them with me :)

  6. He should contact Ripley’s and Guiness. I’m sure they’d be interested, or even Bizarre magazine. Very unique, almost as strange as Billy Bob Thorton and Angelina Jolie’s blood vile necklaces.

  7. I’m actually surprised more people don’t do this… I wish I’d kept the tissue dermal punched out of my conch, I like the idea of wearing my conch in my lobe.

  8. Hmm interesting. How easy would it be in Australia though to find someone who could make the plugs with something you bring to them? I’ve been considering a conch dermal punch for a while and I think I might steal your shannon ;)

  9. Looking at them at first, I would have never guessed they used to be his nipples. Kinda nifty though, in an odd sort of way. I’d guess the plugs are meant to have meaning to him rather than look pretty or decorative.

  10. dude, why cut off your nipples?
    still effin cool though.
    i just like nipples is all.

  11. ps: I’m just waiting now to see one of the many women who’ve had labia reduction procedures to make plugs similar to the nipple plugs that’d be rad! hahaha

    #14: First you’d need to locate someone who works with resin, don’t quote me on it but most of the piercers I know in Australia, don’t…But its worth asking them to see if they can put you in touch with someone who can, or you can do the research and make them yourself.

    21: Why get breast implants? Why do many women get labia reductions? Don’t like what your body naturally looks like, enhance it for your preference.

    Some people like em, some don’t…Personally I don’t like my nipples either…But I will not look towards removing them until I’m financially capable of paying the money to have it done professionally (ie: no visible scars just smooth chest)

  12. You can buy casting resin anywhere (i.e. craft websites) , but its NOT biocompatible, the trick is to cast them into steel tubes. The nipple removal was done by HOWIE (IAM:Howie)

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  14. Wasn’t there a post ages ago about someone who’d preserved a heart shaped cut out in something and there were jokey suggestions about making them into jewellery?
    Bizzare man =p

  15. oh wow, had the exact idea but with lobe tissue scalpelled out! Also, I have saved all my retired implants to cast them in some sort of acrylic resin to make a sculpture… Any tips on how to do so anyone?

  16. For some reason, the idea of the possibility of wearing a piece of enresined labia in my ears, strikes me as way cool.
    Showing off your stuff and what can anyone do about it?

    In church even =)

  17. Not something I would try myself, lol, but interesting nonetheless. I thought they were leaves at first… WRONG. Nice job, though.

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  19. I love the idea, if I didn’t love my nipples so much I would do it. Would love to talk to him about it.

  20. OK apart from the barff factor are there any pics of John sans nipples? or of the process (OK yes, it’s like road accident you know it’s bad but you just want to look)

  21. I actually stumbled upon this site while looking for instructions on how to cut you nipple off safely. I am hoping to remove my left nipple. Would somebody please send me a message to [email protected] if you have any information on how to?

  22. “ha, atleast he can show his nipples of to people”

    You can’t already? Anyway, he should have pumped them for some years before cutting them off.

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