That doesn’t look very tasty

Raldy and Bia at Raldy Mods in Sao Paulo, Brazil, had a big keloid on the back on an inner conch to deal with, and decided, reasonably enough, to punch it out at a quite large 14mm. It looks great and turned out quite nicely, but… (continued inside the entry).



I have no particular problem with autocannibalism, but I have to admit that I don’t really want to eat a big fat keloid. I have this notion that it probably has a texture and flavor somewhere between old leather and old, used bubble gum. Admittedly he does not look that gleeful about it either!


25 thoughts on “That doesn’t look very tasty

  1. Cool and elegant solution that seems to work quite nicely with what mods he already has. But seriously, I’m with Shannon, eating a keloid, even if it was my own, would probably make me ill.

  2. at first i thought he had also keloided on his tongue piercings! though i’ve never seen those kinds on the tongue before..

  3. If he’s prone to keloiding, won’t they just come back, but bigger? If not, why?

  4. He definitely has a “I am just doing this for the picture, take it so I can get them out of my mouth damn it” look on his face. o.o

  5. I really hope this works for him. We did the same procedure on a client’s lobes with keloids about twice as big as those on the front and back, and all was well for about 6 months until they came right back. According to my research since then, causing more trauma to an already keloid prone area of the body, only begets more keloiding. “Classic” methods of treatment are met with moderate success, while localized steroid injections have consistently shown the ability to suspend the growth of keloids if not reverse the process to a degree. Still, good luck to this guy. Keloids suck.

  6. I was slightly tempted to eat my chunks of cartilage after I had my outer conches punched, but I reckoned it should taste about the same as gristle in pork or chicken meat, so thanks but no thanks. I burnt them instead 🙂

    The ears however do look very nice! Great way to get rid of the keloid and get a set of nice mods instead.

  7. I know a former piercer who used to like to wow people by eating the bits that came out when he pierced someone. Never anything like this though! Just standard 14-16ga range bits.

    Also, this is going to affect his hearing. The ear is shaped to funnel sound into it, so this mod takes that away. Which is his decision, of course, but it’s something worth considering for anyone considering major modifications to their concha (and pinna overall, really).

  8. Do they even make biopsy punches in those sizes? I thought they only made them up to 8mm, but if there is a company who manufactures a larger diameter, hook me up! And as for the auto-cannibalism part, c’mon who really hasn’t kinda considered it?

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