“Dirty Touching Man”

I’m sure his intentions were honourable, Jessica.

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Geneva, New York.

21 thoughts on ““Dirty Touching Man”

  1. Thats a Great Video i enjoyed it and that some is Great thats for posting the title and artist!

  2. I really didn’t know what to expect when I clicked on the video but that was absolute solid gold. The song is probably going to be stuck in my head forever too.

  3. Hey, he may have been getting his grope on, but when a girl is dangling from hooks in your garage and she asks if she can take her pants off, what would YOU do? ;)

  4. Brit- Ill admit that taking my pants off was just a trick to get groped up on while suspending at the same time, I mean come on…whats better than that??? It just happened to be Dan who was pushing me. Although part of me has a feeling that this video would be alot more succesful if you had been pushing me and not holding the ropes. (wink wink nudge nudge)

    My brother iam;Hamel is who I should thank for filming the video though. :) Hes my suspension wingman.

    and ps. Thanks Roo

  5. Oh my god, where was this done? I had no idea they did any suspensions in Geneva!

  6. Next time you’re pants-less in my garage you bet I’ll grope I mean push you! All you had to do was ask Jess!

  7. oh bri, you were to busy with the pickles and cream cheese. I can’t wait for summer in the garage again. I bet my cucumber salad is still in that fridge.

  8. Wow just noticed this was up . I was kinda scared at first. saw the title and was like .. oh no..

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