Two-Hook Resurrection Suspension

In one of 2007′s most intense suspensions, Christiane (PinPoint Piercing, Oslo and Wings of Desire) did this amazing two point resurrection-style suspension at the 2007 Oslo Suscon (with Håvve‘s lifting help) — thanks to Stephan for the photos, who adds, “Christiane was going up, hanging, and coming down just like it was an every day suspension — very impressive.”

Lots more pictures after the break.






27 thoughts on “Two-Hook Resurrection Suspension

  1. *bows head*.
    As to how much this has moved people: Alice
    honored this by performing a 2pt resurrection of her own modeled after hers, with “Christiane” written on her body….

  2. Yup, by far the most moving suspension i’ve seen. it really was incredible to be there.

  3. I really love the tattoos on her left lower arm and shoulder, any idea who/where those come from? Also, just… wow.

    that looks intense. beautiful photos, beatiful girl, beatiful tattoos. and the stockings held up by hooks!? nice.
    i’d love to see some close ups of her left sleeve.
    very inspiring post.

  5. Easily one of the best I have seen. I have to try that one time, in the distant future 🙂
    It was even more impressing and beautiful in real life than in these amazing pictures!!!

  6. Amazing suspension and Amazing pictures 🙂
    And she pulls it off looking so calm.
    I also like the nice stocking hooks.

  7. Christiane is awsome and a great artist to, it was her that did all my implants and tongue splitt

  8. does anyone else think she looks a bit like jennifer tilly? (especially from liar liar… minus the blonde of course…)

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