When Corset Piercings Survive

Michelle is proof that corset piercings, done correctly, are perfectly capable of surviving into the longterm. At nine months old it’s quite well healed and looking very healthy.

It’s winter, I can’t put the rings on myself, and I’ve lost all the ribbon — excuses, excuses. I still can’t go through a good sized party in my home town (or college come to think of it) where someone doesn’t ask to see my back or tell someone else that they just need to see that metal I have. I almost always make people touch it — it makes the night just that much more fun.

I know I’m always asking people I’ve just met to touch my piercings too, but the only piercings I have are below the belt so the context is different.


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14 thoughts on “When Corset Piercings Survive

  1. “I know I’m always asking people I’ve just met to touch my piercings too, but the only piercings I have are below the belt”

    Ditto. The times when you’re trying to explain them to someone, and it’d be easier to just whip them out and say “Here, this is what they look like…” :)

  2. was supposed to do a corset on a girl last year for her prom but her boyfriend talked her out of it =(
    hopefully i’ll get the chance this year.

  3. i really like the piercings but WHY would she “make them touch it”?! it’s seriously bothering me, the guy in the picture too. blah.

  4. is it just me or does the second one on the right look kindof angry? thats pretty much where your bra sits, so i can see how that would be a challenging one.

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  6. Sorry for not commenting sooner. The corset is four surface bars with slave rings done by Key Zia (Kris).
    The bottom hole of the second on the right is very angry, luckily, it’s mostly just dry and it calms down with some extra care and bra-free days.
    And I make people touch it not only because then they understand how it works, but sometimes the reactions are pretty funny.

  7. I have had my corset piercing 11 months and it is gorgeous. I have no tolerance for ignorance and I get so frustrated with people who are under the assumption that corsets only last 3-4 weeks and they start telling me their stories they read in a magazine or heard through a friend. thats really the worst part about it. but yeah corsets can definitely last long term, as mine has been here almot a year

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