Lip Service

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If you can’t find his business card sellotaped to the window of your local phone box, simply contact Paulo Vitor – Caos Body Art, Barra Bonita, Brazil.

38 thoughts on “Lip Service

  1. little blood + no twitch, most likely means anesthetic was used, not that there is anything wrong with that.. it turned out very nice.

  2. Oh wow. That just gave me the heebee jeebies. good on him for being able to sit through! I know I couldn’t!

  3. looked pretty good

    my only question is what kind of back was that jewerly?

    to me it looked like there was an oring on the back, from my experience with mine and having done them on others, the oring back plugs can cause alot of problems down the road with healing

    my eyes could be fucking with me though haha i just was wondering

  4. Pauly – to me it looked like a flared labret plug – you know with the super long flares at each side?

    To be fair though I was squinting whilst looking at it. Not sure what is happening to me but I am becoming so squeamish lately1 LOL

  5. I should probably keep things on topic, but no, I don’t like The Police, or Sting, much to the dismay of Allana (who loves them).

    Pauly – Yeah, it looked like an ‘oval plug’ with an o-ring, it might be cheap and cheerful (don’t quote me on that) but as long as there isn’t too much pressure, it’s monitored and there’s no sign of embedding I don’t think there’ll be a problem. Personally I steer clear of o-rings but again, as long as you’re careful..

  6. Pauly, you’re right!
    What I really used was a round labret and o-ring.
    I believe that (by my own experiences) flared labrets mey cause injuries inside the mouth.
    I prefer to use o-ring till the healing.
    Sorry if I’m not clear on my explanation.

  7. ive always wondered about the permanency of scalpelled lips, if you removed it, would it return to normal? im assuming not but ive always wondered

  8. 21:

    Won’t it eventually heal with the end result being like that of a stretched ear? Once the inside of the cut heals I would imagine there would be skin there and the only way to close it would be to cut the insides open again and stitch the hole closed.

  9. I found it weird at first, i didn’t think the guy was wearing gloves, but that’s just cause my piercist always wears black gloves.

  10. Number 21. “ive always wondered about the permanency of scalpelled lips, if you removed it, would it return to normal? im assuming not but ive always wondered”

    I had my Lip scalpelled to 6mm & then again to 8mm. Then I stretched to 9.5mm. I took the jewellery out after around 8 months. In 12 hours it was back down to 6mm & now, 3 weeks later it’s down to around 2-3mm. It barely even leaks any more. There’s no noticeable scarring either.

    I also found I didn’t need anaesthetic, it’s all pretty quick and adrenalin kicks in fast.

  11. You know, I typically hate scalpelled lips, but he pulls it off so well.

    I also wonder what’s wrong with his left ear to where he had to leave out his jewelery. Sad lobes make me a sad panda.

  12. Um, wow. I had my ears scalpelled and that didn’t hurt, but that looked freaking painful… Beautiful though

  13. looks very nice, i still however feel compelled to say “ow oww oww oww ow!”

    i admit my labret was the most painful piercing i’ve had to date. i still dont know why.

  14. In my experience a acutally labret backing is best for healing, not a flared back but an acutally flat back much like a standard labret stud just bigger haha

    less chance of embedding and sits much more flush so you dont get it rubbing on the gums

    thats just my opinion however, i just know the people i have dealt with who wore double oring plugs in there lips, suffered from alot of gum erosion

  15. Pauly: I agree with you there buddy. I nearly always have used glass/teflon ‘large round back’ pieces for scalpeling and my own stretching.

    I once tried a double o-ring style tunnel during a stretch and after 2 days I had to downsize FAST as the o-ring kept going inside the mucous membrane tissue and giving me serious greif (not to mention an annoying ‘sqeeking’ sound) – even with excess wearing surface.

    Saying that, maybe he knows something we don’t and if his experiences has shown different in the past – that’s the #1 thing he should rely on.

    Nice job on the labret, it looks like its sitting great.

  16. Awesome! Seeing scalpelling is always alot more painful than actually getting it done. :)

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