True/Deep Achilles Piercing

A few days ago I posted one of the small number of ultra-rare piercings, the eyelid ring, and I wanted to follow that up today with the even rarer, and arguably more dangerous, Achilles tendon piercing. This piercing literally passes through the small gap in between the Achilles tendon and the junction of the fibula, tibia, and talus junction — it goes without saying that if problems arise, they can be literally crippling… This particular example was done by David Bendele of On The Edge Body Art Studio in Findlay, Ohio.


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78 thoughts on “True/Deep Achilles Piercing

  1. how do you wear tennis shoes or boots or even socks with this?

    seems like too much of a hassle and a risk, even tho is looks really cool.

  2. Holy shit. One of the VERY few things on this website that actually makes me cringe. This terrifies me!
    This dude has balls and I totally respect him for that!

  3. ouuccchh…
    see this is where you do some microdermals & tell random people it goes all the way through!

  4. I’m with Lori on this one. I’d like to see more piercers with respect for the science of piercing to not put any individual in jeopardy for the sake of their interests. I mean, great, you pulled a dangerous procedure off without any initial complications, but as any piercer will tell you, it’s all up to the client to care for their the well being of their piercing. What’s to say the wearer of this isn’t completely inept in caring for a piercing that will be ripe with the potential for issues during “healing”?

  5. So it’s the job of piercers to protect people from themselves?

    Personally I’m not interested in having conservative piercers dictate what I can and can not do to my body (or ask someone else to do to my body)…

  6. very good point shannon! i’m glad it was you to step up and say it! anyone who has a bitch about seeing this piercing done is being a hypocrite against everything this site stands for… it’s my body, who are you to say what i can and can’t do with it. as least the customer went to a fucking piercer to have it done!

  7. I personally wouldn’t risk it, but if the guy knows and understands the risks it’s his choice…

  8. um….i spose this is a relativly stupid question, but seeing as how i can’t walk… could this be potentially “crippling”?

  9. I would think that it would be the job of the piercer to logically look at what the client is asking and making a decision as to whether or not this is a more wreckless procedure than practical. Alright, push the boundaries of whats possible with body modification. Go right ahead. If there was ever a line that was to be crossed I would have thought it’d been run over at full speed a long time ago. With all thats been seen and done I’m not at all surprised someone would attempt a piercing like this. Nor an eyelid piercing which is almost blatantly obvious to cause some damage or irritation to the eye itself. In this case the person can be crippled for life from a 10 second procedure based on their ideas and the piercers actions. I am not a piercer by any means. I dont even like needles. But if I personally were in charge of doing something that put the overall wellbeing of my client in jeopardy, I’d at least think twice if not three times about doing it.

    With that said, still quite impressive.

  10. As interesting as I find this, how the hell do you wear normal shoes?

    I’d really like to know how the mechanics of this piercing work, too [how is walking affected? was there any sort of examination done prior to make sure nothing vital was hit? etc, etc].

  11. I don’t have anything really to add to this, my position on these sorts of ‘deep’ piercings is the same as ever, i.e. get microdermals to simulate the look (in basic terms), but that is because for me, body modification is purely aesthetic and I’m well aware that for others it is not and pushing boundaries is an essential part of their desires.

    My Mum woke me up one morning to tell me about a dream she had where she had had her palms pierced and her Achilles tendon pierced. She wasn’t at all shocked when I showed her pictures of both on here. She was just like ‘oh, righto then’ and went back to watching tennis. I doubt she’ll try either though!

  12. TOflat – My feeling is that it’s the piercers job to ensure that the client is informed about everything. Informed about the piercer’s skill and qualification, informed about the risks, informed about how both a best case and worst case will affect their life, and so on.

    Holly – Some people get modified because they want to LOOK a certain way, and some people get modified because they want to BE a certain way.

  13. Credit to those involved, it must have been a pretty incredible experience. However, it makes me cringe slightly, seeing as I have a fear of anything touching my achilles tendon lol…makes me go all squirmy, so this the thought of this piercing has a similar effect.

  14. I think that ‘looking’ and ‘being’ can (and I stress the ‘can’ as they aren’t always) be interchangeable though. My corset that I have had for nearing 2 years is about the aesthetics of the ribbon and metal in and against my skin but it is also about being myself and enjoying it. I didn’t have it done to encapsulate a certain ‘look’ but to just do something that I thought was striking.

    I guess what I mean is that I think its fine for people to go down the deep/extreme piercing route if it means a lot to them and they will achieve their goal, whatever it is, that way. I’m satisfied with creating a look that pleases my eye.

    If I was such a fan of this Achilles piercing and was desperate to simulate it, I would look into ways of achieving it without what I think is the potential danger of the procedure/healing. But I get it that for some people the look isn’t enough and I wouldn’t judge someone for that.

  15. Holly – I strongly disagree that “looking” a certain way and “being” a certain way are the same thing… There’s nothing wrong with the goal being a striking aesthetic, but that’s not always the goal of modification. If the goal is the experience or the fundamental change to the body, then “faking it” is fairly worthless to that person.

  16. wow, haven’t thought of this in a while. 6 years ago I was in chicago visiting a friend, and we were sitting in a café and an older gentleman was sitting at the table across from us. He had a t shirt on that said ” I have a SERIOUS foot fetish”. So, I right away look at his feet. He’s wearing loafers without socks, in febuary! And at the junction between his Achilles and the various bones he not only has a CBR, but also has had the flesh between the bone and achilles REMOVED. The opening was probably 3 inches high and perfectly healed. Probably the most shocking mod I had ever seen.
    That guy had a serious foot fetish indeed.

  17. that makes me cringe big time. i wonder how uncomfortable it would be, i can’t imagine it healing very well.

  18. Actually, I think I’ve seen that image before, and the alleged wearer claimed it wasn’t a true achilles piercing, but rather a pair of cleverly placed microdermals.

  19. I’m gonna comment on the idea of this piercing and the piercers responsibility.

    I think that piercings like that (where there are so many things that can go wrong… even if it heals properly, id imagine that the constant rubbing in that area is likely to have some affect on the muscles there) would seem to be a large part of the reason that legislation comes up against piercers.

    That, I think, if not safety, should come to a piercers mind.

  20. Shannon, thanks for replying, but I think I made it clear in my second comment that I didn’t consider ‘looking’ and ‘being’ as being the same thing 100% of the time for everyone, just that they were for me. That my corset is part of me looking the way I want to be and BEING the person I want to be.

    However, I think we agree that people strive for different things when they modify, some for aesthetics and some as you put it for ‘the experience or fundamental change to the body’. I think I made it clear in my comment that I thought both were OK.

  21. (#20) I have a really hard time believing that -any- piercer is ‘qualified’ to perform this piercing… and any piercer that says he/she is, is full of shit IMO.

    (#11) I, as a piercer, turn away a lot of piercings that we all know don’t have a chance of doing well and healing. Protecting the clients from themselves? You bet! There’s a reason people go to piercers, if they already had the knowledge themselves, they’d do it themselves.

  22. And what about your own reputation? I would think that being reputable would make you strive to be conservative, client well being aside, and avoid things like this. If this goes bad you won’t be remembered for years of successful work, you will be remembered as the guy that fucked up so and so’s ankles. Even if you don’t give a crap about your client this is like playing russian roulette with your career.

  23. ‘you can’t walk anymore? oh god, what happened?’ ‘oh, [insert piercer name here] pierced my achilles and the rubbing damaged my tendon permanently.’ who wants their name attached to that, really?

  24. #4 captured my response exactly.

    I have a hard time believing that someone skilled enough to pull off a piercing of that magnitude is hanging out in NW Ohio. I lived in the area for 5 years and it seemed that decent shops were very few and far between.

  25. This piercing has been well documented as completely healable and there are examples of it that exist not only healed, but healed well enough to SUSPEND FROM (see the feature on Angel in PFIQ, as well as photos in the book Apocalypse Culture and other media).

    I don’t have a problem with piercers choosing not to do this themselves. People can and should set their own limits… Just please don’t speak for others!

    To be very clear, this has been shown as a viable piercing for 20+ years.

  26. personally I consider myself to be a Progressive Conservative Piercer

    This means that I tend to have a conservative view on piercings however I’m not opposed to something different, so long as its backed by sound facts as being a viable/safe piercing.

    Much like Badur’s middle finger piercing, nobody expected it to last but he kept it for a year before retiring it.

    I don’t think somebody CAN’T heal this achilles piercing, but they’d have to live a certain lifestyle (no socks, flip-flops/thongs footwear,etc)…But again I suspect the person would not be able to keep the piercing for multiple years, because they’d be fed up with it and remove it.

    The risk: we don’t know the exact discussion that came about this piercing, we can only speculate…So maybe it was mod over client, maybe it was money over client, maybe the piercer flat out told them they’ve never done it before so they might end up walking with a limp for life if they fuck up…again we don’t know.

    In terms of how I perceive the statement: “Nobody can dictate to you what you can and cannot do to your body” is this:

    You can want whatever you want done to your body, but because you’re not doing it yourself, its up to the person you ask to ethically/morally weigh the options and decide if its something THEY should or should not do.

    Now if this person decided to pierce their own Achilles heel area, that’s their call and they can do so if they choose to…Because nobody can dictate what they can and can’t do to their body….

    The only flaw on that is when they ask someone else to do it.

    Personally I’d never perform this piercing, nor would a large number of piercers out there…But because of no standardized training nor standard model of ethics to follow,etc we can’t really attack people for doing this…Sure governments might look at it and it might make us “look bad” but hey this is the nature of the beast with our work…

    also though as clients are able to want what they want.

    we as artists have the right to refuse doing our work on somebody if we feel it will not work/look right,etc.

    Once again the age old argument…Are we only service industry or are we artists? the balance beam continues….

  27. my name is david bendele. i performed the deep achilles tendon piercing. i assure all of you that i did my home work. people who say that if i had donethis piercing before it would have been ok to do over and over. if that was the case then we wouldnt be here discusing what is ethicaly sound. the person i pierced was my apprentice marcus miller. i made him fully aware as to the potential hazards this specific piercing would cause. in regards to whether or not this is authentic i assure you that it is. also the piercing is causing him no harm at all. he was able to walk as normal as if he had never gotten it. over the next two months i personally watched the healing process and there were no problems. i do live in findlay ohio and unfortunately this piercing was done in findlay. if you have any questions whatsoever feel free to contact me through myspace.


    or at Studio 14 125 n. main st. bowling green oh 419-352-8288

  28. i apologize i gave the wrong myspace address.
    the correct one is

    im not trying to reap the rewards or whatever people want to call it. i like feed back. call it vanity call it what you will

  29. Well, coming back to this, I agree with you Shannon that in many cases “Knowledge is power”, and that if all the information is given to the client then its more or less their decision to get a procedure done if the artist is willing and definately able. Good to see a lot of feedback on these issues.

  30. This will never cease to be amazing. It is a huge risk, yeah. In middle school I got pushed down two flights of concrete stairs and the backs of my ankles got cut up a bunch.. very deep at that. I still have huge scars and tendon muscle damage, and will for the rest of my life, but it never impared me from walking. It just made it unpleasant for the next couple weeks. Which leads me to believe that it is very possible to do this safely.. because it seems as though it takes a bit more of an error than it would appear to actually lose mobility.

    Not that I’m advising that everybody go out and try it.

  31. it’s fully yucky….anyone remember that scene in Pet Cemetary where the kid slices this on the back of (i think) his fathers leg?


    however, this person consented, and they are educated about it….so…do what cha like! (just my twocents)

  32. #35 – Why would the person not be able to wear socks? Thats kind of crazy considering that people wear shirts and bras over nipple piercings, pants over navel piercings, undergarmets over genital piercings…I don’t think I really neeed to go on…

  33. eternalsunshine…..Holy shit. What people can accomplish with their own bodies will never cease to amaze me. It needs to be put on modblog.

  34. All I have to say is WOW. I can’t believe you would willingly do that. Earlier last year I severed my right Achilles Tendon in a freak accident at work. It was like Hostel. It was the most painful thing ever, I have a wicked scar, and I will never walk the same again.

  35. Hi.

    I did this piercing about 12 years ago. A little higher though. I stretched it up to 13 millimeters, but found that it was pushing my achilles out a bit too far, so took it back to a more sensible 10 mm.

    I’ve suspended myself from it, and as part of my show, regularly lift 2 bowling balls from meat hooks that I get audience members to put through the hole.

    It’s got a fair whack of scar tissue around it, cos it’s copped it’s fair share of abuse over 10 years of performances.

    I don’t wear boots!


    (Google Mr.Tetanus, and that will take you to my myspace/ deviantART sites where you can see some shots of it)

  36. Casey: Consider movement compared to the nipple…Your ankle area is MADE to move, nipples, not so much.

    Also in terms of say your feet compared to your chest there is a HUGE difference, if you can’t view that with a cursory glance, might need to look and feel harder.

    Soaks collect a lot more sweat, bacteria,etc then shirts due to being lower to the ground…Plus socks sit a lot snugger to the body then any shirt.

    I find it HILARIOUSLY amusing that you’re trying to associate an achilles heel piercing to the likes of nipples, navels or genital piercings. As Shannon said at the very beginning before posting this piercing: “I wanted to follow that up today with the even rarer, and arguably more dangerous, Achilles tendon piercing.

    but I guess people just don’t read modblog text and let it stick, they just come for the pictures.

  37. I read the text, I just don’t think it’s going to hinder your ability to wear socks. And if you think that my socks are tighter than my sports bra you’re mistaken too :)

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  39. Has anyone checked out this guy’s portfolio!!!??? If you have not I implore you to google search On The Edge Body Art Studio and check it out.

    David, if you as a piercer can’t perform surface piercings properly OOOOR a tragus (!!!) you should not be sticking needles deep behind something that determines whether or not the individual walks for the rest of their life!! Leave these procedures up to people who actually know somewhat of what they are doing.

    i’ve been obsessed with the possibility for years.. but i’ve never looking into it…. holly crap i want one!

  41. first of all sean(51) i dont work there anymore. second my portfolio is not on there. why dont you get your fuckin info straight first before you start tellin people what to do. fuckin derilict!

  42. by the way sean on the edge does suck balls and so do their portfolios. i suggest you google dennis faust tattoos. you’ll find a zombie wife tattoo. this is on the edge’s “finest employee”

  43. i remember seeing you in adelaide once mr tetanus…you were wearing boots from what i remember…motorcycle ones at that…very impressive piercing though…very cringe worthy :]

  44. ahhhhhhh

    like others here i’ve been the victim of achilles tendonitis, so this really makes me cringe.

    i’d rather have somebody break one of my fingers than have somebody do that to my achilles!

  45. shannon said
    “Personally I’m not interested in having conservative piercers dictate what I can and can not do to my body (or ask someone else to do to my body)”

    A PROFESSIONAL PIERCER is supposed to exercise some restraint…its not entirely about dictating what someone does with their body, so much as it is the job of an ethical piercer to decide when something is potentionaly dangerous to a client. There is a trend developing with piercing where its shifted from being about the client to getting recognition thru questionable piercing practices for exposure…in the interest of preserving the industry and keeping it from legal reprocussions, i think baby teeth had a valid point…i’d like to see more “conservative piercers” get some recognition for actually putting the safety of their clients first, as opposed to seeking fame at the risk of their clients…some of the procedures i’ve seen lately leave me fearful that the whole industry might be put at risk because of this trend…yes they look flashy and make the cover of modblog-but is it necessarily a good idea?

    as for this particular piercing, i wouldn’t try it myself-but there are documented cases of success with it…but i don’t think baby teeth was out of line for his views on it…given its highly unpredictable nature…i’d also like to applaud Warren Hiller for his comment…well said!

  46. “Personally I’m not interested in having conservative piercers dictate what I can and can not do to my body (or ask someone else to do to my body)…”

    nor am I, what I’m interested in is what happen when shit goes bad and the piercer gets sued. In the commonwealth of Virginia, consent forms, and release of liability contracts mean nothing.

    I’m sorry if my interests in trusting a client to do their job goes as far as I could throw them, but if i’m going to have a label slapped on me, then I’ll be the one to do so.

    Conservative? yes, I am!
    More interested in protecting my own ass from the litigious nature of people that are once removed from the status of a stranger than I am having a neat picture in my portfolio? You bet!

  47. “Conservative? yes, I am!
    More interested in protecting my own ass from the litigious nature of people that are once removed from the status of a stranger than I am having a neat picture in my portfolio? You bet!”

    well said! getting sued is something so many don’t consider! I’d also like to point out there are a lot of hacks out there, as well as eager modlets, that will see things of this nature and either want one, or assume seeing the picture is enough to feel confident in trying to attempt them. I know piercers barely a year in this industry attempting SERIOUS procedures, thinking its what they need to do to excel…i actually read these words in a forum on the very subject:
    “Oh, microdermals are popular, if I don’t learn them, I’ll lose out in my career. Everyone seems to be doing them, so they must be safe! I just need to read up on it a little, look at procedural pictures and I’ll figure out what to do from there!”

    mind you he was just explaining the position of many younger piercers as to why they try to jump into procedures that should be reserved for more seasoned piercers-but i think its telling of what the industry is facing…

    I’m not saying this piercing isn’t well executed or isn’t capable of healing-its very interesting…it just concerns me when i think of the potential outcome…whether or not it heals, i can bet there will be several kids wanting one cuz it made modblog, and even more hacks waiting to turn a risky procedure into five minutes of fame to make modblog…

    and its ok if i get tagged a ‘conservative piercer’ too -and i’ll wear that badge with honor…my work may never get posted in modblog or savage, but i can sleep at night knowing my ego never trumped my clients overall well being…

    and even the newbies in the industry know that most clients can’t be trusted to follow the instructions…its one of the biggest hurdles professionals face…

  48. this looks amazing,and seems to be healing well, also the piercer must be very familiar with bodies to even attempt this.

    also did anyone think of blobfish? the heel looks like it’s nose and the piercing eyes

  49. Ok lets cut the Bullshit here. I am a close friend of Dave the piercer and of the person who had the piercing done. I think you all are giving him alittle to much crap over this. Some of you dont agree with it and thats fine, But lets give “props” where “props” are due.. Dave is an excellent piercer. He cares about his customers and knows what he is doing. Believe me he did all of his homework before doing this piercing. And his after care was excellent! Reminded me of a mother babying her sick But all jokes aside Dave is proud of this piercing as well he should be And im proud of him for stepping outside the box and for striving to be a better piercer by pushing himself to go outside the norm! Way to go Dave!!! and by the way we call it ziggy!!

  50. well for my part, i’m not trying to come down on your co-worker for attempting this piercing, like i stated-there are documented cases of this piercing healing safely…and if the guy is already crippled, then he teally isn’t at risk for loosing his mobility anyways…my whole point was the overall concern that this can be a very dangerous piercing if performed by someone who hasn’t researched it-especially done on someone not prepared for the risks…i’m sure your friend dotted all the I’s and crossed his T’s…I wouldn’t attempt anything that could possibily impare mobility or leave someone with an handi-cap, but this in no way means i’m judging him for it…this is more about others trying to immulate a questionable and potentially dangerous piercing because it was championed on the internet…nothing more or less…and for the record i saw dave’s work after follwing the link…his work seems solid…not trying to bash you, just debating the risk factor…

  51. I thought I might do a follow up to my previous comment. I’ve seen some of the stuff that features on BME, and a lot of it makes me cringe, and most of it I wouldn’t contemplate doing to myself. I can understand professional piercers getting up in arms about this one, just because of the risk factor. I mean, even if a piercing is done correctly, once the client leaves the room, the piercer loses all control, and as far as I’m concerned, at least 95% of the chances of success are determined by the after care. I agree with comments re piercers concerns for safety over sensationalism. Sure, we’d all like our work shown on those front covers, but no one wants to be known for being the person that’s responsible for someone no longer being able to walk. I have huge respect for Carol of The Body Art Studio, because she refused to do the piercing on the grounds of safety. Lesser piercers would have jumped at the chance of a slice of glory and a quick buck. I’d been skewering my achilles for a while before I even considered going permanent with it, so I was quite comfortable with the actual piercing itself. The big difference between permanent piercing and exhibition piercing is the healing factor. That’s when you start getting complications. I must admit that mine gets a lot of grief, purely because of what I put it through in the course of a show, but in the 12 odd years that I’ve had it, it still hasn’t healed and I doubt that it ever will. Having said that, I once did a solo walk of 1150 km (over 700 miles) pulling a trailer, and had no problems with it. I also do long distance running, and bicycle touring. The only thing I do is take out the weighty stainless spike, and replace it with a shorter, and much lighter, plastic plug.
    I think I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again. I DON’T recommend this piercing, but at the same time, as far as I’m concerned, NO piercing is actually a GOOD idea. Leave the guy alone. It’s no worse than a lot of the other stuff on BME, and I’m sure not every person who posts a pic of an extreme piercing gets this much flack about it. Dave took the risk, and as far as I can see, it’s turned out well. That is, of course, assuming he’s not now getting about in a wheel chair.


  52. Thanks to eternal sunshine for adding this link to the thread. This is a picture of my version of the same piercing. This was taken just after a performance, and the condition of it will give you an indication of the stress I put it through. I’ve done suspensions from it before, although I’ve now dropped that from the show. Now I just hang a couple of bowling balls from it.
    So I wouldn’t be too harsh on someone who just does the piercing, and then looks after it like a responsible adult, unlike me.


  53. damn! it won’t show the piercing! i really wanted to see it too…perhaps so much debate wouldn’t ensue, if bme took the time and either waited to show these types of piercings till there was a follow up photo, or maybe when printing pics like these, took a second to state the risks involved with procedures like this…there is no question as to having these type of piercings, prompting others to want them…it has become a ‘trend’ lately…it would be a good service to perhaps list the potential hazards associated with this type of piercings, just in case the people seeking to immulate the procedure are not informed when they do try it…i think it would show a tremendous amount of professionalism and could perhaps curve the ‘monkey see, monkey do epidemic that seems to be occuring in the industry lately…

  54. I agree, Laura. Just because you see someone do a piercing, it doesn’t mean it’s a good thing to do. Like you say, follow up shots tell the REAL story. I see a lot of photos up on the brag boards in dodgy piercing establishments, and you know darned well that they’ve just fleeced someone for a piercing that is just going to cause a lot of grief as it grows out.
    For many years I wouldn’t let people take pics of my ankle for fear that they would end up in some magazine or similar, and people would try to do the same piercing. I don’t think it’s the sort of thing I want to be seen promoting. It’s not very smart.

  55. I use to work at a studio with a ‘rockstar wanna-be piercer’ about 6 or 7 years ago…he was really big on building up his portfollio faster than the next guy…once when thumbing thru an old publication at the shop, he saw a piecing called the ‘princess abertina’ that ran thru the women’s uretha…he immediately started toting that he could do this piercing and was gonna try it! later that day he got a girl to come in and try it…he attempted it from a picture, with no research to see if it was risky-off a picture with no other info attached…i think a picture alone is misleading…and publications printing them can give the impression that it is a safe procedure, even if the picture was the only time frame that piercing existed in…posting risks associated in these situations would do alot to perhaps curb ‘rockstar ambitions.’

    as for his ‘edge’ piercing, we never found out if his client’s piercing healed…despite being his regular client, she never came back into the studio…

  56. hey laura why dont you stop beating a dead horse and realize the piercing is what it is. yeah we all get that you dont like people trying to do shit that is off the wall or people trying to be a “rockstar wanna be”. im not saying that everyone should do this by any means and any piercer who does see something like that and wants to do it should realy do their research and think twice before even picking up the surgical lube.

    get over it!

  57. whatever…given this picture has a COMMENT option, i’m not out of line commenting in it…especially when its something tied into my personal and professional interests…

    besides, i actually stated in the previous post that i was in no way judging you for attempting the piercing and that i saw your portfollio and the work was solid (see comment 63). the post above you was in reference to hacks imitating things on modblog, and dangerous procedures being posted without any mention of the risks involved…perhaps if you read the ALL the posts you might of realized this wasn’t an attack on you…

    if you are going to be so touchy about the comments that are offered about your work, then don’t submit them into a place that gives the option for people to comment under them…and if you can’t take professional criticism from your peers, this is a rough industry to work in…

  58. its cool…its understandable to get edgy, your work is up and being debated in a public forum…i was just letting you know that my posts weren’t about attacking you, its more about people misguidedly thinking they can imitate what they see and the need for risks being addressed when posting extreme procedures…like i said, i went to your profile link, as out spoken as i am, if i thought your work was crap i’d say so…sorry if i came off as critical…

  59. I would love to have this done. I cannot find very much info besides this website. Does this peircing affect running…can you run a marathon event with this type of peircing? Talk about a great shock-your-mom. Props.

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  61. Just a follow up to this thread.
    2017 marks the 21st birthday of my ankle piercing.
    Although I’ve all but stopped my performances, the hole still lives on.
    Regarding choice of piercers, my usual piercer opted to back out, so I did mine myself.
    As far as restricted function goes, not long after I did it, I walked the coast from Melbourne to Adelaide, pulling a trailer, and it gave me no grief.
    I now wear a 10mm tunnel for everyday use, and only wear the spike for “special occasions”.

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