Another beautiful suspension location

Herrich, Fousage, and Shemon from in Prague (“personality tuning and body modification”) did these beautiful suspensions on a hill overlooking Czech farmland to celebrate the end of summer (2007). More photos after the break, and if you’re wondering what’s in the last photo, they’re inserting PTFE through the suspension piercings in order to retain them afterwards.







19 thoughts on “Another beautiful suspension location

  1. simply beautiful.

    and will the PTFE make the piercings permanent, or are they just retaining them for future suspensions.. or both? ahah

  2. Could you actually create a fistula that would stand up to repeated suspensions?
    The setting is wonderful, too.

  3. Dirk I did a suspension two weeks ago and let him heal up for a performance this weekend. I just put the hooks about half a centimeter or so away from his old scars.
    I would imagine that retaining the wounds from the hooks would make for a more uncomfortable suspension the next time around depending on the distance between suspensions.
    The less scar tissue under that skin the better, in my opinion….

  4. That really is a beautiful place for a suspension.

    PS Kudos to the guy wearing the man-skirt. It nice to see I’m not the only one sporting un-bifurcated clothing.

  5. I`d join everybody who said “beautiful”.
    Just look at Fakir and his deep chest piercings, which he has been using for suspensions for decades now – it certainly is possible!

  6. Every time I see these beautiful outdoor suspensions it makes me think of all the incredible places you could suspend in Scotland… and makes me ever more sure that when I suspend for the first time I want to be outdoors.

  7. What a great place to suspend. Outdoor suspensions are almost always great. The ones I’ve been part in at my house on the river to a friends backyard in the city, being outdoors seems to bring “more” to the experience.

    I agree with possessed, Scotland would be an awesome place to suspend

  8. Yay for manskirts.
    I love the the first photo with the lovely scenery and the fact that the hooks (or the whole thing I mean) seem to be hanging from nowhere 🙂

  9. Nice – the place, wonderful
    the suspension – resurrect – great
    Wish a lot of success with the permanent piercings, trying the same right now myself (very large surface bars)

  10. anybody know of anyone who will do a suspension in scotland , most people i have spoke to wont even enter into a conversation about it

  11. anok71 – Have you looked into this any further? If so did you find anywhere? Its such a shame Scotlands bodmod community is rather abismal… To be fair though its probably illegal.

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