Filia Caedus: Daughter Slaughter

Sean sent me this picture of a tattoo he got for the joke band he’s in with his two best friends — “Daughter Slaughter” (which they translate into Latin as “Filia Caedus Caedes”). Anyway, the reason I’m posting it is the photo got me thinking that there are some modifications that force an inherently humorous moment a la the left half of the picture. Guiche piercing is up there as well… Especially for piercers that make their clients get on all fours on the bench.


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22 thoughts on “Filia Caedus: Daughter Slaughter

  1. BTW, to those asking if BodyTwo content will be moving over to BME, I just finished converting the interviews for posting, and will do the same for content later.

  2. Awesome – I’m a big fan of reading interviews (which I guess is a stupid thing to say, since everyone likes reading them) :)

    lol im actually liking this tattoo for some reason… i usually dont go for these, but it looks extremely well done.

  4. I’m really skeptical of that Latin translation. It’s been a couple years, but…

    The noun for “slaughter” is caedes/caedis (f). No way you could get a -us ending on a 3rd declension noun.

    The verb “to slaughter” is caedo/caedere/cecidi/caesus. Now, some of the conjugations do have a -us ending, primarily in the perfect passive tenses. But all those use the fourth principal part (caesus), not the first. And almost all those have a form of “to be” attached, except the perfect participle. Even then, they forgot to match the gender.

    Which leads me to believe they were looking for “slaughtered daughter”, or more verbosely “daughter having been slaughtered”. Either way, the correct Latin, as far as I can tell, is “filia caesa”. If you wanted “the slaughter of a daughter” it could be “filiae caedes”.

  5. Actually, looking closely at the picture, it looks like he has “caedes” instead of of “caedus”, which would be much better.

  6. Personally i DO like lip tattoo’s but i don’t like this one because if your in a band, it’s better to not get a tattoo of your band name cause you don’t know if like, 2 – 3 months down the track you break up, then your left with it. That’s just what i say? also, this guy looks like 14 years old in that right pic, how old IS he?

  7. Did you miss the part where it said “two best friends” and “joke band?”

    We’ve never actually played, it is something we got to bond us together as we went off to college in three different states.

  8. #7 Yes, which is why we did it there :)

    It is “caedes,” we had a latin professor do it for us. . . so it’s. . . close enough.

  9. Mine hasn’t faded one bit since it healed but i’ve only had mine for a year or so. Although the ink didn’t stick 100% so i need a touch up.

  10. i know a guy whos had his inner lip tattoo for twenty years with barely any fading and no need for a touch up, it just varies.

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  12. You, my friend, are ridiculously attractive. Even when clamping your own lip. (Especially when…?)

  13. “Guiche piercing is up there as well… Especially for piercers that make their clients get on all fours on the bench”

    Is there a better way?

    haha. Male equivalent of stirrups this position?

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