Satanic Friends

On his own, he’s just a six, but when Brad and his friends get together, they do the devil’s work. Their brands are DIY pieces done with a coat hanger. Before you say anything, coat hangers actually work quite well for branding and are very capable, even in an inexperienced DIY context, of producing very nice results.


17 thoughts on “Satanic Friends

  1. Coat hangers work well, as long as they’re not coated or plated. Bend ‘em and heat ‘em and if you see any flakes starting to lift of, reach for another hanger. About half the wire hangers I’ve mutilated are coated with something, although they don’t look it until you start to abuse them.

    I wonder how often these group tattoos, brandings, etc, are just people who go get them, and how much is, even if unconsciously, a return to the more traditional practice of defining group membership with permanent marks via rites of passage (like branding yourself).

  2. I’ve got a DIY coat hanger brand. It looks good, was easy to do and healed without infection. I’d do it again, if I decided I wanted another brand.

  3. My house all did some beer can branding. We ripped up some beer cans, and bent them into stars, helecopters, hearts, and other crap, and branded each other all night.

    It sarted from a coffee mug a roomate picked up at a thrift store that said “turn your scars into stars”. So the first round, a bunch of us branded over existing scars with star shaped beer can branding irons.

    Over two days, like twenty brands were done like that. Fun memories.

  4. hahahaha love this!

    if i werent such a wuss when it comes to pain, id totally borrow a torch from work, and find a coathanger…hmmmm!

  5. I love the concept!! Branding is such a beautiful art, & is much overlooked compared to piercings, tattoos, and implants.
    & DIY branding is just awesome, since all of my [sadly, few] modifications are all done from the privacy of my own home!! I’ve tried to brand myself before, but with unsuccessful results, not having a torch & all.

    Oh & #3, it IS 666. Ever hear of the Age of Aquarius? Know yer shit. :]

  6. Thats great….i wish i would have thought to use a metal hangar instead of safety pin for my DIY branding…i can barely see it anymore, but I know its there…..yes it took a while and many “strikes” to do it and yes it hurt ALOT!!!…oh and yes i was sober!

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