Facial Corset

This photo and facial corset is by Amanda Wolf, Laughing Gremlin, Grandville MI. I haven’t had a chance to move across any of the old pictures yet, but I’ve added a corset piercing gallery to BME finally and it’s where I’ll be filing all of the semi-permanent corsets (any done with jewelry basically)…

PS. Don’t miss the very nice industrial piercing by the way!


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32 thoughts on “Facial Corset

  1. im a simplicity mod man myself
    so i don’t really get why you’d
    want this
    cept for kicks i guess

  2. This looks so ridiculous. At first I thought “oh wow. That’s stupid.” But now I’m laughing and I love that you can find all of these serious, dramatic, ballerina pictures of back/leg/arm pierced corsets and I love that this one is just pointless and hilarious.

  3. If I only could see it unlaced… Still a great idea, love it. And the industrials are pretty too.

  4. I’m not a fan of this at all. Those scars are going to be narly. Can she even see? I’m glad she left ample room for a cig but not her eyes.

    I see this picture and get kinda grossed out right off the get-go. I think even without the corset on the face she would look trashy.

    No thanks.

  5. it’s a possibility that these are just temporary piercings, in which there will probably not be any scarring if she took it out that day or even the next. i think it’s funny, very unique and different and just silly.

  6. Jesus Christ that looks fuckin’ retarded! Some of the freaks on here, I think to myself that if I saw them on the street I might gasp or do a double-take. With this one it would be gales of laughter and clutching my stomach. What a dumbass.

  7. it took me a while to like this. at first i thought “WHY?” but then, it occured, why do we do any of this to ourselves? i guess its because, you dont actually get much like this, this is the first FACIAL corset ive ever seen. looks very effective.

  8. i find this really disturbing and creepy! it remind me of goya or dali and kind of freaks me out – i have no idea why. am i the only one?

  9. Whatevers. He (she?) is putting this image in the most public of places; the internet. No shit this isn’t a day to day look. Good thing the face is mostly obscured.

  10. i don’t see anything wrong with it, except for the smoking. to me, cigarettes = disgusting (that’s just my personal opinion, anyway)

  11. Hmm I’m not a fan.
    I wonder what it would look like with thinner ribbon but I’m not sure. The scarring is going to suck!

  12. I laughed when I saw this. It’s geat!
    I laughed even harder when I read the comments from the people taking this way too seriously.

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