Holly’s Microdermal Corset

My friend Steve Truitt in Albuquerque wrote me with this photo of an eight-piece microdermal corset he did on a client. The oldest one is about eight months old and the newest about half that, and they’re all doing quite well (although it seems that there was a bottom pair that got removed; I’m assuming due to pants interaction). She’s worn the slave ring ends for over a month now, and as a dancer, occasionally laces them up for work — I wonder if she gets more or less tips those nights?


13 thoughts on “Holly’s Microdermal Corset

  1. This is sweeet and I would love to see it tied too… while she is dancinggggg. Haha :] jk

  2. I need to do this, I have loved this piercing for years now but didn’t feel brave to only have it for a few months. I will find somebody to do this to me… where to bleeding look though? Anybody know anybody in England?

  3. I’ve entered it again see if it works now I’ll keep checking back if I don’t hear anything off you.

  4. I’m getting this done soon.
    I’ve had a corset done before and it’s just healing.
    I’ve planned the microdermals for a few weeks but I need to know where to get the rings for them.
    Anyone know?

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