Scissors Tattoo/Anchor Combo

Personally I’m not usually a fan of tattoo/piercing combinations most of the time — I think they tend to have a largely unintended air of silliness about them, to say nothing of the eventual scar and touch-up issue — but I really like this one, done by Lexci Million at Shambhala Tattoos using a 3mm Anatometal bezel set end. It looked a little too good to be true (most combos are an afterthought), and she confirms, saying,

“[The customer] got the tattoo as a combo piece. She booked her tattoo appointment and then came back for the anchor a couple weeks later, as soon as her tattoo was healed up. Luckily she doesn’t wear jeans so there’s no impact on the anchor in an otherwise high-impact area.”

Hey, wait a minute Lexci… Isn’t she wearing jeans in the photo? 😛


21 thoughts on “Scissors Tattoo/Anchor Combo

  1. probably only wears low rise jeans, I like the work. I think its got an element of cute and innovative to it.

  2. Wow that is pretty cool. Bravo Lexci!
    (and now I know where to find you when I come back to Edmonton YAY!)

    So is the gal in the photo a hairdresser or something of the sort?
    Or does she just like running with scissors?

  3. Not Jeans, but a loose fitting jean skirt (Despite the frigid weather in Edmonton) Lol I didn’t notice that in the picture! 😛

    The girl IS a hairdresser! She’s actually my second tattoo+Anchor hair dresser client! I see to only put them in hair dresser’s tattoos so far!

  4. yeah, lex pretty much rocks the house. this tattoo/micro combination is so cool looking, as i said when she blogged it.

  5. i personally don’t think the tattoo looks that great. lots of falling out it looks like and the lines don’t look that great either. BUT i do like the concept and the anchor looks great.

  6. I’m actually a big fan of piercing/tattoo combinations, though it’s true, many aren’t practical or thought out. I just love the aesthetic though. Very cute.

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