In The Tube

Alexis‘s tattoo is great work but what I’m super jealous of is that he got to play in this very fun looking free diving pool — he’s a free diving instructor! I’d love to hear his input on it, but I’m sure there’s enormous crossover between free diving and suspension and body ritual as BME covers. If you’d like to see the work on his back, continue reading.



18 thoughts on “In The Tube

  1. That looks like the old submarine testing tank. I think it’s somewhere in Europe? If it is, I’m way jealous myself too! Just imagine a controlled environment where you just swim all day. Mmm… massive heated tank…

    He looks like he’s posing and so peaceful. Maaan, I wanna go swimming today.

  2. I’m glad I’m not the only one a little creeped out by the tank. Otherwise awesome tattoos and great pictures, but yeah, makes me think of too many old horror/monster movies.

  3. Absolutely lovely. I love the gray work with just the little highlights of blue. And turtles rock! But the tube is slightly terrifying.. and I’m a good swimmer.. but that just creeps me out.

  4. It is the S.E.T.T tank, a submarine escape training tank in Gosport U.K. I teach there about once a month.
    The wide angle lense makes me look even scinnier and you can’t see the negative actual size suspension hooks in the center of my back. And yes I find a lot of similaritys between suspending and freediving.

  5. we free dive to!! i’ve never done it in a tank…we use a dive computer instead. would *love* to try in a pool like that!!

  6. That’s the best picture I’ve seen in a long time 😀
    Oh, and the tattoo is really good, and I love the negative waves.

  7. 1- awesome photos/hot guy/nice tattoo work

    2- I want to learn to properly freedive. I need to work on my apnea. It’s really pathetic. I can get down to about 20 feet and hang out for a few seconds until i start to get the little chest contractions, then it’s up to the surface to breathe. all of this happens in less then a minute. boo.

    3- s.e.t.t is cool but there’s a really pimp looking pool thats actually deeper. Nemo33 in brussles. It’s 34.5 meters i believe. That’s about 110ft. It has layers also and little nooks/caves with windows out into a resturant.

  8. oh and pools are really creepy when you look down at them, but when you put your bum on the bottom of one and look up at the shiny light coming from above and making everything glow around you, it’s so very peaceful.

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