Poose’s Pictures

This entry gets increasingly gratuitous as the pictures continue after the break — don’t click through if you’re under 16, and don’t scroll down more than 500 pixels if you’re under 18 — it really is the same person in each photo too. The 3d-star implants and piercings were done by Graeme Hall at No Regrets in Newton Aycliffe, UK.




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37 thoughts on “Poose’s Pictures

    Very nice nipple piercings. Amazing that it is the same woman through out the same pictures!

  2. Shannon, you should just make a “gratuitous” tag for all your “gratuitous” posts. ;) They’re my favourites.

  3. I dont see why someone would think they’re different people? The top and bottom picture have bright red hair and the second match’s piercings with the top picture? Shes beyond stunning though- makes me want to get more facial piercings !!

  4. i would have assumed they were all of the same woman, just because they are the same post, but i don’t think she looks the same in all of the photos. her face looks really different in the last to me, even with the red hair.

  5. It’s mostly just the lighting causing the difference. Last picture is my favorite. It’s rare to say so but that’s pretty genitalia as well.

  6. She’s gorgeous. My only gripe is my obsessive compulsive need for symmetry is jerking and twitching at her facial mods. It’s an obsessive need that EVERYTHINGMUSTBESYMMETRICALOMG.

  7. Nah I reckon the asymmetry looks good. Its the like her top lip piercings are going one way, and the bottom are going the other.

  8. She is very beautiful and elegant, and pulls off all of her mods greatly. She makes a great model as well… although is it a bit out of place for me to be intrigued and pleased by her taste in pillows in the 3rd photo? (Assuming that is her bed, and not just a bed used for that photoshoot…)

  9. She is extremely sexy! I don’t think too many people would mind if you turned ModBlog into just gratuitous entries.

  10. Small “problem” for people between 16 and 18: If we click through, the third picture loads first and the second one follows. So actually you see the third one without even scrolling down :D

  11. Ok.

    This is the GOLDEN STANDARD of physical appearence.

    I’m so damn lucky I’m unlikely to meeet her in person, or I would be seriously risking to fall in love.

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