Advice from your mother

With apologies to the submitter for posting this in this context, but one of the biggest reasons that piercings (and mods in general) go wrong is that people don’t take proper care of their bodies. Most body modifications are in effect asking your body to heal a wound “open”, which it’s definitely not evolved to do, so it’s important that you give it the best possible chances to do so by adhering to general standards of cleanliness.

As the person who processes the photos and has to look at everything in detail, ear washing is also appreciated for that reason.


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  1. *gets out a bottle of diluted tea tree oil and a cotton swab*
    C’mere hun… I’ll make it all better.


  2. …ICK!!! Some people need a good slap on the back of the head for letting piercings and other mods get to this point without doing anything. And have an information brochure shoved down their throats….hey…BME Aftercare brochures would be awesome to put in all the little different tattoo and piercing shops!

  3. eeeek. there’s gunk in her tunnels too. ive gotten lazy taking care of my piercings at points in time. but this is just a matter of general cleanliness

  4. i only hope the submitter submitted it as a ‘ths is why you should clean’ picture rather than a ‘hey check out my piercings’ cause seriously if you still dont notice that after sucha cloer up shot. youre in toruble

  5. *gets out some mild soap and luke wamr water, drags her over and washes it myself*

    i really wish people would realise – you dont keep it clean and the surrounding area and it wont be happy!

  6. ….ick. I just can’t understand how people let themselves go like that. *prepares a super soaker squirt-gun full of sea salt soaking solution* Wow that’s a lot of s words

  7. That’s so funny that this pic ended up on ModBlog. Because I ran across that picture a day or two ago on IAM and I just thought to myself, “I would never put that picture in my portfolio!” If for nothing more than just sheer lack of hygiene! Yuck!

  8. I know some people are squicked out when cleaning a fresh sore ear, and I sympathize. But please. It’s a good thing to care for it.

    The gunk-filled tunnel there is NO EXCUSE for. None. I can only imagine what the portion that touches the ear is like right about now.

  9. Bleh! That is one unhappy ear…I don’t understand why or how people let this happen.
    I’m going with it’s blood…stretching to fast does seem likely.
    Oh man it’s like a train wreck I can’t look away…Oh god inside the tunnel?!?

  10. the stuff in the tunnels is just uncalled for.

    i can’t lie, there are days i am lazy, and can go 2 days without cleaning my ears, but then my ears kick my ass by itching really bad:(

  11. Am i the only one noticing the apparent discoloration on the lobe surrounding the third and fourth holes? I know some redness is to be expected after a fresh stretch (especially when going way too fast like this person must have, as evidenced by the blood) but that purple color is just not looking healthy at all. It looks like that lobe is on its way to falling right off!

  12. That is foul. My ears are crying.

    The 3rd and 4th holes look so unhappy. And the o-rings look like they’re way too tight. I’m not so sure if there actually is gunk inside the tunnel. It may just be a funny reflection? But, holy damn if it is gunk.

  13. I actually didn’t think the piercings looked too irritated, I was just shocked at how crusty the ear as a whole was, especially around the industrial, which I believe is mostly healed.

  14. oh dear… um…

    surely just a regular shower should stop that kind of build up of nastyness :S

    what would posess somebody to show off their piercings in this state?

  15. A hot sea salt soak, followed by some q-tips and possible a soft toothbrush on that poor suffocating barbell, followed by another even longer hot sea salt soak, followed by some dilute tea tree oil, followed by 1,000 lines of “Thou shalt not cultivate ear cheese” and/or “Acrylic in angry piercings is bad, mmk?”

  16. this may be unnecessarily mean of me but if that’s her ear, i feel sorry for her boyfriend’s sake re: the rest of her.

  17. Infernalmachine:I agree, poor guy,or girl!!!!!! People-if you have any holes, whether they are natural or man made, clean that shit!

  18. @33 maybe her boyfriend has gunk build up in special places 2, that would make it a perfect match.

  19. ewwww and there is ear wax in the top of her ear too! dude! not smart! that ear looks very angry! man!

  20. eurghhh thats just plain nasty. how someone can let their piercings/mods get in that state is beyond me, let alone upload a photo of it. *shudders*

  21. oh god….
    OH GOD!
    *crashes as he falls off chair*
    (sometime later) Paramedic: oh god, looks like another case
    of people not cleaning their ears n squicking people to death…
    Other Paramedic: those sick bastards…..WHEN WILL THIS END!!

  22. Am I the only wondering how the hell that scaffolding got into her ear in the first place? it’s a coil…

    either way thats fucking sick. & i was eating CHEESE and onion crisps 🙁

  23. Yeah right, that is one dirty ear, but I’m a bit more disgusted by how apparently people need to outperform each other in expressing their disgust and how they all know it better, each comment here is a bit worse than the one before.

    I appreciate how Shannon apologizes to the submitter, and I understand his reason to post it anyway because he cares about things like that, but most of the comments on here are just rude and immature.

  24. Alright, I agree, that’s pretty nasty… and many of her piercings are upset and kicking, but maybe her ears are just naturally waxy? I mean, undoubtedly they should have cleaned it by now, but I think you guys could very well be underestimating her sense of cleanliness.
    Haha, i guess I’m just sticking up for her because my boyfriend also has horrible ear wax. He cleans it every other day, but he really has large quantities of it… it makes me squirm, but I know he has good hygiene overall.

  25. that ear looks so unhappy and it makes mine ache a little for them. it’s a shame there seem to be so many people misguided- you actually have to take care of your modications (regardless of what they are) if you want to have a better chance of them healing. In not so sympathethic comments… you’d think that cleaning them at at least once a day, even during a shower could have prevented some of that mess.

  26. Guhh. I feel bad for her piercer. I hope to god she atleast cleaned her ears before she went in to get those done :\

  27. those poor ears, i just got my lobes done……. and i will never let them look that sad. ever.

  28. …maybe her ears are just naturally waxy?

    That’s not just wax, it’s crust. And look at the cheesy build-up inside the circle on the industrial. There’s no way this is due to anything other than neglect.

  29. this picture is probably from a person in portland
    people are dirty as fuck here
    its almost like there’s a bat signal in the sky for them
    dirty people are drawn to this town
    which is why im getting the fuck out as soon as i graduate

  30. Dayum! If you even just ignore the extreme cheese going on there you notice how red and angry her whole ear looks. Someone get the girl some warm salt water and some q-tips, stat!

  31. Honestly, I’ve gone without showering for a few days and my tunnels have NEVER gotten even close to that. That’s just nasty. What do you have to do, or not do, to get your ear to look like that? It’s unreal. If she would just hop in the shower and just let the warm water hit her I bet that would clean that nastiness off.

  32. looks like her ear grew mold…i threw a loaf of bread away with those exact gunk/dirt/colour patterns on it yesterday.

    ick. if her ear could talk it would request these things: sea salt soaks. vitamin e oil. tea tree oil. jewelry scrubbing. new o-rings. a hug. that ear is going to need dr. phil after this 😛

  33. Well there looks like ear wax at the top by her industrial/scaffold. Then her 3rd & 4th look like she just shoved the plugs in there because that’s blood surrounding the plug….And ew, I just noticed that her tunnel (1st/lobe) has wax in it too! Do people not wash?

    Honestly, I don’t clean my plugs. I just WASH daily and mine are pretty clean (with the rare little ammounts of ear cheese every now & then which is pretty normal). If my ear looked like that, I’d want to take bleach to it. I just can’t stand that much ear wax!

  34. If her ear’s that bad imagine what the rest of her personal hygiene issues are. BME aftercare leaflets for general distribution, bloody good idea!

  35. Holy fuck.
    Pictures like this put me on my way to anorexia.
    Sometimes, I even astound myself with my wit.

  36. If her scaffold/industrial was a lot cleaner and happy overall overall (as well as her other lobe piercings), I actually think the particular jewellery she’s wearing would look quite striking. Its a shame that it has to be overlooked really.

  37. I don’t see the necessity of BME aftercare booklets, because if you go to a decent, respectable piercer they will give you one of their own, and if you pierce yourself you should know how to clean them.

  38. Still, does no-one wonder how that industrial jewellery got in her ear? I can’t figure it out – its certainly not just going to slot right in :*(

  39. I would guess she got it in by putting one end in one hole, then sliding it over far enough to get the other end in the other hole. Both balls come off.

    And yes, this is ewy.

  40. If my industrial got that nasty..

    No, I couldn’t possibly let it get that bad. I shower, so no. And that would smell, wouldn’t it? ICK!

  41. ouchiland! but i love the jewellery in the industrial. it amazes me that someone could let their piercings get to this stage! i’m surprised her tragus is in such good nick.

  42. At first I just noticed the industrial and the gunk around it…then I noticed inside the actual tunnel looks like its incrusted with some substance. That actually made me gag. Every time I take a shower I take out my plugs and wash around all my piercings with summers eve (vagina soap) because it’s gentle and antibacterial. Then after the shower I use q-tips around all my ear jewelry. I think that’s really necessary. I was making out with a guy one time and I went to kiss his neck and it moved his plug and let loose the smell of death. He obviously never cleaned his tunnels. Lets just say “boner kill” lol…Ear funk is not sexy.

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