Slipping past the censors

This is just a picture of IncendiaryBovine‘s one year old triple microdermal ladder, done by Chris at High Priestess Piercing in Corvallis, Oregon, right?


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45 thoughts on “Slipping past the censors

  1. I’ve just tried for 5 minutes to make my rings come out without showing anything, I still don’t know how she did that ! Did she go *through* the panties ? Too too cute.

  2. OMFG
    the belt
    the waist
    the legs
    the skin color
    black shirt
    pretty microdermals
    pretty “other” piercings
    the blue veins in your hands against your white skin and some pink thrown in there
    those fUcking panties

    …its all very sexy
    …i think


  3. Microdermals? Oh! and here I thought this post was about the rings. ;p

    Is that some past scarring right above her wrist?

  4. I know it’s all about the piercings, but I want to know where she got her panties! They’re awesome. The belt is great too.

  5. that looks really sexy or it might just be cause i wish my girlfriend was here so i could see something similair right night , damnit

  6. Ok wow, I didn’t notice the microdermals either until I was reading the description itself. how sad… or not? =P

  7. Haha, it took me ages to notice the genital jewellery – at first I was just like, “Why does she randomly have her trousers halfway down to take a picture of her arm?!”

  8. Heh, clever. I’d like to add my voice to those who want to know where she got the belt and panties :D

  9. I’m glad I’m not the only one who wants to know where the belt came from! However, I have panties very similar and they came from Tesco supermarket in the uk.

  10. I want her belt and panties, hehe. Very nice micro dermals and wonderful job not exposing anything with the others :P Love it.

  11. Is it me, or is it a bit strange that she’s got her pants down but her belt is still done up? Cute though. Now I have to see if I can make my piercings do that.

  12. I only noticed the microdermals, and definitely not any crotch area piercings if thats what you were wondering about. I totally didn’t see them first, as a matter of fact!

  13. Seen that belt at Ross (here in US) just the other day, almost bought it for my girl.

    Took me a sec to notice the labia rings, very sexy picture indeed; so is the girl, too bad there’s only 1 pic of her on her page =/

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