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Ooops! I forgot today was still Winter Break at school, so I don’t have time to post here until this evening on account of it being a day of four-year-old play. However, I quickly blasted through 1,800 images which are uploading now, and I’m reposting another one of my BodyTwo interviews, this time the very personal and touching “Impgrin” interview about a life exploring genital inflation and then a love story that repairs a set of genitals deeply damaged from mineral oil injections gone wrong.

Click through to read the interview and come back here to comment.

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22 thoughts on “Impgrin Interview Posted

  1. Glad to hear that not all the sensation was lost after the surgery. It must have been so stressful after the injection and the hardon went away!! Ah..Great interview and I’m glad you’re better now~

  2. I’m glad to hear a story of someone with such a supportive partner. :) And I am also glad things are at least somewhat better for impgrin. That must have been a hell of an ordeal.

  3. Great interview. I don’t have a penis but I found myself crossing my legs and thinking ouch! Glad everything is better for him now.

  4. Shit, I’m glad he came out of it without completely losing sensation. I’m also really impressed with how supportive his wife was/is. Congrats!

  5. This was a very intense interview. He is incredibly lucky to still have sensation in his penis, and even more lucky that his wife was so supportive. I’m glad he came out of this ordeal healthy and well.

  6. wow ..I am so glad he finally got treatment ….just imagining 5 years of pain and infection .. makes me feel ill ! Im curious if in anyway at all .. did he continue his inflation fetish .. during those 5 years ??.. did he completely avoid the penis and focus on his ass play ? It seem very likely that masterbation alone would have been unpleasent with an injury like that if not impossible .. let alone inflation play …??
    any way great artical .. and glad he found his special someone !

  7. I’m not a virgin anymore! Great interview too. It really freaked me out. More than anything on this website really.

  8. I thought I had read this story before. Is it a repost from Bodytwo or am I mistaken?

  9. Wow, that was a very intense interview. I’m glad he was able to get everything healed and functioning again and that he found someone to share his fetishes with.

  10. I grabbed my crotch so many times while reading this due to sympathy pains and I don’t even have a penis.

    Good interview.

  11. I had a bad infection like this in my scrotum from injecting distilled was a stupid thing to do of was only a small amount so the damage was small.I shouldve gone to the doctor when the area was red and painful but it wasnt that bad and quite embarassing.

  12. I have always seen myself as conservative when it comes to experimentation of implants and under skin infusions – This has once again reinforced my feelings on the matter – Impgrin is one very lucky guy to get a second chance.

    I have often felt a little bit of a ‘spoil-sport’ when I have refused to do certain mods – even though I knew at the time (and I still know now) I was right to refuse. If anything – I have lacked the courage to tell someone what a total idiot they really are – instead I have ‘skirted’ around the issues trying not to be too ‘offensive’!

    To put it bluntly – this interview now makes me more determined to have the courage to tell the truth as it really is – no matter how much it pisses on anyone’s parade!

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