Saline Clitoral Inflation

Over the ten years or so that I’ve known Jacco and her partner, she’s been slowly enlarging her clitoris using a wide variety of means, including local hormone treatment (testosterone cream), regular vacuum pumping, saline inflation, and play. She’s already very large from all of this, but in this photo set — the explicit shots continue after the break, and there are loads more in the next BME/extreme udpate — she’s just done a 20ml clitoral saline inflation with quite dramatic results.





50 thoughts on “Saline Clitoral Inflation

  1. wow, it looks like a snail. thats really amazing, how much does it increase feeling in that area? it seems like with it so large it would be like a penis and orgasm would come easily.

  2. Just curious, but are there photos of it “at rest” so to speak? The permanent changes would be interesting to see…

    Pretty neat.

  3. Absolutely amazing! And I agree with #10, I’d also like to see the permanent w/out saline size.

  4. I’m rather in awe! It’s not something I’d personally do, but wow!

    Reminds me of the one time that I used a face cloth down that had cat hair on it somehow and I had an interesting allergic reaction … @[email protected]

  5. Wow, I’ve heard of this but… wow. It’s kind of cool, just not something I’d do personally.

  6. How effective is testosterone cream for enlargement? I haven’t even heard of it before.

  7. wow! thats impressive, you’d have to have a really good excuse not to be able to find that.

  8. Woah!

    Would testosterone cream applied to the glans of a male member have similar enlarging effects?

  9. It’s great that its only temporary, otherwise come time to put on some pants walk around, she’d probably have an orgasm every ten steps..

  10. nice to see Jacco 🙂
    I seen Jacco pictures before.
    I would like to get bigger clit.
    I am on hormones already.
    I need to submit some pictures to get my extreme access back.
    I wonder how long will it take for me to get access again?

  11. Shiza – I’m sure Jacco will comment on this entry but this is a comment she left on BMEvideo. English is her second language by the way..

    Thanks to the testerone-injections it has become very sensitive and many orgasms!

    I’m also sure she won’t mind me saying that if you have questions for her you can find her email address there too, after a quick browse.

  12. Hi guys!

    The second pic is my NORMAL (enlarged in years!) clit.
    The other pics are by filling it with 20 ml saline.

    I have put a lot of pics to Shannon but can’t see them in my gallery = Jacco

    Who’s gone follow me?

  13. You can also look at
    http://www.large labia

    I have put a lot of stuff on that forum.
    Just search for ‘Jacco’ or ‘Jacco’s Clit’

    When you want a bigger clit, just mail me.


  14. Jacco – They’ll be posted shortly; I have them processed and am just waiting for a couple minor technical issues to be dealt with.

  15. I’d be really into that. It looks like it would definitely increase sensitivity… and I’d be so down for a mini-blowjob.

    Where do you find GOOD clitoris pumps? I got one at a porn store. But it sucked. Well, it didn’t actually… I’ve had more suction from regular oral sex with a lover…

  16. as soo as i saw the 2nd pic i thought of cthulhu
    then i got the sensation to suck on it 🙂

  17. Why do we need a click thru for this but not the violent stuff?? The world has gone mad!! The 4th pic makes me think of Gonzo from the Muppets…

  18. do i see a VCH? i noticed it in pic two. i can’t tell if it’s a close scar, or if it’s just a squished shut fistula from all of the saline…

  19. Anonymous Coward,

    No, applying testosterone cream to the male member will not make it larger unless the male has less testosterone then a normal male. (Normal male testosterone levels range from 300ml-1200ml). Some males are born with less “t” and are given testosterone to help their penises grow. Same with those who are born with a condition known as “micro-penis.” But in most cases, adding extra testosterone will shut down your own production of “t” and your testicles will shrink. Testosterone, is a steroid and adding it has caused all kinds of health risks and even death, suicide, when taken off of it quickly. Depression sets in if your levels drop to castrate levels, which is what will happen if the user stops using “t” cold turkey.

  20. wow, awesome. =D

    email me jacco, i want a bigger clit and want to discuss with you how you did it. (i’m already on t, so i think i hit my limit there.)

    anyhow, thanks!

    [email protected]

  21. I wonder if vacuum pumping and saline injections would work just as well on the upper lips? 😀 I’m obsessed with making those bigger! If Jacco happens to read this then I would love to know more about saline injections and if she would email me that would be great!

    [email protected]

    P.S. Your lips look gorgeous!! I’m severly jealous.

  22. Use steroids on a local/topical base to make your clit permanent bigger.
    No hairgrow, low voice etc.

    Also E-stimming the clit and pumping my clitoris to the maximum!

    I just opened my website.
    You can see my self-developed method.


  23. It would be interesting to know, if such clits are able to fuck. But this is only possible, if the stiffness is big enough.
    Stiffness must be about so like a cock. It is the question, if this is the case!

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