Your (self-chosen) oldest modification

Not including modifications that were forced on you — circumcisions, ear piercings as a baby, and so on — what’s your oldest non-earlobe body modification? The reader in this entry tells me that she got her nipple pierced seventeen years ago at the Gauntlet in NYC — she’s 56 years old now and still loving it!

My nipple piercing (retired) will also turn seventeen on February 14, with my first tattoos turning 19 this year, meaning that I’ve had them for over half my life now. Roo and I were talking about our tongue splits as well, with 1998 being the year that tongue splitting exploded in popularity, many people will soon be walking around — still happy, like the woman below — with decade old split tongues.


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86 thoughts on “Your (self-chosen) oldest modification

  1. My nostril piercing is 16 years old, and my tongue piercing (and my first tattoos) are 14 years old, so I’m a member of the half-my-life club, too. Wow, that’s kind of crazy to think about. :)

  2. I had my left inner conch pierced on my 16th birthday. Almost 7 years later (wow!) I have two in each conch and my left daith pierced.

  3. I’m such a youngin’, my oldest non earlobe body bod is my nostril piercing, which is going on 5 years (i got it when I turned 16). Next to that is my year old rib tattoos. My body mods have quadrupled since then. lol.

  4. damn, could just be the contrast, but she is looking pretty fucking hot for 56.

    my first was my ear back in about grade one or two and after that in the next 6 years i had it taken out and repierced about 15 or so times. i love it that much.

  5. my parents didn’t let me get a non lobe piercing til i was of legal age and STILL hate that i did get them. first tattoo was 2 days after my 18th which was the love park sign on my left calf, first non lobe piercings were my snakebites like 5 months after my 18th, which i just recently took out and repierced because i was tired of them being crooked. so me being 21 now, my oldest is only 3 years… such a youngin =(

  6. completely missed a couple words there. lol. on my 15th birthday in the middle of my highschool at lunch, i had a friend pierce my eyebrow with a safety pin. haha

  7. I pierced my bellybutton myself when i was 14 (15 years ago) but it rejected. Pierced my left lobe at the same time. Re-pierced (professionally) my bellybutton 11 years ago, when I was 18, about 3 months before I got my right nipple pierced. Oldest tattoos are 10 years. Got the first 2 within a month of each other. Just the beginning of a lifetime of mods. yay!

  8. Hah, how intimidating, my oldest piercing (pubic surface bar) is only 1 and a half years old. That rejected though (although I’ve had it re-done since), so I guess my oldest piercing is my apadravya @ 1 year and 4 months old.

    That means I was 18 and 3 months old when I got it.

    It seems like so long, but in reality it’s such an inconsequentially small amount of time :)

  9. i pierced my own earlobes at 15 …I actually attempted scarification at 14, but it got filed under self-mutilation and i wasn’t very good at it…so there’s no permanent scars that anyone but me can see.

    other than that…helix, i think about 2.5 years old now. feels like longer. damn thing still isn’t healed right!

    i’m 22 now and i have 5 lobe piercings (2 at 8g, 3 at 16g), the helix, double nostrils, septum (stretched to 8 from 14), tongue, nipples and VCH.

    I need more.

  10. I gotta say she is hooot. She doesn’t look like she’s even in her mid-twenties. As for me I got my first piercing, eyebrow, 5 years ago, and first tattoo 2 years ago. Currently also have done middle of lip, 0g and 18g in the bottom of my ears, and a second tattoo.

  11. Aside from my earlobes, which I’ve had for 12 years or so, my oldest would be my tongue, which I had done when I was 18, so 7, almost 8 years ago. Damn, I’m closing in on being as old as I feel.

  12. Stunning lady!

    My oldest mods would be (not counting scars from my first foreys into modification at a very young age) my nipple piercings (horizontal), they’re just over 8 years old now.

  13. i diy’d my helixes when i was about twelve/thirteen, was forced to take them out by my mom soon after. i then diy’d my right helix twice at sixteen and those are, i suppose, my oldest mod.

  14. Ears and 1st tattoo self done when I was 12…21 years ago. But as the question asks: Tongue at age 14 years ago…I don’t normally wear it but it still pops right in at 10g. ;)

  15. she’s gorgeous!

    my hood and nipple piercings will be 16 this july. first tattoo (s) (drawn by you Shannon!) will are 15 almost 16. so yeah – also very close to half of my life!

  16. well i am 21yrs old now, lobes and cartilage by the time i was 15. my 1st true one i guess would have been my left nostril that i got at 17yrs old. my mom let me get it if i would stop stretching my ears.. haha 5 years later and they are an 1 1/4″

  17. I’ve gotten a tattoo every year for my birthday since I turned 18, starting with a Distelfink (PA Dutch thing) on my hip for my 18th, the words “there are no words” in my handwriting on the top of my foot for my 19th, sternum piercing for my 20th but it rejected, and I’m getting my 21st birthday tattoo of a William Nicholson duck print on my back next week.

  18. I’m 30 years old now, I pierced my navel at 12.
    I had never even seen a navel piercing before I did mine so I have no idea where I got the idea other than being a bit of a cutter.. I would cut my skin and rub india ink in the rubbing’s… I started doing that at age 11.. again no idea where I got that Idea.. I still have one of the stick and poke tattoo’s I did around that age on my ankle to this day, a little tribal piece.

  19. first and oldest piercings which are still by far my favorites: MY nipples, done at gauntlet in 1992, 16 years ago. Goodness its been a while.

  20. i got a cartilage piercing for my 12th birthday, and my first tattoo was a couple months after i turned 18.

  21. My nostril piercing will turn 21 years old on April 23 =)
    Self-done as there weren’t any piercing places around. I’d seen a pic of a girl in Easyriders biker magazine who had her nose done and had to have it.

    Used a sterling hoop earring as there wasn’t anything else to use.

  22. I had 3 earrings on one ear by the time I was 9, but since ears don’t count, I pierced my nose (with a gun!!!) at 13(over 9 years ago. I got my first tattoo almost 8 years ago (at 15).

  23. The picture could have been taken any time in the 17yrs she’s had the piercing. Either way – I hope to look that good when I’m 40.
    Not counting my ears done by choice in 3rd grade… I pierced my nostril (retired but still open) over 18 yrs ago – more than 1/2 my life and my tongue 15 yrs ago – almost 1/2 my life(eek! I can’t believe it’s been that long!)

  24. shes lovely :)
    my oldest chosen mod is probably my second set of crooked lobe piercings, gunned at claires when i was 12…so ten years….

  25. Navel- 13 years old.
    Left nipple- 9 years old.
    Not bad for 24.
    Nothing in the navel piercing, but occasionally I put something in to prove that I can.

  26. My oldest is my PA, done in the summer of 1992, which will make it 16 this year. Still going strong and still my favourite!

  27. My oldest is a smiley face brand that I did with the top of a lighter. It’s on my left hand. Right by my thumb.

    I was 14, which makes it about 14 years old. Half my life! Wow!

  28. tongue piercing – at least 10 years old. i actually sent in a picture of it to bme a loong time ago. it’s one of the very first few on the first few pages (double tongue piercings).

  29. Awww…I can only hope my piercings will last as long as some peoples’ in here :)

    Wrist was the first. It will be 2 come April. Got it when I was 24. Oldest mod would be the tattoo I got at 17 though.

    *munches on memories*

  30. Wow, I feel young. My hand scarification will be going on seven years soon, and I did that when I was about twelve or thirteen. It’s almost completely gone now – I didn’t know much of what I was doing at the time, and didn’t know how to make it keep. But it looked cool the first year after it was done.

    So cool to hear about everybody’s old mods :p

  31. My oldest still existant piercing that is not a lobe is my center labret that i’ve begun to stretch in the past months.
    Did it when i was 15 så that would be 7 years ago

    I do however wanna take some credit for my first lobe piercing as well.
    Did it when i was 7 years old and it was by my own choice.
    I had prepared a massive speech for my parents trying to persuade them to let their 7 year old son pierce his ears.
    All the response i got when i entered the kitchen,looked at my parents and telling them i wanted it was from my father saying “sure,just let me finish my coffee.”

    I dropped my chin to the floor and then we went to the local barbershop and had it done with those old crappy piercing pistols.
    Proud as ever i got to school the next day and were called gay for the remeinder of that month.

    I’m now 22,both ears pierced and stretched to 27mm(+ that glitch alowing me to get my pinky between my ear and the jewelry)

  32. 1991 Self done labret with a needle balanced on a table. Influenced by Modern Primitives book. Dragged my lip down over it slowly. Put a BCR in that was too small. First vertical labret invented !!! :-)

    Did my PA in 1992 and septum (THE most painful experience ever.

    1993 did 4 shaft piercings and 1 scrotum one.

    1994 pierced the web of my hand – went septic after 4 weeks and then immediately removed.

    Have now been piercing myself (and others) for about 17 years.

  33. Just turned 57,nipple now 2ga,and PA now 0 ga done by Jim Ward in ’77 just after he opened

  34. My first piercing of any sort was my navel when I was 18. That’s closing in on 10 years ago. I didn’t have my lobes pierced until my 21st birthday, you can imagine the piercer’s thrill at having 21 y/o “virgin” lobes in his shop.

  35. I’ve been tattooed & pierced half my life now too (just). My first tattoo is now 16 years old, same for navel ring (although that’s been redone). Damn, think I just gave my age away…

  36. my oldest (non ear) peircing is my nose, had that since i was 14 (im nearly 22 now) other than that its all ears mainly.

    also, the lady in that picture is stunning.

  37. My bellybutton piercing (now retired) would have turned 9 this year. My cartilage piercing turns 7 and my first tattoo as well…

  38. My first was a frenum piercing I did when I was 38 or 39 years old, followed within a few months by both nipples. I am now 62 years old so, 23 or 24 years.

  39. I got my ears pierced after begging my mum for it for months. I was five. She took me to the doctor and he did them both with a needle. Good on mum for being wary of guns! Ill be twenty six in june, and my lobes are now 14mm, thanks to good placement.

  40. My septum piercing is a good fifteen years old now. I rarely wear jewelery in it anymore, but the hole is still there and ready to go.

  41. Let’s see I’m 28… my original lobes are …probably 20 years old or so now, my tounge is 11 years old and my oldest tattoo is … 10 years old. Wow. I hadn’t realized I’ve been modded for a decade already.

  42. I had my lip pierced 3 times and my tongue done about 13 years ago when I was in my early 20′s. The piercer had apprenticed at Guantlet. Shortly after I tattooed my ankles myself when I discovered an old tattoo machine lying around the animal hospital where I worked. No one ever got around to using it on dogs but….

  43. Sir’s and my first non-lobe piercings were our nipples, almost 4 years ago. I still have the left piercing, and he took both of his out.

  44. my tongue piercing is 14 years old right now and my first tattoos ( all covered up thanxfully hahaha) r 16 years old , sometimes i wake up and almost say good morning to them :P

  45. lobes gunned @ 16 and scalpelly-corrected @ 18, and i’m almost 22 now, so my lobe holes are about 5 years old.

    my first tattoo (which still isn’t done) was started about 4 and a half months ago. i have a long way to go and a lot of skin to attend to!

  46. 12 year old guiche. got it done underage at a shady place at 14ga and didn’t pay attention to it for a few years, then tried some different jewelry on it and effortlessly slid in a 4ga. o_O

  47. also nipple piercing (left) when i was 16 years old (!!!)… they didn’t even ask me my age, and told me to clean it 3 times a day with iodine (!!! x2, obviously i didn’t, i used phisiologic solution). it neaver healed anyway, and eventually i had to take it out. it’s been 7 years since….. and i got it redone by myself last year, and now both nipples are beautiful and succesfully healed. lalalala

  48. nipple piercings 14 years old this june, first tattoo 15 years old. i’m feeling a little old….

  49. Oldest non lobe piercings would have to be my tragus, and labret.. So, about 4 and a half years old.

    If you counted lobes.. I got my second ones when I was about 5, by choice, that’s a bit over 12 years ago. And my first ones when I was 2.. That’s.. A bit over 15 years ago :D

  50. Haha! I’m one of the ‘old timer’ crew too. First body mod was nipples (now retired) 17(or is it 18?) years ago.I got a piercing at Gauntlet NYC too the following year- a vertical hood (also retired) by the man himself, Jim Ward. In between there somewhere was my first tattoo, and there’s a branding by Fakir in that time space as well.
    Feeling old here..sigh.

  51. wow i love this thread ^_^

    all these comments show a significant percentage of mods lasting well beyond the time any “passing trend” would ^_^
    as well as pointing out that even retired mods have birthdays! heehee

    for me, it’s tie between my centre labret, and both nostrils which I’ve had since I was approx 13 yrs old (I’ll be 25 this June) everything else accumulated since…
    my tattoos are babies though.. oldest one is probably only about 5 years old, if that.

    “This is not only my skin, this worn canvas, but a lasting expression of who I am.”

  52. Let’s see… i had 20 ear rim piercings by age 18, 1st tattoo at age 21, pierced my own nostril and nipple at age 22, in 1988. i’ll be 42y/o in a month. and my mother said it was a phase i was going through. heh.

  53. lets see….oldest non-lobe piercing….. that would have to be my 7 year old nostril piercing that i got when i was 17. i knew nothing about piercings at the time; the only other piercings that i had were my standard lobe piercings (2 in each ear) that i got when i was a kid, at a mall with a piercing gun (yikes!!).

    Needless to say, the gun-created hole got infected, so i went to my very first piercing studio to get it fixed. From that point on, i’ve been mildly obsessed with body modifications, learning all i can. :)

    to date: 2 tattoos (professionally done) and 12 piercings (also professionally done).

    hooray for education!! :)

  54. I started self-piercing my ears at 15… that would make the first 15 years old. My nipples, tongue and navel are all 12! On the flipside… my youngest piercing is a set of 3 dermal anchors… at 6 days

  55. Mine is my left nipple…the only piercing i still have from my teenage days(non-lobe) is 11yrs old now i was 17 when i got it done in a trailer park, at a no questions asked kinda place.

  56. I know you said no lobes but my left lobe was done in ’75 , still has a ring in and last August I got another hole in the same lobe. Hardly rushing things with 30 + years between them but the second one was completely trouble free.
    In my 50′s and intend to grow old disgracefully.

  57. I had to really think but, Besides my lobes I pierced my eyebrows when I was 13. I no longer wear jewelry in them because they were starting to grow out and I didn’t want huge scars on my face. After that was my navel. I wanted something I could hide because I had gotten in so much trouble for the eyebrow ring. ;) So that is still in so I’d say that’s 13 years old. Wow, it’s kinda crazy when you think about it.

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