27 thoughts on “Blackwork vs. Implants

  1. I’m not normally a fan of blackwork (unless it’s really heavy in which case it’s awesome) but this looks really nice, especially on his hand.

  2. his black work is fucking awesome, the implants I personally don’t like the design, but hey its not my body. Nice stuff

  3. Pretty sure I seen him last year at Marquis body art in Lyon, just off place des terreaux. Never talked to the guy though unfortunately. I like his sleeve

  4. wow! those elbow implants are eye popping!
    i really wouldn’t have thought that could
    happen with such a drastic implant till
    i saw it! thanks

  5. Wow, that’s really beautiful. Both arms look quite nice, although I’m partial to the blackwork.

  6. Thanks !
    i worked at Marquis body art a few years ago, it’s true.
    My new shop is Freak’s Lab Body Kustom 😉
    For my implant, half has been removed (my projetc was a Face Hugger form), due by he migration and the inconfort 🙁
    But i have somme project for this arm!!

  7. i don’t particularly like implants – they remind me of Von Recklinghausen’s Disease, i think. i really like the boldness and simplicity of the blackwork – it’s very striking!

  8. …cet homme est la rencontre de l’art, la technique et l’individuation. Encore une fois, j’ai grand respect envers ton processus.



  9. The photography is gorgeous: makes him look
    quite intriguing.

    I have no tatoos yet, but I’m on the list at Stanford for a liver transplant and after that heals up I’m gonna get the scar tatooed. It’ll be a damn big scar, so I’m considering a lot of possibilities.

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