BFF Guaranteed

Speaking of charming couples, I got a few photos from a couple friends having a “strike brand party”. As funny and potentially damaging to claims of manliness the pictures may be, strike brandings is actually a modification that tends to give excellent DIY results and can be a great way for people to bond. In addition, the contamination issues in the case of two friends branding each other in a non-studio environment are quite limited (much less so than for piercing or cutting for example).


13 thoughts on “BFF Guaranteed

  1. Looks like fun for sure. I love the DIY nature of the whole thing. Dudes, get a wood burning kit at least. 😉

  2. i bonded with my best friend from school by doing a strike branding on her …i made a really great star on her back using a number of different items like an old surface bar and one of the tools on her swiss army knife for detail. after that i decided to touch up the heart branding i have on my ankle – it was an awesome experience to have together, i’m glad these guys got the opportunity to have it as well.

  3. Personally I’d be hesitant to let anyone with a hot piece of metal get that close to my gear, especially one of my friends 😉

  4. love it…i am a huge fan of DIY strike brandings. having done one on myself, learning from that experience and doing one on a friend. i prefer to perform these over cuttings of which i have done the same ammounts….joy!!! 🙂

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