Base Of The Shaft Apadravya

Quite a rare piercing, this deep shaft piercing (lots of pictures are in tomorrow’s update, or continue reading for more here) passes vertically through the base of the penis — I remember reading Jon Cobb describing how much physical force it takes to do this piercing when he recounted doing his own by pounding the needle through, using a large Maglite flashlight as a hammer! While these can be healed, they do take time, and there is some minimal risk of nerve damage, the kind of nerve damage your really don’t want to get.

Jon got his as a “clit knocker” type accessory, but the enthusiast in this entry actually uses it to secure a large bracelet around the base of the shaft.



36 thoughts on “Base Of The Shaft Apadravya

  1. I’m probably jumping to conclusions, and will probably get yelled at for this… But, is it just me or are the modded penises on BME reallllllly small?

  2. Eric – I think they represent an accurate cross-section of society. However, he’s not erect in these photos, so it’s a fairly meaningless comment.

  3. paleblue – That’s a misconception. Loads of uncut men get apadravyas. The only piercing that I’d say might be limited by a foreskin is dydoes.

  4. The barbell shaft was about 1 3/4″ long. The ball on the top is a plastic bead from a craft shop. I think my penis is on the small side. Right now it is 3″ long and I think it only gets about 5″ long when erect.

  5. While it may be a misconception, I would say IMO that uncut men and apadravyas/ampallangs don’t go together as well as cut men and the same piercings. I used to have an apa and the foreskin rolling behind over and behind the ball creating pressure was a pain, quite literally, and caused massive and fast migration of the bar. I’ve heard other blokes complain of the same issues. So while I am not saying it can’t be done, I am saying it might have some implications that aren’t there if you’re uncut..

    And word to Jon, cool piercing man! And what exactly is that second piercing I can see in picture #2? I got some ideas, but I feel unsure about it..

  6. @serenity: It entirely depends on the persons anatomy, I’ve had mine for nearly 10 years with no issues at all.

    It might start causing pressure issues if I went to say, a standard 0ga barbell, but then that’s more down to the suitability of the hardware used.

    Personally, it only improves sensation 🙂

  7. Actually the piercing began to feel very uncomfortable during erections. I tried a curved bar for a while and it was better, but about a week ago the discomfort was enough that I wanted to give the piercings a rest. I took the bar out and for a day and then could never get it back in again. Meanwhile I have done some cuttings at the bottom piercing hole. The cuttings are presently healing. The top piercing still passes urine if I force the issue but the bottom piercing is closed up as a result of the cutting.

  8. “by pounding the needle through, using a large Maglite flashlight as a hammer!”


    So, do the ladies give this piercing a lot of praise?

  9. I now count three posts supporting the idea that “the modded penises on BME reallllllly small”. It is my penis in the picture and, as I said earlier it is smaller than average. However, I have never noticed this as a general characteristic of modded penises on BME . They seem to come in all shapes and sizes, modded or not, and my own changes shape and size in amazing ways even if it is reallllllly small.

  10. Misconceptions like we can read here about penis’ size of guys with genital piercings are frequent… Never verified 😉 (but you can look at photo-galeries of my Website for an example which (I think) prove that it’s wrong, hahaha).

    I have a question for FYREZICE : it seems you have a long barbel through your scrotum, can you give me some informations about it (length, how old, standard piercing method or not, healing,…) ? because I plan a similar project but several piercers said to me that a deep piercing with a needle is not a good idea. Thanks in advance ! 😉

  11. Dusk. The scrotum barbell was 8 gauge titanium, 1 1/8″ length between the plastic bead balls. I used a needle followed by the bar but I don’t know if that is a standard method or not. The piercing is not as deep as it might look in the photo. It was just under the skin and it had formed a swollen tunnel all around the bar when the picture was taken, which was about two weeks after I did the piercing. I have since retired the piercing, not because I had any trouble, but because I just did not like it that much. I will now go and do penis size research on your website if I can find it.

  12. i’ve been interested in variations of apadravya piercings for a while now.

    are deeper shaft apadravyas (from experience) decent to heal or are they just hell…?

  13. I think that the penis size comments are indicative of very little real life experience. One can’t tell from flaccid size how big the penis will get once erect. I think about 5 1/2 inches erect is average. Mostly I think that the penises (excluding the mods) I see here are pretty average and are comparable to what I see on a near daily basis in my work as a nurse.

  14. Tyler Integrity,

    My experience, while not “just hell”, has not been entirely pleasant. The bottom piercing has given me the most trouble. I had recurrent episodes of sharp pain in that area when urinating. Perhaps I have been stretching up too quickly. The original piercing was 16 gauge and I had streched up to 10 gauge within about two months. The last bar I had in place was curved and it reduced discomfort for a while, but about a week ago I took the bar out because discomfort during erections was just too tiresome. I was not able to get the bar re-inserted and have subsequently done some experimental cutting at that location. This has now limited my options with regard to the piercing for the time being. This is a summary of my own experience to date. Hope it helps.

  15. As a reaction to the penis size discussion; a lot of penises can be REALLY small when flaccid while REALLY big when erect. At least, that’s what experience tells me 🙂

  16. At last.. i found a picture of a true Deep Shaft Apadravya…. I had an idea of get such a pircing… But your story stopped that idea… Its ok… i did not get any pain of it… no bleeding… etc.. I have done around 30 piecings on my self.. Most of them are away again…. But my Apadravya.(normal).. i cant live without…
    Around penis size…. The glans dont grow a lot… so i will tell about the shaft length….
    Erected near 5½ inch…..flacid – real flacid… only a ½ inch….
    So i am a grower – not a shower…
    That fact makes another thing…. circumsision… it cant be very tight… not even near…
    My scar i just behind the glans.. if i move the skin when erected.. scrotum moves also…. so if wnats my balls in the midle of shaft.. i should get tighten my circ… When flacid the glans is nearly hidden.. (sadly).. Before the cut.. i could a condow out fully.. and hide it under the foreskin…even the ring..

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