Wandalaput Interview Posted

This interview is titled, “Real Garbage: A Pig At The Service Of Vice”, and I really have to warn viewers that this is not for the casual reader, and it is most certainly adults only. Read on if you want to explore the life of an extreme SM enthusiast.


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429 thoughts on “Wandalaput Interview Posted

  1. WHOA. I’ve come to think that I have a steel gut, that no image can turn my stomache…but I almost just threw up a little. But, I guess thats what he takes his pleasure in…

  2. WOW! I have always been interested in the psychology behind bug chasers, but I still don’t think I understand fully!

    Furthermore, I really can’t believe I ate my lunch whilst reading that, who needs a sudoku eh?

  3. I feel sorry for him :( He is not sociopathic, as he has intense feelings. He was obviously deprived of love, chasing a pattern… I hope in the future he can find true happiness and love.

  4. I guess it’s all those years of watching/reading true crime and offbeat books that have made me semi used to people like this, alittle stunned at first, but in the end not so much, like I alwats say to each their own.

  5. wow, I don’t mean to be closed minded, and indeed I’m not, but wanting AIDS?

    I wonder if he’s ever met anyone with AIDS

    what a pr*ck

  6. I couldn’t help but to read all of his lines in an irish accent…Mixed with a little bit of Jimmy from South Park.

    Cool for doing the interview, but I’m not exactly sure if it should have been posted on modblog…but, tis your blog. tis your rules.

  7. Wow ! I wouldnt say i was closed minded, but that definately opened my eyes a bit.

    One way, i find it worrying there are people like that (even though he isnt actually hurting anyone), then the other side, i find it ok that he is finding pleasure, in what seems, the only way he knows how.

  8. this article seems to be out there for shock value.
    body modification (oh, how i hate that term!) is glanced over for the sake of the filth – oh, paraffin-injected breasts? give it half a sentence! sucking sperm of of condoms? three paragraphs!

    i’m just saying the article seems to be weighted wrong in its focus and all to pull readers. it’s a shame.

  9. Modblog, like BME, covers the full spectrum of body modification and body ritual… Personally I love the extreme range of ways people explore life through various manipulations of the body, both aesthetic and ritualistic.

  10. body modification isnt just tattoos, piercings, scarification. it encompasses a lot more. this interview was really interesting, some of it quite shocking, but at the end of the day he isnt hurting anyone, so each to their own:)

  11. Kim, I definitely understand where you’re coming from, but honestly, it’s weighted in terms of what Wanda feels is important in his life. In no way is it weighted for shock value. Wanda very much wanted to talk about the filth aspect, and didn’t want to get that into the nuts-and-bolts aspects because that’s not where his interest lies, so I tried to respect who he defines himself as in the interview.

    If you’re interested though in the paraffin injection issue, check out the recent interview “Impgrin” which gets a little more in depth on the technical side of things.

  12. Any chance of an interview with any one of the badass modded chicks who appear on BME/Modblog?
    I can’t help but think us grrls are somewhat under-represented.

  13. O.o

    And here I thought nothing could shock me any more.

    I can’t really make sense of wanting HIV, though. AIDS is nasty stuff. I’m not going to assert that this guy doesn’t understand that, but really, when you’re actually watching how it affects people… eh. I can’t parse wanting that.

    (Note that I’m not saying I don’t think he has a right to do what he wants with his body. Though this does concern me just because when he does get HIV, that means he’ll be a carrier and can infect others — though I do gather that he doesn’t want to infect them. I do have a qualm about self-harm like this that can easily become other-harm.)

    I can sort of vaguely get the symbolic meaning of it for this guy and understand why the idea of getting it is sexy to him, but I can’t understand wanting that fantasy to come true.

  14. Extremely interesting, though my only real gripe comes from this:

    “even the quest to become infected with AIDS”

    It should be “infected with HIV”; AIDS is begotten after one has been exposed/infected with HIV.

  15. TrinityVA; I felt the same way about the fantasy/reality issue… that the “fantasy” of AIDS is very different than the “reality”. But Wanda definitely stuck to his story even when pressed on it, and I do think he understand it as best one can. He’s certainly been through several trying and longer-duration physical ordeals.

    In a way, I see it as analogous to some of the extended Buddhist death rituals (living mummification, where a slow suicide is done over many years with the goal of putting the body into a preserved state prior to deal).

  16. “But Wanda definitely stuck to his story even when pressed on it, and I do think he understand it as best one can.”

    I got that impression as well.

  17. Wow extremely intense. Having read all of the posts so far I have to agree Kim. Shannon, I always appreciate the way you defer to person being interviewed (in this case he wanted to talk about the acts), however, it might have been more profitable to consider “why?” and not “what?”. Thanks either way for the interview though!!!!


  18. He’s not hurting anyone so I don’t see anything wrong with it, but its still pretty disturbing. I can’t help feel that he might studdenly regret it when/if he is dying from AIDS. Interesting read in any case.

  19. Dear shocked people: have you met the internet?
    I rather enjoyed the interview, although sometimes, when confronted with material like this, I have to wonder what this person’s life is like when they’re not actively participating in (what most people consider)depraved sex acts. Or are there some people whose entire lives are subsumed by sex and sexual fantasies? This guy has obviously fetishized HIV/AIDS….so it would seem that he is a literal example of that.

  20. 32-it does sound a lot like a personal ad.
    I respect that he’s found an understanding of his sexuality and a forum which allows him to explore it, but I have the same problem with the desire to get HIV that TrinityVA does. He’s obviously educated and doesn’t seem malicious so he’ll probably be safe about it, but you just don’t fuck around with shit like that, especially when other people can get hurt.

  21. The side of me that gives a shit about humanity, weeps for this guy. To suffer horrible abuses at such a young age… He says he’s happy, and if inside, he really and truly is, then more power to him. I’ve seen several articles about other extreme mutilation/acts and this one, he almost seems to be mentally unstable. I don’t use that term lightly either. I think I’m just confused about how I feel about this. I don’t know whether to reach out to him, to “help” in the traditional way or to heed what he’s said in his article, and know that he’s happy. Good fucking article Shannon, I enjoyed the hell out of it, and it’s going to make me think and rethink my own stances on extreme mods and extreme lifestyles.

  22. As SnaiLuv is saying, it would have been fun to know what this person does in his everyday life…
    As much as I try to convince myself that this interview has it’s place on a website about body modification, I think it’s more about body “enjoyment” than modification for me and that’s where I have a problem… Maybe there should be a separate website for this (along the line of BMEHard, but dedicated to S&M)… I just don’t know what to think…. Thanks for the shock! haha

  23. It’s always very interesting to me when a person can coherently speak about and justify — and most importantly, ENJOY — a lifestyle that’s outwardly “mentally ill” or difficult to relate to by the average person… Whether it’s in body ritual and sexuality, like this, or whether it’s religious extremists, or whether it’s people with unusual lifestyles (hobos, etc.) that don’t fit in with mainstream society. Life on the edges of society has fascinating stories.

  24. It’s strange because when I am out buying food or shopping I always wonder about other people’s private lives, but with interview I’m so curious about his public life.. does he have a job? friends? family? Is it 24/7 arousal for him?

  25. i am really tolerant towards other peoples sexual preferences and of course as long as he hurts nobody and i am pretty sure he doesnt he can do whatever he likes but it makes me sad in some way.I wish he could enjoy someone being sweet to him, buy him flowers and tell him friendly things.

  26. Shannon: would there be any way you could send me the original french version of the interview (I’m a french canadian)?

    Wandalaput (if he ever checks the commentaries): Nous aimerions savoir ce que tu fais dans ta vie “de tous les jours”, quel genre d’emploi tu occupes, des loisirs que tu pratiques, ce que tu fais en dehors de ta vie sexuelle en fait…

  27. “(…) the mark of degradation of getting AIDS,(…)”

    To be HIV+ is a degradation. What does that say about the world we live in?

  28. Sonick:
    “I hope in the future he can find true happiness and love.”

    WOW I am SO happy that you apperantly is the judge about what happiness and love is =D Here I was under the impression that happiness and love is what you make of it but THANK YOOOU, now I know that one actully have to seek you up and have you approve if it’s “true happiness and love.” one has found or just BS.
    Thank you very much, seriously YOU HAVE TURNED MY LIFE AROUND.

  29. Redredred, don’t read into it more than how it reflects on his own life experiences. He’s not at all saying that about others; just about how it would fit into his own life.

  30. It’s very difficult to relate to Shannon, but through the good works of folks like you, it’s becoming easier. I want to understand my fellow humans, in all their crazy glory :)

  31. As someone who has worked in health care in the past, and will be again in the future, I couldn’t help but reading this interview from a health care providers standpoint. The bugchaser lifestyle just doesn’t affect the individual pursuing it; it affects public health. Although I’m sure no one pursuing this lifestyle has malicious intent, it seems that in choosing to infect yourself with HIV, you would be indirectly choosing to put others in harms way. For instance, if there was a medical emergency- those responding would be put at risk because of this lifestyle. Yes, for the most part the precautions taken by emergency responders will keep them safe, but accidents do happen.

    While Wandaluput may not go this route himself if he does become infected with HIV, it is my understanding that some bugchasers do choose to pursue medical treatment after infection. It seems unfair that medical resources are going to people who chose this when there are so many that didn’t and are unable to receive treatment.

    I understand that we all make choices in our lives that have the potential to negatively affect others, but this is such an extreme case that I have a hard time not throwing my two cents in.

    Anyways, I wish him much happiness. Interesting interview.

  32. I don’t see what’s so hard to get about any of this.

    I can completely see the correlation between being an extreme submissive/masochist and wanting to be, as he put it, “impregnated” with the HIV virus. It’s a fucking grand finale.

  33. Shannon: in fact I don’t consider that suspension is a modification, yes it can affect your mind in some case, but it’s not a body modification per see since it’s not permanent/semi-permanent, the question would now be, is suspension a form of masochism, I don’t personally think it is… I guess it’s just associated with body mods “naturally” because most people who do suspension today also do mods (and even the ritual suspensions could be associated with cultures practicing body mods as far as I know…)

  34. Gorey, yes, it’s true, especially in France which has a very strong healthcare system. However, besides not doing it at all, it’s not as if there is an alternative to “taking advantage” of the system.

    We didn’t get into that in this interview, but it is a question I’ve covered in other interviews (with amputees), and the feeling was that since they’ve spent their life paying taxes, that it’s not abusing the system, and that the system has a responsibility to cover them since it’s not their fault they have these drives…

  35. la même chose que quelqu’un dit déja, mais je suis curieuse aussi. sa vie publique? sa famille?

  36. MatLax, no, you’re right — suspension isn’t a body modification, but it’s a body ritual (as is play piercing, SM play, etc.) — it’s using manipulations of the body to explore and enjoy life, which is why these fields are covered here.

  37. i’m feeling very sorry for this poor man. call me narrow-minded, i think he needs help. it really made me sad, reading this artical. i sincerely hope that he finds help and true happiness in the future.

  38. I found reading this quite boring. This interview concentrates on his desire to be a pig, but a little more insight in his life in general would have been nice. Like it is, this interview is a platform for Wandalaput’s attention grabbing and not much more. And I guess he makes a mistake when he wants HIV. Who will fuck him when he is positive and tells it? His options for sex-play would be limited, his appeal would wear off. And if he doesn’t say he is positive, he would endanger others.

    (I’ve seen people die from AIDS and have a hard time with his sloppy attitude towards the virus and I’m suprised noone wrote about that. As a community, do we accept his wish since AIDS is often sexually transmitted? What would we say if someone wanted to die from cancer as a fetish?)

  39. Shannon: there you go, you got the term I was looking for, a body ritual website, but I just realised that this interview isn’t posted on the BME homepage so I guess I don’t have any problem with it any more…

  40. Fascinating stuff. I can’t understand his mind-set to feel these desires, but it’s certainly interesting to read about.

    And fair play to him for pursuing what makes him happy. As long as he’s not hurting anyone, fair does. The only thing I’d feel peeved about was if he got HIV and then took the treatment for it.

  41. i think a line can even be drawn between being a bugchaser and desiring to be an amputee in terms of “abusing” the health system.

    all of the interviews with amputees have illustrated that their desire for amputation conflicts with their mental health and their ability to function in day-to-day life. however, with wanda, the desire to become infected with HIV seems to remain simply that: a desire. he wants to epitomize his lifestyle. he doesn’t need the disease to survive.

  42. This is undoubtedly on the extreme side of sadism. I wouldn’t be surprised if his last act would be a snuff film wherein someone dies. How, who, why, when, all up in the air as far as I’m concerned. I’m not comfortable with that mindset though. The whole basis of which I’ve looked at BME through is “As long as it doesnt causes someone permanent crippling damage and makes them happy” This is stretching the hell out of that.

  43. Okay Shannon, some may say that, me included, but in this special case, isn’t pruning around and promoting HIV as a fetish a dangerous way of playing down the danger of being HIV infected, in a time when the infection rate goes up again, because people don’t take the virus serious anymore?

  44. it’s amazing how he needs to be humilated even while he’s talking about himself (note that he CONTINUOUSLY refers to self as a:pig, shit, whore…)

  45. MissJanet, I’d be very surprised if people will read this interview and walk away thinking that being HIV infected is no big deal… I don’t see it as downplaying the dangers at all — I think that the fatality of the disease — the ultimate danger — is what makes it appealing in this case.

  46. Well, even the virus humilates him and treads him bad, ignoring his ass :).

    I’m a bit sensitive about minimizing the dangers of HIV, but you are right after all.

  47. Fascinating! I’d be interested to know more about his background though, so here are a few questions. Please forgive my rusty French.

    Je m’interesse a votre vie en dehors de la vie sexuelle. Quel est votre emploi? Est-ce que vos copains et collegues savent ce que vous faites en privé? Ca a causé des problemes jamais?


    – Richard

  48. The right to die under your own conditions isn’t really an ultimate right. I know what you mean, in terms of terminal people choosing suicide, but this isn’t the same.

    Most people don’t get to choose conditions of their death. You can’t say “I don’t want die in a car accident” and be guaranteed that right.

  49. Incidentally, if anyone would like to ask a question but doesn’t speak French, if you trust mine, feel free to send me an IM with your question, or post a question here in English. Time permitting, I’ll be happy to try to translate what I can.

  50. His constant insistence of his role as a slave to the most extreme sadist is so pervasive, it almost seems to dominate his thoughts. Which raises a question in my mind.

    Its one thing to enjoy something, whether it be subversive or not. But when you become totally consumed with the pursuit of something, does it reach a point where it stops being just a pursuit, and becomes almost psychotic behavior?

    Does he have an actual sense of self, like, as a normal person? I mean, does he have a 9-5 job and a real identity that he actually lives as? Or is he just totally and completely Wanda 24/7?

    There has to be an on/off switch. Even though the behavior is extreme, I wouldn’t venture to call anyone that enjoys this lifestyle insane, unless it got to the point where there was no separation. Then things become questionable.

  51. Lk, yeh thats what got to me too. nto so much the acts but the fact he continially refered to himself as slut, whore etc. it seems a little forced.

  52. That was definatly quite an intresting intreview.. I don’t see any harm in it.. As long as he sticks to what he says and dosn’t spread HIV/AIDS when he finally gets it

  53. And oh yeah, the juxtaposition between this post and the previous post is either really ironic, or well thought out. Shannon, are you starting to have a thing for high heels? ;)

  54. What Matt said, definitely. I totally get the BDSM dynamic but to my mind it only works as a matter of contrast; being a whore, pig or whatever works because that’s not what you are the rest of the time. When it is the entirety of your personality, it seems destructive, in that it eclipses the rest of your experience as a person.

    To be honest the only parts of this interview that bothered me were the bugchasing and chest mutilation. When something is that permanent, especially in relation to sexuality, which is not an entirely rational urge, it has a real potential to impact in your life in a negative manner.

  55. For me is this interview like a movie. I read it and believe it, but still deep in me, I think – this is just a story, is far away from me, maybe is just another world or life… yes, another life.
    …very interesting thing. but too hard to believe it…

  56. I find this really interesting to read and respond to. I’m generally pretty open minded about anything, but I couldn’t help feeling conflicted about this. On the one hand he seems so totally saturated in his enjoyment of his lifestyle- the grins in all the photos, and so on. But I can’t help but feel angry and sad at his choice to chase HIV. For one thing, it will probably (as mentioned above) place extreme limits on his sex life if he’s honest about it (and if he isn’t, that’s a whole different can of worms).

    At the same time, having a good friend who is HIV+ suffering a lot from it makes it very hard to respond to this other than the emotional backlash of “Oh bloody hell have you REALLY though this through”

    Very conflicted. OTOH most interesting (and challenging!) interview on here for a while.

  57. i do not believe in a standard of mental sanity, things only are the way they because someone said they should be that way, eating shit and getting used as a sexual toy and cutting parts of our body off is only looked at the way it is by society because the average/majority of people see it as wrong, because they were told by the others it was. BUT evolution and how our world has formed seems to show that the strong survive or the weak adapt…his need to get aids and die seems to point to a ” I am not strong I won’t survive, I want to die” concept. There for showing that his need for the “pigism/waste bin” is not working in the evloutionary direction things go…since evolution seems to be the only tried and true method to confirm a concept, I would say his concept is not good. i am sorry for the nonsense making of this-but basically-.waste bin/pigiam/wanting to die of aids does not mesh with the srtoing survive or you adapt..therefore i conclude, this is not good or unique, just weak and no good

  58. and..if you decide to have sex with someone like this(someone who wants aids) and you get aids, thats evolution pushing you out too, cause you were weak enough to stoop to thas

  59. I thought I was un-shockable when it came to fantasies and practices…I actually almost threw up reading that.

    Part of me can’t help but think he’s recreating the abuse (I know he said it wasn’t abuse, but people try to justify others actions) that he suffered at the hands of his schoolmates as a way of understanding it.

  60. Loosely translated from Matt’s questions (no.70) – mainly because I thought they were really interesting:

    Wandalaput, est-ce que vos obsessions sexuelles vous previennent de poursuivre une vie normale? Est-ce que vous – necessairement ou autrement – Wandalaput 24/7? Considerez-vous vous un membre de la société normal a certains égards, ou vivez vous, maintenant, completement en dehors de la société?

  61. This man really does set new heights, i salute him for being proud of who he s and hope he enjoys it :) (and no it dosnt freak me out one bit!)

  62. I wish there had been focused on his personal life, it does seem he used the interview simply to broadcast his masochism – by the end i was thinking “yes, we get the picture, you like to be abused”. Still, its an interesting insight into someone who seems so completely determined in his chosen life. Makes me wonder though, how is he not HIV+ yet? Seems with his life it would be easy enough.
    Could anyone link me to more information on the other areas mentioned at the start of this article? (slow cannabalism, erotic suicide, SM doctors etc), as id like to read more…

  63. H-O-L-Y F-U-C-K!!

    I read the interview just to see – I’ve always been interested in how other people get themselves off. This guy is a HUGE exterme!!

    I don’t even know what to say – Man, if it works for you – by all means, have at it!

  64. i would absolutely like to read more articles like this one. if you could find an equally well-spoken, seemingly sane person from each of the groups mentioned in the preface, i think they’d each make for a very interesting interview.

  65. Damn, I guess you just assume there are people out there somewhere with crazy sexual desires and fantasies…this just makes it concrete! I found the interview fascinating. Just as a point of trivia…I wonder what he does for a living?

  66. …….speaking as a dom and a sadist….fucking hell!
    this is a bit far!
    although its his life, provided he doesnt hurt anyone else with it i dont see why he shouldnt be able to do this.
    although if he does become HIV+ he might have to stop the free lovin’.

  67. Frester – already asked!

    The questions I’ve so far asked in French are:

    What’s your job? Do your colleagues and friends know what you do in private, and has this caused any problems?

    And, on similar themes:

    Does your sexual obsession from prevent you from leading a normal life? Do you live as Wandalaput 24/7? Do you consider yourself a normal member of society in some respects, or do you now live outside society?

  68. I didn’t like the interview, but that’s besides the point I’ll try to make here.

    It worries me that people will associate this man, and his extreme behavior, to the majority of the BDSM community. Or bug chasing with the gay community. He’s a very extreme case, one that isn’t common in either community. The BDSM community holds a high standard of “Safe, Sane, and Consensual.” His behavior clearly goes above and beyond safe and sane.

    It also worries me that Shannon seems to be glorifying this man’s behavior. Yes it’s interesting to hear about the way different people live their lives, but I hope people reading this article understand the risks this man is taking. He seems to take no precautions for his personal safety, and his desires will ultimately lead to his death. People have the right to do whatever they want to themselves, yes, but is condoning this extremely dangerous behavior really necessary?

    My last point, and I swear after this I’ll get off my soapbox, is that in interviews, articles, and Modblog posts like this where Shannon seeks out the most extreme behavior, lifestyle, and modification he can find, it seems to me that this can and does alienate the average reader. It worries me that the message on Modblog and BME sometimes seems to be that in order to be cool you have to push every limit, no matter the risks.

  69. It’s difficult to understand how he really seems to have self love, but enjoys destroying himself to that degree. I understand that people who do truly love themselves can also be into self inflicted pain, but maybe something to this extreme is beyond what I can imagine.

  70. I see nothing wrong with what he is doing. He is bringing pleasure to himself and those around him, and hurting no one. It’s nothing I’d be interested in, but then again neither is country music.

    You can argue that his attempts to become HIV+ may endanger others, but it sounds like he is conscious of that fact and would not expose others to it unless they so desired. Also, if we are to discuss the costs associated with his care in the future, we should also discuss–as Shannon mentioned–intentional amputees, or people who become morbidly obese, or any other individuals that engage in activities that will require medical care. They all have a cost; we just see some as more or less wrong than others.

  71. Extreme and thought provoking but ultimately I’m happy that there are people around like this who can be content with themselves no matter what their drives or preferences. It’s no more appropriate for him to be judged by anyone here than it is for a “plainskin” to judge a person for their tattoo or lip ring.

    Bonne chance et bonne continuation!

  72. Tu sais, ce n’est pas trop difficile d’attrapper le sida, mais j’espere que quoi qu’il t’arrives, tu trouves ta propre paix quelque part.

  73. Seconding Matt and lk. He might be deliberately playing a role for attention during the interview, but the impression I got is that he’s completely fixated on masochistic fetishes to the exclusion of everything else.

    It’s not unhealthy or wrong to be a masochist or to have the kinds of fantasies he has. But if he is really that one-track all the time, then that is unhealthy. I’m not even talking about his desire to contract AIDS or his interest in necrophilia–the thing that has me concerned is his total concentration on his masochistic role. Hell, if he only ever talked about train stations I’d be concerned. I mean, I really like double-penetration, but I don’t introduce myself as “Xenia the double-dipper” or anything.

  74. Xenia- that’s hilarious. “I mean, I really like double-penetration, but I don’t introduce myself as “Xenia the double-dipper” or anything.”

  75. “It worries me that the message on Modblog and BME sometimes seems to be that in order to be cool you have to push every limit, no matter the risks.”

    A few entries before this one is about body sculpting as body modification. Intense dedication but not extreme limit pushing. Truly, there is something for everyone.

  76. I normally don’t judge anyone..but this guy is totally…freaked out. I read the interview…this freak gives me the creeps…dammit.
    Nothin againts homosexuals, scut-lovers, masochists or such people…but this guy…i mean…getting infectet with HIV…

  77. My problem is, that it obviously wasn´t his „free“ decision to live a life like that. He says, that he realised he wants to be a slave/abused and to live like that when he was a little child of eight years. So all this seems to be a result of him being abused as a child (what he described), and that makes me sad, because maybe he never had the possibility to develop a self, make a „free“ decision about all this and follow his free will as an adult…
    As a basic principle I believe everyone should have the right to do what he/she wants to and to live a life that makes them happy. But here, I´m bound to doubt the sad circumstances of Wandalaputs „decision“…

  78. this was weird, not in the sense that he is a weird guy but that he really couldnt help but repeat himself, over and over
    i think we got the point of the interview after the first question…
    no meaning to be offensive to him but how intelligent is this guy?

  79. Great interview.

    regardless of our opinions on it, it provokes a lot of thought about pushing limits of extremes in your chosen lifestyle. The bug chasing and necro fantasies may rub me he wrong way… but reading about it gives you the oppurtunityt to think about, because clearly this is a reality for someone.

    fascinating. would love to read more articles like this Shannon.

  80. i have a question;

    Wanda La Pute; comment a ragit votre entourage, votre famille etc. en se rendant compte de vos preferences sexuelles?
    ect-ce qu’ils ont compris?


  81. I think Faye took the words right out of my mouth. Fascinating and very interesting read. I would love to read more articles like this!

  82. wow! Thanks for sharing that with us!!!!

    I really enjoyed reading it, and i hope that his desires are fulfilled throughout his life.

    I do wonder if someone with masturbate on my grave when im dead….

    I would like to ask Wandalaput if he did finally get infected with HIV, would he have any issues with himself passing it on, would he warn those taking part in future sexual activities or would the HIV being passed on create an intense sexual fantasy???

    Thanks again for sharing!!!

  83. I agree with #44, in that it’s also disturbing that he considers becoming positive the ultimate symbol of being a degraded slut. There are plenty of people who are positive from decidedly non-slutty behaviours that probably really hate that stigma.


  84. #55, Maria – I had someone tell me yesterday that my scarification made them sad, and they told me I was a poor girl, and asked what happened to me. For you even to say that upset me.

    Granted, I wholeheartedly disagree with his lifestyle choices, but as long as he doesn’t infect anyone with STIs or HIV, let him do what he wants.

    Although, can you imagine anyone with HIV/AIDS actually allowing themselves to infect him? I can’t imagine them doing that willingly.

  85. Robyn, give me a break. Take a look at the interviews published recently and you’ll see they cover a broad range — the last few have been tattoo interviews. Fixating on the extreme while ignoring the mainstream is your issue, not mine. BME covers the full range of body modification and body play.

  86. My problem with this isnt the content itself due to the fact that I know that there are different levels for different people, but my problem is how this was gone about in terms of what he says. I felt that this article wasnt an informatory post about his experiences but yet a personal add for himself, in terms of the way he speaks and responds to questions.

  87. Wanda, si tu veux choper le DAS, t’as qu’a trainer dans le marais dans un bar de barebackers…

    Enfin ceci étant dit.. pourquoi penser réellement que le SIDA est l’épitome d’être une merde? Ce point de vue peut être intéressant, mais c’est franchement pégeoratif voir dégradant à l’égard des séropositifs… qui eux je suis sûre ne se voient pas tous comme des merdes.

    Bonne continuation.

  88. Yeaaahhhh… so not for me. But hey, whatever rocks his boat.

    It’s a pity that for some reason this interview didn’t hold my interest like most of the others. But hey, I guess that’s quite alright. Can’t please everyone, right?

    *tries to finish dinner now and patiently awaits the next interview*

  89. also, what are his concerns with infecting others with HIV if he were to contract it? Does he plan on telling his partners first or does he feel that the “slutty” thing to do would be to ignore the fact all together?

  90. “I will permit no man to narrow and degrade my soul by making me hate him.”
    Booker T. Washington

    There seems to be an element of self-hate in the actions of Wanda.

  91. Since two persons asked the question about his behavior after he gets infected if he ever does (and hoping that he’ll read the comments and answer the questions he was asked):

    Wandalaput: Après avoir été infecté que penses-tu faire au niveau sexuel? Est-ce que tu veux informer tes prochains partenaires, ne plus avoir de relation sexuelle du tout, continuer à avoir des relations sans avertir les gens avec qui tu vas coucher? Est-ce que tu as l’intention d’être traité ou de laisser la maladie t’emporter?

  92. It bothers me that there are a lot of people making comments like, “Well, he’s not hurting anyone, so let him do what he wants.” What about the people that are hurting him to get off? He may not have a problem with it, but I still find it disturbing that there are people that NEED to cause others pain to feel good themselves. It just seems to go against the human condition.

  93. Shannon: you didn’t answer my question when I asked you if I could get access to the original interview in french, I’d love to see the original answers if possible

  94. Little Rude Girl – Sadism is very, very common.

    MatLax – No; it’s a series of emails and communications; there’s no French version that exists.

  95. He reminds me of several characters in Le Marquis de Sade’s Juliette hehehe. And to Little Rude Girl, how is truly sadistic people going against the human condition? From what I’ve seen in my short lifetime, it is very much a part of the condition of being human to want to break and destroy those around us; the difference here being that wandlaput is a very willing participant,who enjoys the abuse.

  96. wow. never in my life and after reading BME for years and years have i been so sickened by an image or interview. this definitely pushes things way out for me and actually made me feel sick and maybe even a little scared! :S
    i think it was the whole feces thing and deprivation thing… it makes my stomach turn…:S

  97. Little rude girl> against the human condition? just turn on your tv, not always the violence against other people is so direct and purely physical as presented here, but people have always needed, and will always need, to see other people suffer in order to feel better themselves (and I’m not trying to generalise “people” here but..)

  98. i know that a lot of people have complained about how Wanda really wanted to be infected with HIV, but if its something that he really wants to do, then fair play to him, as long as he doesn’t go around infecting people. the only thing about this though is how HIV can easily spread therefore eventually killing more and more people.but what can u do?u cant change people like this who are so set on their ideas and views.

    anywho, i really like how shannon is posting articles on such extreme subjects and people like this as i found it a really interesting read. its interesting to see how extreme some people are, therefore i think its a bit annoying how some people think it shudnt be on this website as it has nothing to do with body modification. it isn’t, technically, but i think that reading about such bizarre acts opens our eyes to how extreme our world can be, rather than be set in our own little comfortable lives.
    sorry, this was a rather long rant.i do apologize.

  99. and by the way, I don’t think “it’s” more extreme then your avarage housewife with a compulsive cleaning disorder..

  100. ‘He may not have a problem with it, but I still find it disturbing that there are people that NEED to cause others pain to feel good themselves. It just seems to go against the human condition.’

    I find that statement sick.

    This is his body, I get the same attitude at work for a simple scarification piece on my chest, now i come here knowing i wont get that attitude, because i feel this is a ‘safe’ community, where people understand and respect each other and what they choose to do with THEIR body.

    Yes ok he is not mainstream himself, even in this ‘safe’ community among some ‘mod Nazi’s’ as i have now deemed you, he will be an outcast.

    You are one sick person :)

  101. ‘I think he’s ignorant and selfish.’
    I think you need to re-think what your saying and then maybe read the small black text above the comment box.

  102. i read the full thing twice over to understand it better, and through everything the only parti have a problem with is the fact he wants AIDS.

    everything the goverment is doing to stop the spread of HIV and AIDS and this guy WANTS it – i think there is something else behind that other than his lifes fulfilment of being a slut to the end.

  103. To be honest i could not imagine anyone in the world wanting it, but if he does its fine and i can understand why.

    Think if you walk down the road with a 10mm septum and get odd stares you get people asking “why” and telling you “your a freak”.

    Can you not see how this relates to each and every one of us? That each person is different, and each person must fuffil there sexual needs one way or another, and if this is how he wants his to be, then thats fine.


    Had a good 20 mins before i head to bed so decided to spam refresh :)

  104. To be honest i could not imagine anyone in the world wanting it, but if he does its fine and i can understand why.

    Think if you walk down the road with a 10mm septum and get odd stares you get people asking “why” and telling you “your a freak”.

    Can you not see how this relates to each and every one of us? That each person is different, and each person must fulfill there sexual needs one way or another, and if this is how he wants his to be, then thats fine.


    Had a good 20 mins before i head to bed so decided to spam refresh :)

  105. i cant even imagine what a single day of his life is like. chaos?? its so beyond extreme, ive never read anything like that before…

  106. In hind sight i should not have compared a 10mm septum ring to a sexual need, its personal matter is what i was trying to get across. :)

  107. hmm my computers freaking so if this is posted more then once sorry

    Where is the line with sadism. For people that truly enjoy causing others pain is the fact that the other person be a willing participant morally important to the sadist, or is it just a case of not wanting to break any laws? I can say that if this is what he chooses willingly I’m fine with that. But I can’t grasp it at all. What are we without are pride, to be stripped of all dignity is the ultimate nightmare. I don’t understand people that get off on that, or get off on doing it to others

  108. shit :|
    that kinda shook me up a little bit
    butgood on him for doing what he wants fuck everyone elses views (:

  109. Shannon- You said at the end of the interview that it was done in french and then translated. I think that’s why some people ask you about the original version…

  110. As a professional Dominatrix, none of this really surprises me. However, as some one who has sat there helplessly and watched people I love die of AIDS, the whole idea of bugchasing really does unsettle me. However, he seems firmly grounded in his beliefs and, as long as he does not infect anyone else (which it seems clear from the interview he would not), it’s his life, his body and his pain and I wish him luck in achieving his goals.

    To Wanda: Si vous êtes jamais dans Chicago, me contactez et j’utiliserai vous aime la petite dévergondée que vous êtes.

    (For those that speak French, I was trying to say, “If you ever come to Chicago, contact me and I will use you like the little slut you are.” How close did I get?)

  111. Just imagine your child being abused and raped at the age of eight, and from that day on saying that he/she now understands that he/she is a pig/garbage/a toy… Would you say: Sweetheart, that´s absolutely ok, it´s cool, have fun… Would you?

  112. Gracefire- “Si vous etes a Chicago, contactez-moi et je vous utiliserez comme la petite salope que vous etes” :) Ok that was so weird to write haha.

  113. Lene, Roo and I actually had the same chat today while we were prepping the interview. My feeling is that had he not had these experiences as a child, he might have turned out differently, but that he probably still would have been extremely kinky in one way or another.

    The other point I’ll make is that your worry would be very relevant if he was still a child, but the fact is that now he’s 50 and his kink isn’t going to change — the “damage is done” so to speak and there’s no going back, so it’s best to enjoy the ride I think.

  114. I think this blew Michelle The Pass Around Girl interview out of the water. Very interesting to say the least.

  115. shannon, I used to think you were a highly intelligent person wanting to explore every possible equation of the human mind. wanting to explore the physcology behind why people do what they do. make people think and know. after recent posts and this interview I am starting to think differently, i question the actual intellectual depth of what you do, and at this point think you feel like god for being all knowing and that you get off on shock value…this article’s value and how it was done comes down to shock value…your really just like everyone else shannon, no matter how hard you try

  116. I just found this very very sad. The condom drinking made me sick in my mouth :( .

    I have been in bdsm relationships but the majority of people that I know are not 24/7, and like others Id love to know about his day job.
    Also surely there will come a time when he will be ‘past’ being used then as someone else said I also can see some sort of snuff senario. All in all very interesting article (and thank you for warning and click through,wasnt hard was it Shannon?) it almost made me cry.

  117. I just found this very very sad. The condom drinking made me sick in my mouth :( .

    I have been in bdsm relationships but the majority of people that I know are not 24/7, and like others Id love to know about his day job.
    Also surely there will come a time when he will be ‘past’ being used then as someone else said I also can see some sort of snuff senario. All in all very interesting article (and thank you for warning and click through,wasnt hard was it Shannon?) it almost made me cry.

  118. my comment is awaiting moderation? what is that? i have never seen my comments say that? let me guess because i questioned shannon? thats nice and cuddly and further proves my point…shannon larratt likes to shock people because he has no other interesting qualities..

  119. wow ok i guess you read my stuff then delete it shannon, and if you don’t any of my comments thats fine, but someone who claims to be the type of person you claim to be should have no problems posting them, you are seem to be a really narcissistic person and thts why you wont add my comments…wow

  120. Thanks for posting this Shannon. It was very confronting, but I always love to see what makes people’s minds tick.

    After hearing about bugchasing a while ago I was in disbelief and scoured the internet for all the information I could to try and understand it. As unsettling as it is, this is the first time I can see any sense (and i use the term loosely) in the person’s wishes to contract HIV.

    Good luck to him.

  121. Wow, some of that made me gag a bit, but it’s really quite fascinating. I don’t personally understand the mentality very much, but then again, all my kinks make about as much sense as his kinks do. What are handcuffs but a prop, anyway? I can’t objectively promote one sort of sexual act over any other sexual act–there’s absolutely no basis for it unless you’re going after procreation, and that’s definitely not on MY agenda. It really makes me think, though–the absolute realization of a fantasy may be destructive, but people seek it anyway for the eroticism of it. My fantasies are a lot more plain in comparison, but I understand and even agree with the desire to be abused in a sexual way. Even if it does make me gag, that’s just my preference. One man’s high is another man’s hell.

    Thank you, Shannon, for posting something truly thought-provoking and original. Once you can get past the “ew, gross” factor, it’s a brilliant window into fetishism.

  122. I am sure the people who would love to have bme shut down or bring legal action upon you would love to know that the man who defends himself with the free speech amendment does not allow others the same right. you pissed off the wrong person…

  123. ‘The other point I’ll make is that your worry would be very relevant if he was still a child, but the fact is that now he’s 50 and his kink isn’t going to change — the “damage is done” so to speak and there’s no going back, so it’s best to enjoy the ride I think.’

    OMG I dont belive you just said that fucks sake!! Im 47 was raped at 8 till 21 by an uncle as was my baby sister and 6 cousins. You have no fucking idea what you are talking about. The damage is done? if this was your little girl would you be saying the same thing I truely dont think so.

    As I said before this interview while intersting was sad, but your comment just confirms what Ive thought for a while now You are an idiot.
    And before I get the ‘you hate shannon backlash’ I dont hate anyone but that statement must be the worst thing ive read for a very long time.

  124. “ask why” – I think it’s a little silly to make generalizations about my editorial policy by choosing one of the most extreme interviews and treating that as if it’s the norm. A broad range of subjects are covered. Some are shocking, some are not. This one is shocking to you. I really doubt they all are.

    Also, you’re not being moderated, although you’re definitely making the case that you should be.

  125. Mexie – I don’t think your experience is the same because you haven’t built your life around it and transformed it into a positive thing in your life. Feel free to keep calling me an idiot, but I think you’re reading your own experiences into his life, and I don’t think that’s reasonable. I know it’s hard, but try and be objective and understand that he’s chosen a very different path than you have. I think it’s fairly obvious that he’s not going to be rewinding his life.

  126. very interesting article but left me feeling very uneasy as well.
    Ive always been of the view of as long as you harm nobody then do as you want but to want to get actually get AIDS?
    It is so irresponsible and actually mental. What about the health care that he will use? the chance he could pass it on?
    To me if you want to actually have a fatal illness or whatever delibratly then you are mentally ill.

  127. Once again, it all comes down to what someone is comfortable with. Many of the comments here could be taken almost word for word from the comments that non-modded people make regarding tattoos, (non-ear) piercings, brandings, implants, tongue splitting… anything that we on BME consider ‘normal.’

    The fact that what he does is beyond your impression of what is right, normal, or sane does not change the fact that it is absolutely his right to do it. Just because it doesn’t appeal to you doesn’t make it any worse.

  128. BTW, to those calling me an idiot/stupid or saying I do a shallow or otherwise inadequate series of interviews, I just wanted to put out the reminder that I am very open to guest interviews on BME, and that if you feel you can do a better interview, by all means, do so. If you do, I’m happy to publish it, and if you don’t want it published on BME, in general I’m happy to link to it from here.

  129. I found the interview totally fascinating and I now know I must be totally unshockable, because I wasn’t shocked or disturbed in the slightest by any of it. I thought it was all extremely interesting – although I will confess that by the time I got to the last question I, too, was wondering whether it was a bit of a leg-pull.

    I’m not saying I’d want to try any of it myself, because I don’t – but I got a great deal of insight into what makes him tick. And he’s obviously happy with what he’s doing, and good at it, too: that comes across very clearly in his answers and in the pictures. It’s good, I think, to stop and think and question your own perceptions of what is “gross” – to get beyond that and try to appreciate why other people have the fetishes they do.

    The question I’d like to ask him is “Is there anything you’d actually draw the line at, and if so, why?”

  130. Don, I can’t even imagine anything else that wasn’t listed in the interview that might be remotely on par with what Wanda says he does on what seems to be a daily basis. So drawing the line for him probably isn’t an option. Unless it was something really mundane and everyday that he absolutely abhors, in which case, that would be pretty funny.

  131. I’m a very VERY tolerant person but this honestly disgusted me. I’m not really bothered by the him eating shit, cum, piss whatever. What I’m bothered by is the fact that he wants “The Monster”. The man want’s to be infected with a disease that has and still is killing millions. If he’s willing to pay for it put him on a plane to rural Africa, he’ll be swimming in the virus in no time. The fact that he wants it doesn’t bother me at all. The fact that he will most likely get treatment for it does. In my opinion he should be denied any sort of medical help, period.

  132. definitely aiglos ive seen enough gg allin videos in my time that people eatin shit hardly turns my stomach anymore,the fact that anybody would actively seek out aids is a bit fucked though i doubt with his mindset that hed even seek treatment

  133. I reiterate, that I thought this was a fascinating interview. One needn’t want to copy to appreciate the topic.

    I’d add, too, that for all the insults being hurled at him, it’s really lovely to have Shannon back posting articles like this. As journalism goes, this stuff is unique and never less than thought provoking. No one else does it so well.

  134. That was a really intense interview to read. I think the will for deliberate HIV infection is probably the hardest thing for me to wrap my head around. But seeing as he doesn’t have a desire to spread it to others without their consent, that’s easier for me to understand. There’s generally little that I morally condemn, but I really cannot deal with those groups of people out there who are HIV+ and make it their goal to spread it to others.

    I, too, am curious about his non-sexual life, if he has a job and the like, but I feel that as long as all parties involved are consenting, I have no place to judge. That said, I have to respect him for being brave enough to pursue what he feels he truly wants for himself. How many of us can say we have such courage?

  135. wow. one of the reasons i love modblog is that you post things like this so unjudgementally. [is that a word?]

  136. #162: While I completely sympathize and understand why you would feel that way (I was ritualistically abused and raped for almost a decade as well) I don’t feel that Shannon’s comment was meant to harm, or meant as a “Oh, well, it happened. Let’s move on.” Wanda acknowledges that he might have turned out differently if he had not had those early experiences, but also acknowledges that he was drawn to filth and degradation even before he was abused.

    It is always, always enraging and never in any way acceptable when a child is abused. But I think Shannon’s comments were geared more towards the fact that Wanda has taken something that could have been a very shaming, humiliating, scarring experience and found a way to take back the control that was taken from him. He chooses the situations he puts himself into (even if he does leave himself open to pretty much any experience) and he is choosing to live with the outcomes…and he is enjoying it.

    Would he have been a kinky person had he not been abused? In my opinion, yes. Would he have been drawn to such an extreme if he had never been abused? I don’t know. But I do know he seems to be enjoying his life, has very clear goals and has clearly defined the motivation behind those goals.

  137. i found that really interesting. this is my favourite kind of interview, learning about people with these extreme desires. whatever floats your boat ;)

    more interviews like this please shannon!

  138. There’s no explanation of anything here. When a legitimate question is asked, all Wanda does is spout some sensationalist statement. In response to the question, ‘What was your first sexual experience?’ a paragraph follows where Wanda talks about liking to eat human waste and deriving pleasure from the possibility of ‘perverts’ masturbating to his videos. It has nothing to do with the first sexual experience, it’s just more of the same crap spoken in every response… he just wants to be seen as filth, I think even idolized in a way through the extremely depraved filth he engages in.

    I’d go as far to say that some of his childhood experiences are imaginary and have been created in Wanda’s mind to give him the feeling that he’s been this way since early childhood. It’s kinda like people from are Wicca and claim to be from a hereditary line which was passed down through their grandparents, to their parents, then to them. Mostly they’re just talking smack to make themselves look ‘cooler’.

    There’s no insight into a slave’s mind here, no gem of truth to be found. It’s just one man spouting a bunch of hyperbole in the hope’s that we’ll believe he’s the biggest filthy slut around.

    I’ll always be of the belief that BME and BME/HARD needs to be kept separate. This interview had no redeeming value other than the fact that Shannon likes this kind of thing and Wanda wanted to talk a lot of shit. Purely based on him posting this interview, I’m starting to change my view of Shannon. I love BME. But I do not love the fact that those of us who are here are going to be branded by the same stick as a person who wants to die of AIDS and the man who interviewed him and somehow thought the interview was worthy enough of being posted on MODBLOG and not somewhere less public.

    I just don’t know. I wasn’t unsettled by the interview. It was quite boring reading Wanda say the same thing over and over. It’s more of an advertisement than anything else. Shannon just debased his integrity by posting it.

  139. Wow, I remember readng about bug chasers a long time ago in Rolling Stone, I told my friends, and they wouldn’t believe me! I appreciate this interview though because I was always curious to see the personality of an actual bug chaser. Thank you. And Don, awesome question.

  140. As someone interested in non-so-hard related culture, I can understand the extent to wish one can want to push their body.

    However how many times can you say the same thing over and over?

    Each to their own, but that could have been an awful lot shorter.

  141. #174: The fact that he will most likely get treatment for it does. In my opinion he should be denied any sort of medical help, period.

    Aiglos, as 5kem5 said, I doubt he would seek treatment. In his mind, he want the pain and the degradation and all the negative aspects that comes with having the disease. Seeking treatment would only mitigate these effects and make him “healthy.”

  142. I think a better interviewer would’ve asked Wanda to calm down and stop advertising himself. That’s better left to the forums he no doubt frequents. An interview on BME should consist of actual knowledge, trying to gauge certain behaviours and motivations. I couldn’t find it here.

  143. All the people who say he shouldn’t get medical help after he gets infected should realize that you could apply the same line of thought with the people who get lung cancer from smoking “you brought it on yourself”… I know nicotine is addictive, but thousands of people stop smoking everyday and it’s a choice you make… same thing for any drugs, should we prevent everyone who’s ever smoked a cigarette from getting free health care (when available)? Should we prevent a crack addict from getting free help to stop taking crack (and you can replace crack with any kind of drugs here)?

  144. Jon/original_sly — “Filth” is very much a subjective issue! Really, it’s a sliding line, and I think we need to remember that mainstream society thinks that many things we see as incredibly mundane are perverse and sickening. I also don’t believe that many people are going to “brand you with the same stick”. The only people who will do that are people at the extremes — people who already think it’s all sick, or people who already think it’s all OK. I think we make a big mistake when we choose to draw lines, because as much as there are differences, there are many more similarities, and we are fighting overlapping battles.

    I understand what you’re saying about the repetitiveness of Wanda’s writing, but I think that it’s quite reflective of his thinking which is why it wasn’t paired down. Your guess that some of his experiences might be imaginary is actually a discussion we had here earlier during the editing as well by the way. I asked questions over again quite a few times but kept getting the same answers by the way — it’s not that the questions weren’t asked.

    Anyway, as well as this comment forum, I also wanted to invite you to email me at [email protected] if you want to chat about any of this or your concerns in more depth. (That goes for anyone).

  145. It’s very clear what his explicit motivations are. As to the subconscious ones underlying this, of course there are fewer insights. He might not be in a position to diagnose or explain those aspects of his psyche.

    It’s true that he sensationalised his answers a bit, and no doubt he was getting off on some of the ways in which he was describing himself, but I thought there was plenty of material that provided a genuine insight into his mind; and yet more material that hinted at what might have led him down this path. I just don’t see any basis for your objections, Original Sly.

  146. Oups, I hit “submit” without wanting to…

    I was going to finish by saying that everyone did something bad for their health at least once in their life (technically just by getting tattooed/pierced/scared you can get infected in a way threatening your life if not treated) and I don’t see anyone complaining about people who get their implants/keloid/whatever removed by surgeons when the problem gets really bad…

  147. re: 115 – ‘I felt that this article wasnt an informatory post about his experiences but yet a personal add for himself, in terms of the way he speaks and responds to questions.’


  148. re:188 – the dude WANTS AIDS. like he does all this to contract it. someone who smokes, while knowing they COULD get lung cancer, isn’t doing it as a way to directly develop cancer.

    i’m thinking i may need to reread and rethink things before posting, and also reread and rethink my posts before submitting. cos really, i can pick apart what i’ve said once reread.

    his single minded desire to achieve his goal of contracting aids is disturbing just as any zealotry is disturbing. religious, social, political, all forms of zealotry should be equally as disturbing. something to think about really…

  149. Very interesting read. By the time I got to the end my mouth was hanging open. I had never heard of but chasers before reading this interview. Its hard to believe that some people want to get HIV. But I guess there really are people of all sorts in this world. But I really like knowing about all aspects of what make people tick. Even the things that are beyond extreme. Usually when I dont understand why someone does something I learn more about it so I can understand. Some of my questions I have still never had answered. There are some things that I still cant understand.

    BTW enough flaming Shannon. He runs a great site im which I have met many great people on. He posts very interesting articles and information and he has ALWAYS BEEN RESPECTFUL to others and doesnt stoop down to name calling. What is this high school? At first I wanted nothing to do with the squabbles but some people are being down right disrespectful to others and its really bothering me. Lets keep this a friendly community. We in a way represent the modified comunity so lets try a little harder to be friendly and respectful so we can be represent ourselves the way we should.

  150. what a lot of comments!
    Okay so hes a bit different from the norm,but who gives anyone else the right to judge? i have no problems with what hes doing,id only feel awkward or intimidated if he was doing what he does on the street,or removin his breasts in the middle of a supermarket,putting hairbrushes up his bottom in the middle of a football stadium…
    no one was offended when they didnt know about him

  151. “My dream is to suck a corpse’s cock and get fisted with one of his feet.” – ermmm, ok then. Is this guy for real?

    I think the guy needs professional help with his mental problems!
    Who the hell really wants to get HIV/AIDS?

    He obviously has some serious mental issues going on :/

  152. It’s funny how many people are all shocked and jaw-dropped from this. Surf the Internet much? Never heard of scat or people drinking cum before?

    I agree that his responses seemed repetitive and boring after a while. It was more a sensationalist piece than an exploratory one.

    I think people can do whatever the hell they want to themselves, and to others with consent of course. It doesn’t mean I have to enjoy it, but no one has to enjoy what I choose to do either.

  153. Well that was informative.

    But what I don’t understand is how he expects to get laid so much after he’s infected. It’s one thing to be HIV+ and in a relationship, but if you’re honest and open about it, it’ll really cut down on the people who want to have casual sex with you. And I really hope he’ll be honest about it. He said that he doesn’t want to infect anyone that doesn’t want to be infected, but would he risk sacrificing his sex life for his partners’ sakes?

  154. Donna: I don’t really think that you can outrightly declare that– I say, good for him. He knows what he wants… and yes, it’s COMPLETELY out of our society’s norms. It’s hard for anyone, including me, to understand his behavior. He’s certainly blatant about expressing his interests, but who’s to say he shouldn’t be able to enjoy them?

    Good for him, and I wish him the best of luck!

  155. I agree with what some people have posted above that i totally agree should he contract AIDS that he should be denied treatment of it.. and i also think that there is a big worry surrounding this that if he does end up with AIDS, his sex life will be somewhat more limited if he tells people about having the disease, and i wonder how that would affect him?
    whether he would then go on to ‘lie’ about it to go back to his kind of lifestyle.
    i also think it is totally wrong that people seem to have just overlooked the point he made about the corpse! surely that crosses a line? i really hope there wont ever be an interview on here with someone who enjoys necrophilia!

  156. I wonder if he does anything besides… being a gay whore. Like, I wonder if he goes for walks, or watches tv, or thinks about things he sees, or if he’s a 24/7 cum whore.

  157. Shannon, thanks so much for posting this interview!

    Sexuality is a part of human life as anything, and this man wears it on his filthy, dirty sleeve. People like this inspire me, to not be afraid of my body and what my desires dictate. And to those who are judging…what is the difference between this individual and the various things body modification-oriented people do? It is his body, and his journey. I would love to sit down with this monsieur and pick his brain…

    There is a freedom in letting your perversion dictate your life, and this man is a righteous example of this.

    “Without obsession, life is nothing.” -John Waters

  158. i wonder why contracting aids has been such a struggle for him, given all this incredibly high risk behavior.. should have been guaranteed to have it by now.

  159. really great interview with a really interesting person, though I don’t share any of his fetishes I love deviant bodies and deviant minds :-)
    keep them coming Shannon!

  160. i think quite a few of us have a problem with the belief that bod-mod is sexually motivated. if that was a sure thing, then interviews like this which seems totally to do with sex and zero to do with actual bod-mod would fit in just fine. but my mods don’t reflect my sexuality in any way. more my spirituality, so this kind of thing doesn’t gel well with me and i maintain it shouldn’t be here on modblog. the very name MODblog is about mods, not body play. if indeed he’s partaking in body play. this dude just seems to be doing ANYTHING that goes along with his self-image.

  161. This comment is in response to what Stilletto said ,”And to those who are judging…what is the difference between this individual and the various things body modification-oriented people do?”
    theres a big difference between bodymodifcation & chasing down the aids virus & eating shit.Most people get modifications because its healthy for there mind & body & enriches there life & makes them feel better about themselves,…. while this guy may think that what he is doing is healthy for him,ultimately it will lead to his death.
    Over & over in the article the man insults himself & calls himself garbage,thas not healthy for anyones self esteem to be abused that way even if he does enjoy it, ot me he needs serious mental help.Think about all the babies born with Aids who have no choice or chance at a life & this man was given one & to me hes just spitting in the face of his creator & not having any value or respect for his own life.Its pretty pathetic.

  162. Does he regularly get tested? Or does he just expect to get sick and figure it out on his own. I’m also wondering how it is possible he hasn’t gotten infected yet.

    I’m trying not to judge the whole of his life without knowing anything about him outside of what is revealed in this interview, but do you think he has a firm grasp on reality?

    But he did say that he doesn’t want to infect others unless the are like him, so maybe he does. I don’t know what the laws are in France, but I know its a felony to knowingly infect others without their consent here in the US.

  163. reading your intro made me remember that when i was in highschool i stayed a virgin because i wanted sex to be something extreme and often thought about the pleasure of feeling extending beyond pain and onto death in one ultimate act of sex with a girl

    of course i daydreamed allot and these were just concepts that i threw around in my head; not really wishes.

    but MAN this was perhaps one of the most fascinating interviews i have ever read in my life in all honesty even though the man illustrated by this interview is very much an embodiment of our oppression i have to admit that for every bit of disgust that i felt, there was a bit of pride that the human mind can force the body so far
    and just the interaction with instinct wan amazing i mean if people ate feces by instinct we would all be dead and yet the pursuit of pleasure that drove him to do that is perhaps one of the strongest manifested instincts known to man

    you know from a formalist’s point of view, that very dichotomy would declare this interview a work of art

    i would agree


  164. Though I find this article hardly body-modification related, it was interesting.

    Its really a wonder he hasn’t contracted HIV (at least on paper) yet with his behaviour.

  165. Wow…this article was pretty shocking, but that’s not a bad thing. I had never even heard of someone wanting HIV before, and while I personally don’t, and can’t really understand fully why one would, it’s his life to live how he pleases. I do think that he’d need to be exceptionally careful once he finally gets HIV so as not to infect others unwillingly, but he said that he would be cautious about that, so as far as I’m concerned, fine.
    I do love BME and ModBlog, but the thing that bothers me is how we expect not to be judged for being different than the “norm”/mainstream, and then people on here judge those who are MORE DIFFERENT than themselves. Really now, he’s not hurting you, why can’t we all just live and let live? I know that comment probably won’t be taken well by many here (if it’s even read, after 200+ comments I doubt it will be), but I think it’s something that everyone should keep in mind. There’s my two cents, for now at least.

  166. I’m sorry but I will always be the last person on earth to judge someone like this but there are some people that really need to be removed from the gene pool. I don’t appreciate the fact that he wishes AIDS/HIV upon himself and giving up and ruining a life someone else could have used. And the fact if even if I did swing that way, I wouldn’t go near anyone like that and I don’t see why someone would – and I know thats shallow of me but I don’t care in this case.

    I don’t think this will ‘brand us with the same stick’ per se, but it will undoubtedly bring in a lot more hate onto the community from outside, especially seeing as we get most of eBaums World and most other ‘shock’ and ‘comedy’ sites ripping the content and blasting it over every other page on their server. Something like this should have been confined to BME/HARD because at least that way you’d have grounds to take action with places like eBaums more than just for copying a video or image that’s watermarked (thats IF something from the /HARD interviews was posted there.)

    I’m glad the guy is enjoying what he’s doing, he’s doing ritual scarification (nails on shoes?) but for his sake I hope he sorts his life out and stops the mission to get aids.

  167. I didn’t even read all the comments here (I got to number 170-something and gave up.

    All I have to say is if he does manage to get infected with HIV I hope he doesn’t get treatment… he wouldn’t deserve it. There are however many hundreds of people in the world (May I direct you towards Africa?) who do not wish to have the virus and are desperate for treatment. Anyone who would intentionally infect themselves does not deserve treatment.

  168. C’mon kids, your fascination with this person is akin to the fascination attributed to a freak show act. Things like “ohh it’s such an interesting insight” and “I’ve always wondered” do not hide your true motives. You are incredibly immature Shannon, I really thought you were better than to attempt to justify this interview by saying that it’s an intreguing view of a person living on the edge of society.

    Would you consider interviewing a person living with bulimia or an anorexia? Of course not…it has lost it’s shock value even though it is just as, if not more, interesting than this singles ad that you call an interview.

    Get back on track Shannon, and dont post low quality interviews just for the shock value. I really thought that you had some decent journalistic skills until this point – you need to realize that not all mentally disturbed individuals make for a good read.

  169. I loved that last question – is it *really* real? It just seems so unbelievable… like he’s been reading too much Sade, or just has an overactive imagination.

  170. #56, I have watched it too, and that’s why I said what I did. However, *many* people choose forms of slow suicide. I’m not sure I can condemn this guy — he’s one of those many and knows, or seems to anyway, what he’s doing.

  171. #74, I’m really not comfortable with the thesis that BDSM is supposed to be about “contrasts.” I can see why it is for some people, and I can see why with a little bit of interesting twisting and folding it *could* be applied to, say, me — I’ve often lacked power over my own body, so I feel better when wielding power over others, or some such thing.

    However, that theory has never struck me as any kind of full or rich explanation for BDSM interests and practices. I think, for example, that my early experiences with power are part of what made me who I am, which includes who I am sexually.

    However, I don’t see my being dominant as “a BDSM thing,” I see it as a part of my personality and my self and even my spirituality and relationship with the divine (whatever exactly that may be; I have my theories, and they’re not all that aligned with standard religiosity.) To say that it’s a mantle I put on because I want to be different than my usual powerless self… well, no. One, I’m not powerless. Two, yes, I exaggerate aspects of me in scenes, and do things I don’t do outside of them (like hit people with belts, intentionally frighten them, etc.) But I do not see that exaggeration as discontinuous with me, I see that as an outgrowth of the powerful part of me, an exploration of its (gah, cliche) “dark side” maybe, but not something that is the opposite of what I am like.

    In situations where, for example, I have taught classes, I definitely see doing so as a kind of nonsexual topping/dominance. A nurturing and gentle kind of dominance directed at helping people eventually develop their own autonomy and critical thinking, but dominance nonetheless. Teacher-me and dungeon-me are not different people. It’s just that one is teaching and one is having sex/playing.

  172. I’ve read a lot of comments that say things like “it’s his life to live” wrt to the effort (it’s important to draw the distinction from desire) to contract HIV/AIDS.

    Despite him saying that if he succeeds in his mission, he will not seek to spread it, there is still a risk that he (though unlikely) inadvertently will. He even said he would “share” it with those that are “like him.” How can he ensure that those people don’t spread it to others?

    The fact of the matter is that he is helping to ensure the survival of the virus. Providing a way for the virus to survive and spread affects more than just “his life.”

    I guess an analogy would be for me to inject myself with a hemorrhagic fever virus and promise to stay in my house. There are two issues: is it “morally wrong” and “should it be within my rights.” To me, it is morally wrong; there is a very real potential for me to cause harm to others. Should it be within my rights? I don’t know; I think there are very strong arguments for both sides.

  173. the one thing that personally bothers me about this man, is not that he wants to be infected with hiv, but he has no problem spreading it if that’s what the other person wants. i find that VERY irresponsible. it bothers me to think anyone would honestly make it a personal goal to help spread hiv. i saw a few comments with the usual passive “well as long as he is having fun and not hurting anybody” lines, but he is not far from hurting others at all. his actions do not sound controlled, and it actually scares me.

  174. the health care systems in place don’t work with this whole since he did it to himself he doesn’t deserve treatment, its either all or nothing you can’t pick and chose

    i personally find “bug chasing” to be ridiculous and very saddening, mostly thinking that thousands die ever day of the disease around the world that they contracted the illness through no actually fault of there own, and chasers are purposely contracting the disease and more often then not purposely spreading it and sort of glorifying it in a way

    but my personal problems with it aside, you cant deny treatment to anyone for any reason even if you don’t like what they have done to themselves or why they did it

  175. 44- “(…) the mark of degradation of getting AIDS,(…)” To be HIV+ is a degradation. W
    hat does that say about the world we live in?

    just what i was thinking. and i agree with whoever mentioned that they should not be aloud government funded treatment if they ifect themselves with HIV (any fatal disease). thats just fucking bullshit to all the people suffering from it.

  176. TrinityVA, so if I understand what you are saying, there is no separation between your pursuit of pleasure, BDSM or whatever, and the rest of your life, like your job, your professional interactions, etc?

  177. wow. i don’t even know what to say. i mean i think i’m very non judgemental but to want to be HIV+? thats awful. i mean all the people who are HIV+, how do they feel knowing that they didn’t want this but he does? its kind of sad.

  178. Joseph Campbell is rolling over in his grave right now. Bet that.

    Anyway, if anyone needs me, I’ll be licking doorknobs down at the bus station. Cross your fingers for me!

  179. if you are going to deny treatment to a person that purposely give themselves HIV then you have to deny treatment to the kid that slits his wrists out of depression, or the house wife that takes an overdose of sleeping pills

    purposely getting HIV is just committing suicide slowly, if you deny it for him you have to deny it for everyone

    (again i find the idea of bug chasing reprehensible to be clear)

  180. Now I don’t really have any issues with this interview existing but I definitely think it could have been kept to bmeHard… isn’t that supposed to be the sexually focused area of the site? Personally I don’t go there and wouldnt be likely to even with a full membership because it’s just not my bag… whatever, i guess no one MADE me read it, i just thought it wasn’t really main bmezine material.

  181. you know you have to have respect for people that are set in there way and do what every they can to be happy even if it leads to self injury,mutilation or death it amazes me how some people get off im kinda old school ruff sex with a female that dose it for me ………..i love shannon for posting interviews like this they show how the world and it people work ….thank you shannon

  182. First of all, I’m glad shannon posted it here, becuase I don’t have an account yet and wouldn’t be able to read it other wise.
    I’ll admit that some of the things involving sperm weren’t my kind of thing, because they don’t interest me, but the rest of the artical did.

    211: “This guy should write a book Marques De Sade eat ya heart out” If memory serves he was a sadist (Obvioulsy), where as this man appears to be the exact opposite.
    mariess: Would it be fair to say that his inability to talk about anything other then being shamed during the interveiw might reflect how seriously he is about it.

  183. Wow. This is indeed very shocking. I always find it interesting reading things like this, because it’s about subjects I absolutely don’t understand. A lot of people are saying he’s not hurting anyone, and I agree, but my only qualm was that he mentioned masturbating on gravestones, which I find extremely disrespectful. Other than that, all I have to say is that this was a very interesting interview about an extreme I would have otherwise never read about.

  184. Wow. Interesting, to say the least. I was reminded somewhat of the Sleeping Beauty Trilogy by Anne Rice…and how it pushes the boundaries of human fetish and attraction. This was definitely much more extreme though.

  185. Pauly, I think people find flaw in your argument in that they don’t agree with the “purposely getting HIV is just committing suicide slowly” part, as purposefully getting HIV is a danger (though minimizable) to other people.

    I personally agree with you, though.

  186. Wow. If that guy doesn’t qualify as batshit crazy, then almost no one does.
    I didn’t read every post, but has anyone brought up the lag between contracting HIV and detecting it? There’s a pretty good window there to infect others, who may in turn infect others…

  187. one of the most estreme things ive ever read.. thats for sure.
    but i dont know wether to feel bad for him or.. well i dont know what to think

  188. When I thought about his wanting to get HIV, and whether it was a burdern to our health care system, and inconsiderate to health professionals, etc., I began to wonder – what about all the people who have careless casual sex and end up with HIV? It’s interesting that people are upset that this man dares to deliberately attempt infection when there are millions of people out there not being careful sexually and really, it’s the same thing. I find this interview a bit challenging to my open mindedness as well.. mostly accepting the idea that someone would actually want HIV.

  189. “TrinityVA, so if I understand what you are saying, there is no separation between your pursuit of pleasure, BDSM or whatever, and the rest of your life, like your job, your professional interactions, etc?”

    That depends what “no separation” means. In one sense, there clearly *is* a separation. There are ways that it’s inappropriate to behave in different social settings. So I’m not going to be obviously picking people up at work, for example. (Though if I worked in, say, a sex toy shop, I could perhaps do that. The bounds of what’s appropriate will change.)

    But I don’t see the way I act in the dungeon as discontinuous with the rest of me. A common story that some people (it’s usually submissively oriented folk IMX, so I’ll use that in my example) offer when talking about their BDSM goes something like:

    I have a really high-powered, executive type job. Boy, would it be nice when I get home to not have the power and the responsibility. To surrender to someone else, relax and go along for the ride.

    Which is, like I said, a fairly common story. So it’s surely true that for *some people*, BDSM is about expressing a different side of themselves from their “normal” workaday self.

    But trying to fit that to someone like me is where I egt confused. Because what am I then “supposed” to be saying/thinking? “Damn, I hate flipping burgers, I wanna be in control at home?” True, I’m no CEO, but neither do I have a menial job.

    In fact, thinking about say the teaching job, such a job involves very similar, in my opinion, skills to being a good top: being able to lead and guide people. I’m going to guide students differently in the classroom than lovers in bed, *clearly*, but the same *part* of my personality and self is coming through.

    So when I go looking through my life, I have to comb pretty hard to find something that would map onto that “acting powerful because in ‘real’ life I’m powerless” thing. It’s true that I can find those things if I look, and I’m not going to assert they’ve got *nothing* to do with my sexual interests.

    However, it doesn’t strike me as accurate to what I think my interests are and are “for” (if they’re even “for” anything at all; I think we often get wrapped up in looking for reasons for sexualities for the wrong reasons) to say that that’s what BDSM is about for me.

    So when I see people asserting that BDSM in general is about that, or that healthy BDSM should be about that, it puzzles me. Humans are complex critters.

    It’s like the question “why?” asked of someone modifying her body. The asker may be assuming there’s “a reason” that people “do that” — that one modified person’s answer will reveal something about the weird workings of “the modified mind” or something. But we know from talking to one another that that’s just not true. We all have many reasons, from the trivial to the profound. And while I’m sure we can find reasons that are more common or more rare, there’s something sad and impoverished (at least to me) about claiming there’s one big reason we alter our bodies.

  190. “but my personal problems with it aside, you cant deny treatment to anyone for any reason even if you don’t like what they have done to themselves or why they did it”

    Agreed 100%. I’m not at all comfortable with saying “You’re a bugchaser and that was totally stupid. And now you want drugs, stupid. Fuck off and die.”

    As often as people like to joke about how stupidity ought to be a death sentence, I don’t at all think it actually should be.

  191. Does noone else see the potential for a really great “EAT SHIT” BMEzine.com shirt in the making?
    All joking aside i have seen alot of this guys content in the past and he appears to be totally genuine!

  192. The only thing that really actually bothered me, was the idea that having HIV would mean he is now “officially a whore”.

    Babies can be born with AIDS. Junkies can give eachother AIDS.

    If he feels an STD would seal his whorey-fate… get herpes, the clap or grow a nice cluster of genital warts… things you can contract from having unsafe sex with unfamiliar dick, not something you can be unlucky enough to be born with, or stupid enough to get from a needle. STDs that are ONLY ASSOCIATED WITH SEX.

    And I honestly don’t think he’s trying very hard to contract AIDS. AIDS doesn’t live very long once exposed to air, so eating the shit and drinking the old cum of people with AIDS is not a risk (just a thrill I guess). With the resources of the internet, with many dating sites intented for people with AIDS, you could easily find a sadistic gay male with AIDS who is looking for another postive person to fuck.

    This all seems much more fantasy-based. If he’s really on a mission, he’s a slacker.

    As far as spreading it, he might not want too, but it can take anywhere from six months to a year for the disease to show up on a blood test, so in his quest to get AIDS, he could be already giving it to people.

  193. The only thing that truly bothers me about this is the AIDs. It’s not that he wants to get himself infected, it’s that he doesn’t use any sort of protection and would infect others who might not be informed of it. Other than that, meh.

  194. well, its nice to see that he sees everyone in the world with AIDS as degraded. Hell of a guy you’ve interviewed here Shannon. The whole thing reeks of “More Degraded than Thou”. Were you just trying to get him laid?

    However I want to thank you for posting this, because you’ve finally cemented the connection between 16 girls with nostril piercings and what is arguably the most deeply recklessly depraved person people will have ever seen. I understand there is a range of expressions of fetish and BDSM sex-and self image-anyone who has ever visited my page could figure that I’ve induldged my fair share.. However this falls into the range of things which are clearly self harm-conveniently advertised like a personal ad. Several people are probably reading this and getting really turned on while others are losing their appetites.

    However, like a few other that are posting(that’s if this gets posted at all) I’m wondering why you chose to post THIS particular story. Sure, he’s modified. Obviously there is a cross over between body modification and body play or ritual-BUT I think in this case you’ve aligned these things with someone who is depraved to the point of self harm. And for me…I’m afraid that’s a hair too far.

    You’re saying he’s not at least somehow acting out a pathalogical need to destroy himself-even though he actually talks of his early expeirences being humliated-whether he fetishized them later or not.? Let’s be honest here-I’ve seen probably more than my fair share of seriously off the map BDSM. And I understand the nature of fetishes. This type of personality is not new to me in any way in the gay community-but the carelessness is. So happy to see the very worst in our community being profiled as heroic for their honesty. “I only want it for me.” Wow, I can’t tell if he’s being selfish or thinks of himself as a humanitiarian.

    Sorry-once his fantasy is fulfilled it will a different kind of feeling he gets from being in pain all the time-has he fetishized the meds he’s going to have to take every day just to keep living till he dies?-Perhaps it would be a less interesting story if you show the whole thing-when its over.

    I didn’t hear anything about an HIV test, but does it matter? He’s dead already…we’re just waiting for the body to drop. And the modification takes a total backseat to his behavior. I’m more disappointed in the posting of this article than I have been with any other single thing you’ve published. I don’t know what else to say.

  195. Fantastic interview, so nice to see a whore who is so willing to be abused to pleasure those of us with extreme tastes… so nice to see a SCAT entry on modblog… yeah im a pervert and a sadist

    Great read! Hope to meet this worm!

  196. This interview sickened me, but I am sure that was the interviewees intent. I am conflicted about the content, but I am also gald that he is happy, and he has no desire to hurt anyone else.

  197. Shannon, yes I have turned my abuse into something positive. I work each day with children and adults who have suffered abuse. You didnt answer my question, your daughter 20 years from now being a bugchaser ,worm because of abuse would you be getting her help or celebrating her living on the edge and giving is an article on here? You probably wont answer that but just think about it,not a nice thought is it?
    Just because this man is now 50 does not mean I lose sympathy for him,as Ive said before his story made me sad that someone could hate theirself so much,and I do think he is mentaly ill.Does he work?

    I was wrong to call you an idiot namecalling is not really my style your comment made me mad,I just dont understand where your head is.

    As an aside I have a well paid extemly rewarding job even though Im modded it can be done but imo needs to be done slowly from the inside.


  198. “Donna: I don’t really think that you can outrightly declare that– I say, good for him. He knows what he wants… and yes, it’s COMPLETELY out of our society’s norms. It’s hard for anyone, including me, to understand his behavior. He’s certainly blatant about expressing his interests, but who’s to say he shouldn’t be able to enjoy them?

    Good for him, and I wish him the best of luck!”

    Ok, so you wish him the best of luck contracting HIV/AIDS and THEN passing it on to other people?

    Yes, it’s his life and well done to him for doing what he wants to do, but I think he is being very selfish if he WANTS to contract HIV, I also don’t think he should get medication if he does contract it.

    I really do think he has serious mental issues, though. I actually feel kind of sorry for him.

  199. “is it april 1st already?”

    OH!! Adam!!

    I just read 246 comments to see if anyone said anything along these lines… and of course it appears right at the very end of the (current) comments list.

    but yes… I just keep reading the article and looking for discrepancies, or inconsistencies with the pictures in order to pin this as another “April Fools” article. But… so far, no such luck.

    If this is real… then alright.

    if it’s a fake, then KUDO’s Shannon. You’ve (possibly) pulled one over on us again.

  200. I’d love to have seen a bit of a deeper interview than ‘I eat poo, I want AIDS, I want everyone to think Im shocking and gross’.

    Does he have family? Brothers/sister, Mum and Dad? A job? Hobbies? Or is his entire life just cum-seeking and the like? I’m not shocked or grossed out by his fetishes, Ive had internet access too long for that. But the man beneath the fetish would be infinitely more interesting IMO.

    There was potential with asking about his first sexual experiences, but like original_sly said, he just brings every question back to ‘I want to eat poo and get fucked’.

    Did he ever mention his childhood abuse to his parents/teachers? What were thier reactions? I would love to know these things, not just “email me for AIDS plz”.

  201. I am not put off by extreme BDSM by any means.
    My main question is this- during scenes (such as the one described, during which his breasts are cut off), he appears to have no limits. A LOT of the stuff he talks about comes across as being extremely compulsive; pleasure-seeking to this extent often IS completely compulsive. I am not sure I can really expect this man to follow his own words about not infecting others with HIV if something amazingly hot and good-feeling is happening. After so, so many years of unprotected, “do-whatever-you-want-to-me” sex and torture programming his brain, is it really likely that he will ignore his mental cues to take everything to its full and dirty conclusion and stop activity before it becomes a risk to his partner(s)?

  202. I’m also in the party that’s leaning towards mental health issues. Serious ones. It’s not only the things this individual enjoys, but his entire attitude that makes me feel that way.

    To be honest I found the interview disturbing. As someone who knows HIV+ people and seeing the pain and suffering they do through, I find his desire for HIV very distasteful. It’s nothing to be glorified. It’s a terrible and debilitating disease, and I do not think it warrants worship.

    I also think it’s terribly irresponsible that if he does contract HIV, that he will probably pass it around to many people. People who probably do not want it, cannot afford health care, and will die alone in an alley somewhere.


  203. wow. I also thought that it’s a very good thing that he is masochistic and not a sadist or the people of his neighbourhood would have some serious trouble on their hands given his dedication/obsession with these fetishes. Wouldn’t it be ironic if he happened to be one of those rare people who have natural immunity to HIV? Researchers have found that there are individuals that have been repeatedly exposed to HIV and never end up seroconverting to AIDs. He may still die of old age or a heart attack given the fact that it looks like he is a prime candidate for metabolic syndrome. I too believe that if you aren’t hurting anyone, whatever floats your boat, but for me this is well into mental illness as it appears he has no (zip, zero) balance in his life.
    As for personal comments about Shannon, weren’t the same individuals whining about him being kicked off his own site? If you don’t like the rules of Shannon’s sandbox take your toys and go home.

  204. ..hmmm. lol i certainly am not a scatdog, and yes i so did throw up a little bit in my mouth with the whole chugging random connies.. but mann, what a fantastic read. seriously seriously interesting. yea some things were a little gross, and some things were quite upsetting, but you dont have to necessarily agree with someones views on how great poo tastes, to listen to how they present their personal story and ethos. thank you to all involved for putting this together.

    alot of the crap commenting is from people who clicked here for a case study of ‘xtreeme gross’, or people who arent really reading, glazing over bits, picking whatever caught their eye, certain phrases, but not reading on, and considering all the pieces of material as a whole. the people slagging the interview as glorifying extreme, theyre not really reading in context of years of bme stories. instead of being silly and offensive, go read and think, and take some time to formulate some decent structuring analysis processing. then come back with your 2cents. yes he was over the top, but doesnt that make it even more fascinating as to why hes like that?

    people who are bitching about ‘its not a mod’, modifications are just things one does to their body, be it a septum ring, or dangling from fishhooks, or thrusting tacked stilettos into masectomy scars. things that modify oneself. while it is a bit public being in modblog, teasingly labelled ‘warning warning extreme perversity!!’ (lol you just gotta look!.. like moths to a lightbulb lol), bme presents all kinds of things, its not out of place, just a little shocking. but if somethings not for you, dont go there? stop reading? easy peasy.

  205. no one asks to be born. certain things happened, and la pute is how he is now. his life simply is, and its up to him what he does with his years. yea hes fucked up, but whats wrong with fucked up? hes just another different kind of different. this community is a bunch of weirdos lol? and weirds great! this guy just happens to have ‘filthy aids’ as his fetish. I think he goes a bit far though..

    as someones said before, i also get why he loves his ideal of aids- contracting hiv is the ultimate epitomy of degradation for him, committing himself to going out with a slutty bang. in some ways, thats pretty awesome, go him. but i cant help but be very saddened and kinda offended for all those who are hiv postive, who arent so over the moon about it. its a huge slap in the face. having personal experience with hiv friends and others affected, its not something you fuck with, or wish on someone else. if he wants to do it, and if he can find someone who wants to give it to him.. ok? if thats what he loves? maybe? as long as it goes no further? i still think hes hurting other people though.. am rather concerned with the flimsy carelessness.. it does affect others?

    am very very surprised, theres been 2 commenters who have picked up on the necro.. i was actually ok with the whole thing until i got to the end.. thats what really got me. dont have a problem with things as long as youre not hurting anyone else. a self confessed heavy masochist, very fond of necrophillia, i understand the love of it, but theres loving the eroticism, and then theres abusing and hurting people.. personally adore corpses, but would never make someones unwilling dead body physically fist oneself? cemeterys are wonderfull places, but wouldnt masturbate over someone randoms grave? thats so gravely insulting and disrespectfull? my opinion of personal morals, but really dont like the idea of him click clacking onto a headstone, squatting over someone who im pretty sure wouldnt be so keen on some dude chugging jizz jacking off over their bones..

    once again, wonderfull to see such an evocative provoking piece posted. ‘pigs’ who love and live for servicing the vice, just be considerate. enjoy yourselves, but not at the expense of unconsenting others.


  206. ” For me, death means nothing. ”

    What a powerful quote. I wish I’d had more of his internal life besides the sexual braggadocio.

    Reminds me, on a second read, of Andre Gide.

  207. oh and mexie, I should think you would know that “positive” means different things to different people. Some heal from abuse by helping others, some by creating art, some by writing. Some embrace the darker feelings and find in them release and pleasure. It’s a very deep and strange thing, abuse recovery, and we can’t really dictate whether or not someone else is doing it “right”.

  208. This is deeply disturbing…I know BME choose not to investigate the “mental issues” behind bod mod…but I feel this goes to far…I don’t give a shit what he does to his body…but I’m not sure this guy is as “happy” as he claims he is…I mostly think the years of abuse have “formatted him” to think that the way he enjoys life….I’m not really drown into judgment….but I feel that this is really sick….plus…the bug chasing, semen injecting shit eating behavior has nothing to do on BME in the first place

  209. bonjour a tous
    tout dabord un grand merci a shannon pour le grand travail qu’il a fait pour realiser cet interview.
    vous me pardonnerez de repondre a vos differentes questions en Francais mais je crois que pour moi ce sera plus logique et surtout plus explicatif.
    tout dabord il faut savoir que tout ce que relate shannon est vrai et que cette hisyoire n’est que realité mais avant tout sachez que j’ai une vie tout a fait normale , je bois tres peu ,je ne fume pas , je ne me drogue pas et j’ai un metier tout a fait normal ou rien ne transpire.
    Pourquoi bmezine eh bien tout simplement parceque j’en avait marre de trouver des sites ou en realité il n’y avait que des fantasmeurs et des gens qui sous pretexte de jouir l’instant de quelque seconde racontait n’importe quoi et n’etait pas suivit d’effet.
    je suis un porc , une salope, bref….. j’ai simplement l’honneteté et la franchise de dire clairement et ouvertement ce que je suis sexuelement ,c’est a dire un veritable esclave au service des sadiques quels qu’ils soient des pervers et des vicieux.
    en bref j’affiche reelement ce que d’autre fantasmes ou n’ont pas le courage d’affronter.
    je souhaite au plus profond de moi meme que le fait d’etre ainsi et donc de me mettre gratuitement aux service de pervers et sadiques permette qu’il y ai moins d’agression sur autruis ,en effet un esprit dérangé va vouloir par exemple voir quel effet cela lui fait de planter des aiguilles dans un thorax ? alors qu’il vienne me voir , je suis ok et pendant ce temps la un ou une innocente ne subira aucun prejudice
    je suis extremement maso et pour moi l’aboutissement logique est le sida mais surtout pas pour le communiquer a d’autre
    si vous avez d’autres questions n’hesitez pas c’est avec plaisir que je vous repondrais
    je reprendrais bientot la plume pour repondre aux autres questions
    a tres bientot

  210. Honestly, I can accept his extreme desires and fantasies, but I cannot accept his quest to contract HIV. Just because he says he won’t pass it onto other people doesn’t mean that he won’t accidentally, either via an injury or via unprotected sex before he finds out he’s infected. His behaviour isn’t only dangerous for him. And while I don’t think he ought to be denied medical treatment in the event of contracting HIV – I don’t think anyone should be denied medical care for any reason – I cannot, and never will be able to, condone that aspect of his sex life. Eat as much shit as you want, be as degraded as you want, be tortured as much as you want. But placing other people in danger is not your right.

  211. je reprend le clavier pour continuer a essayer e repondre a vos differentes questions,
    certain d’entre vous ne comprennent pas pourquoi j’aime jouir avec les dejections humaines et bien c’est tres simple , parceque j’aime ca , certaines personnes se disent etre des etres superieurs , moi j’ai l’honneteté de dire que je suis un soumerde et que j’adore l’avilissement , mes plus grandes jouissances je les obtients en avalant du sperme ou en lechant des semelles sales par exemple car pour moi je me dois d’etre une veritable poubelle au service des vicieux,des pervers et des sadiques
    pourquoi forcer une personne a faire quelque chose qu’elle ne veux pas pour vous faire jouir alors qu’il existe des lpes comme moi qui n’attendent que ca je peux tres bien simuler la crainte de l’agression ou du viol alors , profitez de gens comme moi qui adorent etre insultés battu,humilié,torturé et mutilé et laissez les innocents tranquiles
    En realité , ce qui me gene le plus est que beaucoup de personnes me jette comme une peste alors qu’ils ne revent que d’une chose “pouvoir travailler hard une salope comme moi”
    et comme ils n’ont pas le courage de me contacter franchement ,soit ils me dénigre,soit ils se masturbes carrement sur mes photos ou video soit il reve de le faire et font des conneries a la place.
    merde alors vous avez la chance d’avoir avec moi l’acces direc a tous vos fantasmes , je suis pret a etre mutilé aussi bien par vous que le faire moi meme selon vos ordres et en faire des photos et des videos ,que voulez vous de plus.
    ne me parlez pas de psycanalyse ou de mal etre dans ma tete, si vous venez sur bme c’est que vous aimez ca et que quelque part vouys avez aussi une expression a montrer ou demontrer,moi c’est d’etre votre wc et votre poubelle et j’en suis tres fier,
    si vous voulez me donner des ordres de torture,de mutilation ou autre je serais a vos ordres, contactez moi sur mon mail et je vous obeirai par contre tout film ou photos que je ferais pour vous de mes tortures ou mutilations seront diffusés sur bmezine
    la pute resta a votre service, bisous bien “dusty” à tous

  212. As someone with HIV, the idea that it is a ‘degredation’ as actually quite ridiculous. i don’t find it degrading at all. i live a very active and healthy life. this guy might consider doing a bit more research. i think it says more about what he thinks of people with HIV than anything else.

    I’m not quite sure what this has to do with body mods either.

  213. a possessed
    pour redonner le virus du sida a quelqu’un il faut etre en contact direct avec lui hors je mange la merde quand elle est sortie ,de meme pour la pisse ,le vomit les crachats le sperme… donc je ne risque pas de contaminer qui que ce soit au virus du sida et les sadiques adorent travailler leur victime avec des gants en latex alors je ne voi vraiment pas ou est le probleme
    j’ai dis que je voulais le sida pour moi et moi seul donc il est hors de question de le partager avec qui que ce soit sauf si la^personne est aussi saloppe que moi et le desire

  214. 260 , Of couse I understand that many people react to abuse in different ways,I was repying to Shannons assumption that I personaly had not done anything positive with my life after abuse.
    I still think this guy has serious mental health issues. And although I have sympathy being perfectly honest it would freak me right out if I found out I was living anywhere near this guy he scares the shit out of me.

  215. I dont believe half of what he says in the slightest. And whether he is truthful or not, he’s got to be one of the most fucked up people ever. I’ve never said anything this extreme before, but I honestly wish he would die, so other people don’t end up affected by his BULLSHIT

  216. I found this site some months ago and I really liked it. But for the first time I can’t believe in something that I saw here. I’m an open minded person, but I don’t understand why this man was interviewed,but what I really don’t understand is why this was publicated.
    For me, bodymod is something to make you feel better with yourself (and I respect all the mods that make you feel BETTER, either the ones that I’ll never take or never admire) and I think that nobody can feel better with AIDS. I can’t accept it, and he will never have my respect.

  217. i saw a documentary about AIDs chasers a while ago. half the program had people with aids, and half people that wanted it. the people with aids HATED the chasers.

  218. honestly, every argument has been had here already.

    Personally, I am open minded to everything that has been blogged before.

    However. BME is usually described by being split into 3 areas: Body Modification, Body Play, and Body Ritual.

    I dont see how coprophilia comes under any of these. I highly disrespect this idea of chasing AIDs. I hope if he gets it, he receives NO treatment at all.
    I also dont like how he wants AIDs “to make himself into a true whore”. Most people with AIDs are not whores now, are they? When someone says AIDs, i dont think “Oh, that thing whores get”.

    Open minded I remain, in general. But i get fed with the lack of people who are willing to oppose. Most likely because Shannon (no offence) labels them as “whiners”. The lack of ability to say “i dont think this is healthy/correct” etc is bringing this place down slightly. I love this blog and BME to bits, but its as though if you dont conform by saying “oh yeah, thats up to him, all the best”, then others will try and push you out, and alienate you from the community.

  219. In case soem of you haven’t noticed Wandalaput has been anwesering questions and is welcoming more! Somebody translate, my french is rusty so I can’t do it myself.

  220. Wandalaput:

    Je suis désolée pour mon francais… J’espere que tout est compréhensible.

    J’espere que j’ai tout compris entre ce que vous m’avez dit. Je ne veux pas dire que vous seriez un type qui voudriez contaminer d’autres gens avec le sida délibérément. Pour moi, ce n’était pas clair dans l’entretien si vous pratiquez vraiment le sex sans preservatif, ou seulement les activités S/M, pour tenter etre contaminé avec the virus. Mon souci, c’est le possibilité d’etre contaminé avec le virus sans le savoir, et puis ce serait peut-etre possible de le redonner a quelqu’un d’autre, aussi sans le savoir. Et le sida, ce n’est pas seulement transmis par le sex, on peut aussi le contracter apres avoir eu contacte avec le sang, par exemple, d’un personne seropositif.

    Je suis contente que vous etes heureux avec votre vie sexuelle, et je ne vous juge pas du tout pour vos désirs sexuels et S/M. Mais quand on parle du possibilité de contracter un virus potentiellement fatal, je suis sure que vouz pouvez comprendre pour quoi il y a des gens qui on des difficultés a l’accepter.

  221. TrinityVA, thanks for the impressively articulate answer. That really shed some light on the situation.

  222. I don’t read speak French, but I saw that Wanda made some posts. If any of those are in regards to the questions I or others asked about his everyday life, like his job and what not, it would be greatly appreciated if someone could translate those parts for me. Thanks is advance!

  223. i thought this interview was lame and i usually love all the interviews you do. it didnt do anything for me at all it was just the same thing over and over. imo it was a waste of time to interview him

  224. Nevermind. I used Bablefish to translate, and although not the best, I get the idea. This guy is like a broken record. He just repeats the same things he said in the interview over and over.

  225. Here is the best translation I could manage of Wandalaput’s reply to questions. It’s not perfect but I think I got most of it:

    I’m coming back to the keyboard to try to respond to your different questions. Some of your don’t understand why I enjoy coming with human excretions, and it’s very simple – because I like that. Some people claim to be superior beings, I have the honesty to say that I’m a “soumerde” (I don’t know the translation) and that I love degradation. I come the best from swallowing sperm and licking dirty shoe soles, for example, because I have to be a real rubbish bin at the service of perverts and sadists.

    Why force a person to do something they don’t want to do to make you come when there exist people like me who only want that. I can pretend very well to be scared of aggression or of rape, so make use of people like me who love to be beaten, humiliated, tortured and mutilated and leave the innocents alone. In reality, what annoys me the most is that lots of people dismiss me as a pest while they dream of nothing but something “to be able to work over a slut like me” (that translation is a bit dodgy), and they don’t have the courage to contact me frankly, whether they’re disparaging me, or whether they’re masturbating to my pictures or videos, or whether they dream of doing it and do stupid things instead.

    Shit, you’re lucky to have direct access to all your fantasies with me; I’m as ready to be mutilated by you as to do it myself on your orders and in making photos and videos, what do you want most?

    Don’t talk to me about psychoanalysis or about being sick in the head, if you come to BME it’s because you like it, and somewhere you also have an inner expression to show or demonstrate, for me it is to be your toilet and your bin, and I’m very proud of it.

    If you want to give me orders of torture, mutilation, or others, I’ll be at your service. Contact me via my email and I will obey you – all film or videos that I make for you of my torture or mutilation will be uploaded to BME.

    The whore remains at your service, kisses to all,


  226. Wanda, je voudrais vous poser une question a qui vous n’avez pas encore repondu – ces activités, sont-ils la plus grande partie do votre vie? Avez-vous un travail, et si oui, vous travaillez comme quoi? Je suis curieuse a savoir. Evidemment, vous n’avez pas peur que les gens qui vous connaissent dans le monde actuel vont ‘découvrir’ ce que tu aime, parce que vouz avez des photos avec votre visage. Ce n’est pas a dire que vouz devriez avoir honte, mais c’est rare voir quelqu’un sur l’internet qui est aussi ouvert avec ses désirs S/M.

  227. Come to South Africa, it’ll cost you a return plane ticket, one night’s stay in a hotel, and you’ll prob only have to fuck 4 street prostitutes to get HIV+.

  228. And a translation of comment #272, a reply to my comment #269:

    To transmit the AIDS virus to someone, you have to be in direct contact with them. I eat the shit after it comes out, the same for the piss, the vomit, spit, sperm… So I don’t risk infecting anyone with the virus, and sadistes love to work their victim with latex gloves, so I don’t really see where the problem is.

    I said I want AIDS for me and me alone, so it is out of the question to share it with anyone, unless the person is as much of a slut as I am and wants it.


  229. i have noticed that Shannon has not posted a reply to people mentioning the bit about necrophilia!
    there was quite a bit of uproar a while ago about pictures posted of girl’s sat on top of gravestones.. yet hardly anyone has even mentioned the part Wanda put about masturbating on graves!

  230. Not sure what you want me to reply about the necrophilia? I don’t feel that it was the focus of the interview and was just trivia about his interests, so I didn’t think it needed a follow-up.

  231. Anyone who is saying he doesn’t deserve health care is being unnecessarily cruel. If someone tried to hang themselves, should they too be denied health care? It’s not up to you to pick and choose who is worthy and who isn’t.
    Let he without sin cast the first stone.

    Anyway, Shannon, do you know if he gets tested regularly?

  232. ce n’est pas ma place vous dire que vous pouvez faire ou pas. ainsi, je vous souhaite la mieux de chance avec votre désirs.

    quand vous avez le sida, comment allez-vous le garder loin des autres?

  233. Well, THAT was interesting. I’ll pass on enlarging the pics…

    I didn’t know the term “bug chaser,” when I saw that there would be an interview with one, I was imagining those people who catch wasps in a jar and then put their junk in that jar to get stung.

    Along with TrinityVA I’m not comfortable with the idea of saying that if he gets HIV, he should not be allowed treatment. He does seem to fantasize about HIV, and it’s entirely possible that if he gets it, he will change his mind, and at that point, he’s someone with HIV who doesn’t want to die just yet. Not to mention the various precedents that might set.

    I just don’t think there are hordes of people out there on such a quest, as percentage of patients, and it’s easier to “err” for overtreatment rather than under.

    He does say AIDS is degrading/whorish etc but remember, it’s just the personal opinion of one guy in France. Some random guy who licks condoms from the street, no less :D

    Add me to the group who wonders why he’s not HIV+ already though – I also would think it shouldn’t be too hard to find some people who are HIV+ online and wanting to have rough sex. Given that this guy is 100% okay with crazy rough sex, that should be an acceptable method to him, no need to have someone clinically infect him with a needle, no? Unless I suppose that’s part of the fantasy? But, I clearly have no experience so will defer.

    I’m curious too though if he has to work a job 9 to 5, or if he lives gutter-punk style, able to be dirty 24/7.

  234. 260: “My main question is this- during scenes (such as the one described, during which his breasts are cut off), he appears to have no limits. A LOT of the stuff he talks about comes across as being extremely compulsive; pleasure-seeking to this extent often IS completely compulsive. I am not sure I can really expect this man to follow his own words about not infecting others with HIV if something amazingly hot and good-feeling is happening.”

    Yeah, that concerns me as well. That and the simple fact that HIV testing has some real lag time; if I contracted it today, I *wouldn’t be able to know I had* for about six months, regardless of how responsible I was in general. It takes an appreciable amount of time for the test to be able to pick it up at all.

    So if I were Wanda, and doing all this very intense stuff unprotected on purpose, there’d be a very real window of time I could infect others *even if* I was religious about getting tested and absolutely committed to not infecting others once I knew.

  235. 294: Yeah, I agree. I don’t quite see why he’s not HIV positive yet (if he actually still isn’t.)

    I think someone mentioned upthread that it would be amusing (in a sense) if he turned out to be one of the rare people who is immune…

  236. I think denying him treatment is different from a denying a suicidal person treatment. In people with suicidal tendencies we acknowledge that there is some sort of mental disorder, whether it be manic depression or some other form of psychosis and we are treating that perceived disorder. No one who is happy with their life actually wants to die. That goes against everything that is inherent in human nature.

    However, with Wanda, we are simply assuming that his actions are the result of decisions he makes when he is in complete control of his mental faculties. I find that hard to believe after reading both the interview and the translations of his posts here. He’s dodged all questions and constantly reverts to talking about his self-image of toilet and extreme slave, with no desire or ability to talk about anything else.

  237. Of course he won’t talk about anything else but what a toilet he is. The guy is insane. There are plenty of guys like him the world over, locked up in sanitariums. The only difference is that he’s in the community because nobody has put him away. That’s all.

  238. Sometimes it feels like modblog is a pretty straight place to hang out, in a couple senses of the word. Maybe I’m totally desensitized, or living in a world totally different from most people on here, but the whole thing about bug chasing doesn’t seem new or shocking to me. It seems like the prusuit operates on some misinformation and stereotypes. Personally it seems like a bad idea and is pretty irresponsible.

    Check out cruising for sex sites and you can easily find tons of dudes who are positive and into barebacking. If you are part of the world of cruising and you find yourself in a backroom (yes, even here in Toronto) chances are you’ll see people fucking without condoms all the time. It makes me sad, but it basically short of actively policing it it seems like it’s a personal decision folks have to make for themselves.

    I’m not really sure where all this is coming from. There seemed to be a huge surge of HIV and STI awareness at one point, but still tons of people working on assumptions. On one hand there is the assumption that if a person is willing to fuck without a condom that they can’t be positive, and on the other hand there is the assumption that if someone will fuck without a concom they can’t be negative.

    I kind of feel like queer folks generally have a better understanding and closer relationship to the world of HIV and whatnot. Like the whole thing about viewing HIV as a death sentence. Not to downplay anything, but it’s not a death sentence. Some people have been living with HIV for 20+ years without any significant problems, some people die much quicker. Some people get run over by cars.

    So yah, it’s a bit suprising that this man is having difficulty seroconverting because barebackers are not hard to find by any stretch. And no, he won’t have much of a problem finding sexual partners even if he does become positive and disclose his status. Like I said, there are tons of dudes into barebacking, and who actively refuse to have sex with condoms.

    Shit eating and masochism aside it seems like the HIV issue is the most triggering part of all this. Queer communities have been constantly having these conversations for years. There are no easy answers or simple solutions. In reading over many of the comments though it kind of reminds me how many straight, monogamous folks (my assumption) have the luxury of not really thinking about HIV much at all.

  239. I’ll translate everything that was posted in french and post it… It will take about thirty minutes or so…

  240. i think it would be interesting to know how often he is tested? as it is quite amazing he hasn’t picked anything up yet.
    plus if he doesn’t get tested regularly whose to say that he hasn’t already unknowingly passed it on to other people.

  241. How is this guy still alive? You’d think after 40 years of eating shit and licking miscellaneous street things he’d at least contract staph before TEH AIDS.

  242. What disturbs me more than all the “perverse content” is the feeling I have toward Wanda after reading this list of his fetishes: absolutely nothing. Other than the bit about boarding school, there was really no information about HIM … which means he’s succeeded in his goal of being seen as a genuine non-person (rather than an extremely kinky person). I’m not sure why I should care, and I don’t.

    For the record, I really enjoy most of these interviews, even when the subjects aren’t warm and fuzzy. But this one? The Gertrude Stein quote comes to mind: “There is no THERE there.”

  243. what I find funny is, there are a lot of people on here are like “well at least he’s happy! blah blah blah” But if they had heard about this guy, from some friend or co-worker, they would probably say “oh my god, what a fucking freak!” Its just funny how the manner it was presented changes peoples reactions.

    *note* I didnt read all the comments, just the first 20 or so, so maybe I’m wrong.

  244. thanks for the interview, shannon, its always a pleasure to read non biased reports on lifestyles that are so alien to me.

    i just dont really know what to do with it now, cause in the same extent i believe that human beings can do anything they want if they dont harm anyone else, its hard for me to believe that Wanda is in full control of his mental state, therefore, i dont feel that his freedom of choice (to get AIDS and so on) is valid. On the other hand, i do have a strong belief in personal freedom of choices and dont want to be anyones conscience or judge, and really dont want to advocate any kind of “correct” or “sane” lifestyle, and that means not establishing behavior boundaries to other peoples lifes, not branding the strange as wrong, but…
    oh man, now i have a knot in my brain

  245. [Everything between brackets is from me and is there to make things clearer when I wasn’t sure my translation was good…]

    Hi everyone,
    First I’d like to thank Shannon for all the work he’s done to realise this interview.
    Please pardon me for answering you questions in French, but I think it will be a lot more logical [he probably means coherent] and explicative for me.
    The first thing you must know is that everything Shannon relates is true and this story is true, but you must also know that I also have a normal life, I don’t drink a lot, I don’t smoke, I do not take drugs and I have a regular job where none of my sexual habits can be seen.
    Why BMEzine? Simply because I got tired of finding website where people only had phantasm and others, under the pretext they would turn on doing so, would say anything without ever doing anything. [lot of talking but no acting]
    I’m a pig, a whore… I’m simply honest enough to say openly what I really am sexually, a true slave for sadist, may they be perverts of vicious.
    I really show what some people have phantasm about or don’t have the courage to confront. I deeply wish that being me and thus giving myself to perverts and sadists will help reduce aggression rates, indeed, if a wicked mind want to know what it feels like for him to stab someone in the thorax with needles he might as well come see me, I’m ok with that and it will save someone else from being aggressed.
    I’m extremely masochist and for me the logical ending is AIDS but not for giving it to others.
    If you have any other questions do not hesitate, it will be my pleasure to answer very soon.
    See you soon

    [The next two translations were done by Possessed and I made some corrections]
    I’m coming back to the keyboard to try to respond to your different questions. Some of your don’t understand why I enjoy coming with human excretions, the answer isvery simple – because I love it. Some people claim to be superior beings, I have the honesty to say that I’m a “sousmerde” [there’s no real translation for that in English, a word for word would be “under-shit” so I guess you get the point] and that I love degradation. I come the best from swallowing sperm and licking dirty shoe soles, for example, because I have to be a real rubbish bin at the service of perverts and sadists.
    Why force a person to do something they don’t want to do to make you come when there exist whores like me who only want that. I can pretend very well to be scared of aggression or of rape, so make use of people like me who love to be beaten, humiliated, tortured and mutilated and leave the innocents alone. In reality, what annoys me the most is that lots of people dismiss me as a pest while they dream of nothing but to “work” on a whore like me, and they don’t have the courage to contact me frankly, whether they’re disparaging me, or whether they’re masturbating to my pictures or videos, or whether they dream of doing it and do stupid things instead.
    Shit, you’re lucky to have direct access to all your fantasies with me; I’m as ready to be mutilated by you as to do it myself on your orders and in making photos and videos, could you ask for something more?
    Don’t talk to me about psychoanalysis or about being sick in the head, if you come to BME it’s because you like it, and somewhere you also have an inner expression to show or demonstrate, for me it is to be your toilet and your bin, and I’m very proud of it.
    If you want to give me orders of torture, mutilation, or others, I’ll be at your service. Contact me via my email and I will obey you – all film or videos that I make for you of my torture or mutilation will be uploaded to BME.
    The whore remains at your service, dusty kisses to all,

    For Possessed :
    To transmit the AIDS virus to someone, you have to be in direct contact with them. I eat the shit after it comes out, the same for the piss, the vomit, spit, sperm… So I don’t risk infecting anyone with the virus, and sadists love to work their victim with latex gloves, so I don’t really see where the problem is.
    I said I want AIDS for me and me alone, so it is out of the question to share it with anyone, unless the person is as much of a slut as I am and wants it.

    [Translations of Possessed questions]
    Wandalaput :
    I’m sorry for my french, I hope everything is understandable [yes it is, don’t worry]
    I hope I understood everything you told me. I don’t mean to say that you are the kind of person that would knowingly infect others with AIDS. For me it wasn’t clear in your interview if you have unprotected relations or if you only practice S&M activities to try to be infected with the virus. My worry comes from the fact that you could be contaminated without knowing it and potentially giving it to others, once again, unknowingly. And AIDS isn’t only transmitted through sexual relations, it can be contracted by blood contact with someone who’s infected.
    I’m happy to know you’re happy [comfortable?] with your sexual life and I don’t judge you at all for you desires and S&M tendencies, but you must surely understand why some people have a difficulty to accept the fact that you want to be infected with a disease that’s can potentially be fatal.

    Wanda, I wanted to ask you a quesiton to which you didn’t give an answer yet. Are those activities what you do most of the time? Do you have a real job and if so what do you do for a living? I’m curious to know. For sure you’re not afraid that people who know you in the “real world” will discover what you love since there are pictures of you where we can see your face [in the interview and on BME in general]. I don’t mean to say that you should feel ashamed but it’s quite rare to see someone on the net as open as you are about his S&M practices.

  246. Thank you, MatLax!

    After reading that, I only stand firmer in my conclusion that he is a smart, articulate person who has thoroughly though through his life choices. Because of the extremity of those choices, there will be people who do not agree. However, he wants this “degradation” for himself, and no one else. If this makes him happy, who are we to judge?

    Personally, I would love to get my hands on this little piggy and watch him squirm and suffer. I love hard play and there are so few people out there that are willing to “push the limits.”

  247. and, for the record, i dont buy the arguments that goes on the line “if hes happy, its ok”, cause to measure that is nearly impossible. There are to many psychological layers to be taken into account for ANYONE, even Wanda himself, to say for sure that he is, indeed, happy and fulfilled.
    what a foggy subject, i´m loving it ;)

  248. Only for you, sae…Only for you. *kisses*

    (And for the record, I’m a S/switch. I’ll dish it out just as good as I’ll receive it. But I can count on one hand the number of people I will sub to…But goddamn do I like me some shibari suspension…)

  249. WTF. Wanda just made it sound like he’s here on BMEzine because we don’t fantasize. Because it’s all real here. What a load of crock! BME is made up of thousands of people fantasizing about mods they’ll never have. About fully sleeved arms and intricate backpieces they’ll never have. About facial implants, minor amputations, tongue splits, and ear reconstructions they’ll never have. BME is about fantasy and it’s NOT about reality if that reality involves people eating shit and drinking the semen of strangers.

    I’m not going to be swayed about this either. I don’t see anything in Wanda’s activities that I’d associate with my view of BME. I see BME as a place for the dissemination of technicaly information in relation of body modification. Kinks and sexual depravity (let’s not get into what is and isn’t ‘normal’) should be relegated to a forum within IAM or BME/Hard and NOT a front page post on ModBlog.

    To quote a friend’s text message to me after he came across the interview while browsing ModBlog… “ModBlog has just destroyed my faith in humanity. I hate you.” hahaha

  250. Original_sly – that’s not really the way it comes across when he says it in French, I don’t think it was a direct address to the BME community. I think by ‘you’ he just means, anyone who wants to use him.

  251. …and some would say — and I would agree — that there is no thing more fundamental to the biological experience than sexuality. It’s the core of what we are. I think that to say we need to pretend that it’s dirty and needs to be hidden away behind locked doors is a huge mistake.

  252. I’m just very suspect about what constitutes body play and ritual. Because really, when you think about it, ModBlog and BME could be opened up to ANYTHING directly or indirectly related to experiencing the body.

    Which means we could feature EVERYTHING in the human experience, not restricted to body modification. I mean if the brain is part of the body, then we could feature any kind of drug-taking which alters perception or brain chemistry.

    This kinda stuff just leaves the door wide open and there’s the opportunity for ANYONE to put their door in. And at that point there’d be no point in being called BME, body modification e-zine. It’d become something else entirely.

    C’mon man, eating shit and drinking semen? Giving yourself a disease? Sure that has to do with your body but not so much BME.

  253. To the people who think he should still be cared for medically after contracting the virus I say this.

    You’ve compared it to suicide, that is just plain silly. Caring for a suicide victim that failed at killing themselves is alot cheaper than caring for an AIDS/HIV patient. Do you have any idea what the daily mix of pills goes for? It’s in the low thousands. That has to be given every day, sometimes twice or more a day. Yes, a suicidal individual requires meds, therapy, all kinds of shit but the strain it puts on one’s wallet is much smaller.

  254. Shannon, I have to disagree when you say that sexuality is the core of what we are. I believe that sexuality, or to be more specific, sexual identity is purely a result of society. There are plenty of civilizations, both in history and in remote parts of the world that have no real concept of sexuality. Sex is a means of reproduction. If sexuality was a persistent human trait, I would assume it would be apparent in populations remote from mainstream society, but that isn’t always the case. And likewise, sexuality has been shaped and perceived differently over the course of time in different parts of the world.

    I do agree that sexuality is an important part of what we are as humans, since we and dolphins, and maybe some primates, are the only species that have sex for pleasure, but again, I think that that is something that evolved over time as thinking on the matter became more complex and people began to establish concepts of what should be considered “right” and “wrong”.

  255. Aiglos – I personally wouldn’t use the example of suicide as a comparison, but I don’t think it is right for a society to deny any one of its members medical care. It is my opinion that “civilised” nations ought not to simply let people die if they wish to live, whether that be because of why they require medical care, their inability to pay for it, what they may have done in their life, or any other reason.

    He has not said whether he would seek medical care if he contracted HIV, or if he would wish for himself to go without treatment. But if he decided to seek treatment, that is his right, and it’s not within doctors’ remit to deny somebody care because of how they came to be ill.

  256. speakin from experience not everyone is sexually motivated in life…Consider the Non-Sexual’s, as there are people who do not revolve their life around sex. For example, sure I talk a big game in regards to sex, how much I need/want it,etc…Yet in reality I’ve gone quite a few years without sexual intercourse. I will not die if I do not have sexual intercourse, and my modifications are not sexual based, they are differently motivated (mental, personal pretty much not revolving around sex).

    I read the article and does it have any merit? Well there’s ALWAYS some merit in writing/interviews,etc. Agreed though it seemed like an advert for him to seek out his HIV death he so yearns for…I lost count how many times he said he enjoyed drinking semen out of used condoms though…Even in questions that it wasn’t even relevant in, he brought it up.

    Maybe he’s got some mental conditions, maybe not…Ultimately we ALL have some sort of mental tweak…Something subtle perhaps, or something WAY out there on the other spectrum of ultra extreme.

    Does it disgust me? Not really, I’ll sleep soundly at night…Do I believe it’s shocking, sure…Do I believe this DOES occur, sure anything can occur if someone wills it to be.

    I’m not FOR this article, but I’m NOT AGAINST it either…BME embodies body modification as well as ritual play…I guess I see ritual play in this, via his BDSM experiences…I wouldn’t really call his piss, shit, vomit,etc eating was ritual play though.

    However Shannon has the right to interview whoever whenever, just as he said he’s willing to offer guest interviewers (as he encouraged me to do an article not long ago)…Much like we have the right to either read the articles or not…Shannon posted a warning about the subject matter within the article…So I’m curious just how many people read the warning and said: “maybe I shouldn’t read this” or just how many people read it and went: “yeah whatever I’m game I’ll read it.”

    There’s always a choice to either read or not read something.

    My one reason for posting here though is two questions:

    1) He said he wants HIV to eventually die, but then immediately says he doesn’t want to die per-se…That struck a curious cord with me…But as there are so many people who are wanting to die, but when death creeps up on them, they beckon for their nice safe healthy life to return. So it makes me wonder if this is just another one of those cases.

    2) How the hell does he get the used terminal ill patient diapers?!?! Usually that bio-hazardous material is not suppose to be just sitting around, especially in hospitals. Does he break in or does he work there, or know somebody who works there?

    Reason I ask that one is because his free source of diseased riddled feces might end…As because this has been made public on the internet, it might make it back there…You never know right?

    In closing just a quote:

    NECESSARY?! NECESSARY?!?! IS IT NECESSARY TO DRINK MY OWN URINE? Course not but its sterile and I like the taste!

  257. Aiglos – And do you you know the costs of caring for some one with a mental illness? See, cuz, I do. I am on three different medications – an anti-depressant, anti-anxiety and anti-psychotic. Without insurance, filling a prescription for these drugs would cost me in excess of $2500. This is, of course, on top of the several-hundred dollar fee to see a psychiatrist, because being on these medications takes monitoring a family doctor cannot do.

    Then, of course, there is therapy. To find a good psychologist – “good,” for me, being one that caters to my specific issues of being a trauma survivor, and having a variety of other diagnosed mental issues – is another several hundred dollars per visit, as many of them don’t take insurance even if I did have it.

    Lastly, there are those glorious periodic stays in psych wards, which average in the several thousands…after insurance. Before? I don’t even want to talk about it.

    Oh! Wait! I forgot one other things. Many AIDS treatments are covered through state/government insurance plans. You would be surprised how few mental health services are covered by the same plans, and how little help there is available for people that may require specialized care.

    So, please, stop with the whole “the strain on your wallet is much less” schtick. For those with serious mental health issues, the cost of care is astronomical.

  258. it made me happy to see that most of these comments were mature and understanding. i thought they would be 300 comments of insults and people calling him names. i guess theres more open minded people than i thought

  259. drinking strangers’ semen out of used condoms he finds in the trash…i get that he’s accepting AIDS with open arms, but what about the other diseases he exposes himself to with these foul acts?
    although it is for no one to go about making assumptions as to how others live, he comes across so completely enamored with his own depravity, that i wonder if it’s the acts himself that he enjoys or the fact that he can live through them and manage to say he “enjoys” them. i’m sorry, but i think it quite difficult to reasonably justify acts like eating shit out of AIDS patients diapers from a hospital, and sipping from random condoms he gets from prostitutes and the garbage as part of any sort of legitimate, safe, “ritual” or “lifestyle”. these are acts of total desperation, and he himself admits this (through his obsessive need to become infected with HIV). i strongly support self expression and freedom in every way, but what is it he is expressing to the world by not only engaging in these acts, but discussing them so candidly? the boastful tone he maintained throughout worries me; if he seriously looks at contracting a deadly virus as some sort of ultimate attainment in whatever mission this is, i wonder what would happen once he finally does get HIV…

  260. Nothing really bothered me until I read up to the necrophilia parts. If I ever found him masterbating on a grave, he wouldn’t live long enough to die from aids. That is the most disrespectful thing he could do. He can eat shit all he wants, get aids, get every known sti in existance, just leave the deceased the hell out of it. If only ghosts existed, I’d hope they haunt him til he completely lost his mind. People put those grave stones up to remember the people that they loved and lost, and this fuck thinks its for his personal pleasure, that is the only thing that truely, absolutely disgusts me. I’ve become fairly desensitized, but that is one thing that will always bother me.

  261. This just blows my mind. Like the rest of you, I want to believe I have an open mind as a modified person…but there are just some things I can’t agree with. So many of the commentators here have said “as long as he isn’t hurting anyone else, it’s fine by me.” Well the simple fact is this kind of sexual behavior becomes addictive and necessary to life, and anyone who thinks he’ll stop having unprotected sex after he achieves his goal of contracting HIV is crazy. He will infect someone else, and they will infect someone else, etc. I’m all for letting someone express themselves and do whatever makes them happy, but when you start changing other people’s lives without their consent (like all of his future partners’ partners), it crosses the line and becomes something reprehensible. I seriously hope he is responsible and tells everyone he is involved with about the risks they’re taking.

  262. So… about three of us have mentioned the whole necrophilia thing…
    Is THAT not hurting anybody? How would you feel if he dug up your dead grandpa and fisted his ass with his foot?
    PS: Feet can’t make fists.

  263. aiglos, you comparing the prices of ‘providing care’ for hiv+s and failed suiciders is just plain silly. i found it kinda offensive? “do you have any idea?” yea i do actually.. “they need all kinds of shit”. yea those suicide victims that failed at killing themselves… how you worded everything just made you sound like a right twat, rather upsetting. and then going on about the prices of ‘cheap care’? id sure hope i didnt run into you staffing a ward.. its that kind of thing that makes me not talk to anyone and do my best to avoid hospitals and medical ‘professionals’ at all costs..

    before you go bantering your ‘authority’ on the subject, please be considerate, and actually get the things straight, instead of being ‘plain silly’. dont go around ‘do you have any idea??/ this costs thousands/ twice+ a day/ cheap care/ smaller straining wallet in comparison’.. its really demeaning.

  264. lol but back to the post, eww, rori, that was exactly what i was thinking halfway through reading lol. he needs green wafty stink lines comming out his mouth onto those shoes. or maybe chronic brown ones.. and maybe a coughed out condom to complete the ensemble.

    mmm deliciousness..

  265. Hmm, sounds like he’d be the guy to go to when you’re feeling upset and angry at life. He’d let you bash the shit out of him.

    The thing that made me do a “double-take” was the thing about getting diapers from the hospital. Uh, sorry?! Does he just walk on up and ask the nurses at the ward? I know that in piercing studios, etc, you can’t just throw out your hazardous waste, you organise for it to be destroyed properly – so wtf is this hospital doing?

    And you know, I saw a documentary on people with the AIDS virus going out getting ‘revenge’ on unsuspecting strangers (who didn’t want the AIDS virus) and having unprotected sex with them etc in order to pass on the virus. That story freaked me out more than this guy. I get why he wants AIDs – he wants to watch his body decay – and I understand he doesn’t want to pass it on. So, really, I don’t see the big deal with it. He is 50 years old, it’s not like some 20 year old kid looking to end his life.

  266. @ Matt / #320:

    I would love to hear you name any real civilization / society in which sexuality in any form plays absolutely no part.

  267. @ Matt / #320:

    Also, complete submersion / subordination of sexuality also counts as recognizing sexuality as a force within society; therefore, sexuality plays a role as an enforced taboo.

  268. I understand the body play/ritual aspect, but if this had been submitted through the Experience Engine, it would have been denied for lack of BME-related material.

    And the guy just seems to be using the interview as a personals ad..

  269. i find a hard time believing that…i mean i see the pictures. I dunno…I just can’t understand how a person could get like that. I know exposure to certain things can distort the mind into thinking some things are pleasurable that normally wouldn’t be. I’m one to talk….but all that…wow.

  270. yah the guys different, yah he keeps saying the same thing over and over again. But maybe stop to think that maybe Shannon did try to ask other questions, get a bit deeper into the guys life and maybe the guy just didnt want to talk about it? Im glad its not a forced interview and that all we are seeing is Wanda in his lowest form – a garbage worm. Should some of his answers be more in depth sure – but thats not for us to decide. It was his interview and his alone- and well when it comes time for you to have yours you all can answer what ever you want in your questions. yay for freedom of speech.

    that aside – I wonder if hes ever had any long term relationships? Seems most of his sex acts and memories consist of small random encounters or brief sexual contact?

    also It sure would be interesting to find those kids from the school and let them talk/see Wanda now !!

  271. 319: “Caring for a suicide victim that failed at killing themselves is alot cheaper than caring for an AIDS/HIV patient. Do you have any idea what the daily mix of pills goes for? It’s in the low thousands.”

    Don’t assume we don’t know what caring for someone with AIDS is like. Don’t assume we haven’t watched people dying.

    Hell, my experiences doing so are exactly why I think people deserve care regardless of their bugchasing.

    I know someone who got this disease who was not at all rational, not at all kind, not at all anything but a deeply selfish person with, on top of that, mental health issues a mile wide too.

    Was this person responsible? No. Does he deserve to die this way? NO.

    I understand the basic feeling that society doesn’t owe someone something as expensive in labor and money as medical care like this. But I do not agree with that at all, and I *am not* speaking out of ignorance. So disagree with me if you like, but please don’t assume I’m talking out my ass. I’m not.

    In fact, one of the things I wonder if Wanda knows and understands is that brain infections (toxoplasmosis is lovely to watch, kids) and various sorts of dementia are not all that rare in people with AIDS. Even if he really does welcome the bodily wasting, has he considered the possible neurological effects of various sorts?

  272. 338: Yeah, I wondered that too. Makes me wonder if 1) Wanda is lying or 2) there’s some pretty weirdly uncareful disposal of biohazardous waste going on…

  273. 335: PS: Feet can’t make fists.

    Yeah, but when fisting, one’s hand is at least at first not in the shape of a fist anyway.

  274. Melissa, the point I was really trying to make was about sexual identity, not so much sexuality. I should have been more specific (although I did mention it once). Its hard to identify people or cultures where sexuality doesn’t play a major role because we know what to look for. We can observe and say “See? Right there. Thats sexuality being expressed.” But to the people actually living in those cultures, like the Sambia in New Guinea, who practice ritualized homosexuality, they don’t see it as sexual in any ways. Its the process of a boy becoming a man. Obviously, we can see the sexuality of it, but because they live in a place detached from society, and really civilization, they don’t have the same concepts.

    I agree that sexuality is a force within society, but that was where I was trying to make the distinction. Sexuality is not a part of nature per say, meaning that I don’t think it is at the core of humanity like some argue, but rather, a construct of society, if that makes my point any clearer.

  275. you can feel that he isn’t insane. he wouldn’t hurt anyone who hasn’t asked for it. i wish he could find true love.

  276. it seems to me that true love is a myth to this man, something he has no knowledge of and no desire for. people keep saying this interview comes across as more so a “personal ad”, but by the same token, it could be perceived by some as a cry for help. if i am not mistaken (and forgive me if i am, because i don’t engage), many of those who partake in BDSM live/play within the framework of the notion/phrase “safe, sane, consensual”. everything he’s described (with the exception of his childhood) seems consensual enough, but objectively speaking, there is absolutely nothing safe or sane about the activities he’s engaging in. eating shit exposes him to not only HIV, potentially, but also Hep A & E, Pneumonia, and influenza…he claims to revel in acting as a garbage bin for human waste, but who will fuck him once he eventually contracts these viruses? will he bother to tell them? if his role as garbage bin means that much to him, i question why he’d essentially throw that away (as i can only assume those who would know about any diseases, would stop messing with him). to say “if he’s happy, leave him be” seems irresponsible to me. how can anyone genuinely be happy living like this? how do we know? based on what this man says? he doesn’t say he’s happy, he essentially enjoys acting like bacteria. he’s not a real person therefore we can’t measure him in terms of happiness. this is not passing judgment, it is a matter of human psychosis.

  277. #348: xperfume: he might not “hurt anyone who hasn’t asked for it” but here’s the thing….Once he does obtain HIV status, what then? Will he wait for it to go into full-blown AIDS or will he double his efforts to go from HIV+ to becoming AIDS+.

    Also once obtained AIDS+ status will he stop being his “whore” self? Or will he still conduct himself in this fashion, especially with other human interaction situations?

    As based on what he said his activities include, it’d be extremely hard to not put people at risk…Unless he does stop being sexually active with people.

  278. @Matt / #347:

    I suppose I see your logic with sexual identity, but I would argue that sexual identity is much more a personal thing than a social thing, though it is strong influenced through society. I would go so far as to argue that the ritualized homosexuality that you mention is NOT sexual–though we would consider it as such–because the participants don’t consider it to be. (Of course, we’re keeping in mind that it is sexual contact in medical terms, we’re talking anthropologically here.) Though our social indicators point out that it is sexual, theirs do not, and since they are the ones going through it, it is not a sexual act. For us, it would be. Just like for someone who is a furry–my stuffed panda is a comfort from my childhood, to someone else it is erotic. Handcuffs to a policeman are a tool of the trade and are scary to most; to me, they are erotic. In a world where women are covered, a woman’s hair is erotic; here, it’s just hair, but a nipple is erotic. To topless tribal women in Africa, it’s just a nipple. To your standard straight religious person from 1300, sodomy is repulsive; to Christopher Marlowe 250 years later, it’s the only sex he’s interested in. Do you see what I mean? Sexuality isn’t concrete. Sexuality doesn’t even have to contain anything that we would medically consider a sex act; it’s fluid, and contextual both within the society and the psyche. It’s an expression of sexuality when someone ties me up or I tie someone up–and no sexual contact has taken place. The way I’m defining sexuality here is something that becomes erotic, and that something does not necessarily have anything to do with sex or reality. If one managed to convince Wanda that he had HIV, if the bodily decay could come from another source and he couldn’t tell the difference, would that satisfy his (sexual) desire? I think it probably would.

    So I agree with you that sexuality can be socially constructed, but I think it’s constructed within one’s life experience as well, and not always in an explicable way like with Wandalepute. And I really disagree with the idea that sexuality is something concrete (“We can recognize the sexuality in it” even when they don’t) beyond the field of medicine.

    Don’t mean to heckle, I’m just interested in a good debate.

  279. I wonder what he does for a living.. as i hear being garbage just isnt that profitable..

  280. Its only a matter of time before this guy kills someone and fulfills his necrophilia fantasy.

    Maybe not everyone into the extremes of what he’s into is mentally insane, but I’m pretty sure this guy is. And I don’t see the point of this interview other than to shock people

  281. No, you’re not heckling at all. I understand your point, which was very well written by the way, and I agree with everything you said. I think we’ve somewhat been saying the same thing, or at least I’ve been trying to and just not conveying my thoughts well, because everything you just said is pretty much what I was thinking. I just didn’t delve into the personal aspect of it, of which there is of course overwhelming evidence in psychological field that life experiences have great impacts on sexuality.

  282. for danger bitch
    you meet me and abuse of me when you want i like it i’m realy worm and “pute”

  283. I was originally going to post about watching people I’ve known and cared about die as a result of AIDS, and how very far from sexy that is, but then I got side tracked.

    I can understand that people are concerned about his future sex partners but a thought occurred to me – every person is responsible for their own sexual health. If you are concerned about sero-conversion then chances are you would do everything you can to protect your sexual health (condoms, dental dams etc) I know that it isn’t 100% safe (only abstinence is) but people seem to be saying that they think it is the protecting themselves.

    It was an enlightening read and I thank you for ahring.

  284. part of my post seems to have dissappeared o__O

    What I was saying is that people seem to be saying that they think it is the responsibility of OTHER people to NOT infect them, when in reality we should all be responsible for our own sexual safety.

  285. I’m not closed minded or trying to put BME down, but honestly this article is too much for me.

    Hes basically promoting AIDS. It almost feels like BME is!

  286. This really disturbed me.
    First off, I have no problem with homosexuality, religion or bdsm. All power to you if thats what you’re into :)

    That is not healthy. I usually do not judge people’s lifestyles; but in my opinion this is just too far and plain sick.
    The most concerning part for me is the AIDS matter. Im highly, highly offended by his statements to be honest. That is disgusting and sick.

    I’m not religious – but I think the the things he does in churches/graveyards is also sick. I just. ugh.

    This person needs a serious mental evaluation.

  287. I hope France doesn’t have public healthcare, because this guy looks like he would be one hell of a burden. It’s one thing to want to be treated like a piece of shit; it’s quite another to actually be a piece of shit. Seeking out AIDS and then relying on the people to help you deal with your disease is disgusting.

    Wanda: To equate having AIDS with being a slut is ignorant. There are plenty of people who suffer from AIDS and who are not promiscuous. Grow up.

  288. Jen: To answer your question (since it was too hard to look on wikipedia or something), yes France has public healthcare and their system is considered the best in the world.

    All of those who think it’s disgusting to masturbate in a graveyard/get penetrated by a corpse: It’s dead! A corpse doesn’t have any emotions, he’s lacking respect for what could basically be considered an object… Now YOU need to grow up, once someone is dead he won’t come back to haunt you because you weren’t respectful of his body… The only use for graveyards today is so that people can have a harder time forgetting someone and to use parcels of land that would be much more useful to build houses on or whatever. To think that playing with a body is disrespectful is completely archaic and if you are religious, isn’t the soul what’s important and not the body any way? I’m not pro-necrophilia, but come on guys, respecting something that isn’t alive? You might as well respect a rock or your Playstation… What’s important is the memories that you have of the person, not the way his corpse will be treated…

  289. “What I was saying is that people seem to be saying that they think it is the responsibility of OTHER people to NOT infect them, when in reality we should all be responsible for our own sexual safety.”

    This is true, but I also think that people should be responsible for protecting others as well. Yes, I get tested because I want to know/practice safe sex because I don’t want to seroconvert/blah. But I also do those things because if I do, I don’t want to put others at risk. I consider that part of my responsibilities to my sexual partners

  290. “The only use for graveyards today is so that people can have a harder time forgetting someone…”

    Hold the phone buddy. I don’t know if you’ve ever lost anybody close to you, but the REAL purpose of cemeteries is to honor the dead, to celebrate and remember their lives. Yes, their is a period of grieving that goes on, and it can be prolonged by tangible symbols of their lives, but NEVER, NEVER, EVER will I even attempt to forget the people I have loved and lost. In fact, that is probably the saddest possible scenario I could imagine.

    Yes, the memories are what is important, and thats the point of graves and cemeteries. Its just another tangible reminder of the dead. Because a gravestone is an object, doesn’t mean its ONLY an object. It has meaning attached to it, maybe not to you specifically, but everyone stone is important to someone somewhere.

  291. fuck…after reading about 100 comments I am sick of the ones bashing shannon. Props for finding this guy and interviewing him. No matter how the interview was done,this guy will obviously find a way to self advertise so its not the interview setup. It would have been cool to know about his personal life…I will say that but either way it obviously interested most of the people botching enough to read it and isn’t that the point of an interview? I don’t agree with his views but to say this was posted to “push the limits”…no. To me its just to open peoples minds about the other people share the world with and the lifestyles THEY choose. It is a diverse world and it seems interviews like these are reminders of just how diverse it is. That man isn’t crazy because who can claim themselves fit to decide the line of sanity and insanity…because that same person to call him crazy could lack self awareness and be someone elses definition of crazy. To that man…though he never said it I wonder if he thinks people who don,t act like him are a little off….like how could someone not get pleasure from even a small pain. Or maybe how could some people live life getting pleasure from flowers or a gentle kiss. Anyways, some people here seem pretty quick to judge him, Shannon but its always easy to be the critic…it just annoys me I guess…extreme is in the eye of the beholder. Live and let live.

  292. sorry about typos cuz I am on a friends iPod and this small ass touch screen isn’t working for me.

  293. “All of those who think it’s disgusting to masturbate in a graveyard/get penetrated by a corpse: It’s dead! A corpse doesn’t have any emotions, he’s lacking respect for what could basically be considered an object… Now YOU need to grow up, once someone is dead he won’t come back to haunt you because you weren’t respectful of his body…”
    i cannot believe i have just read that it’s basically ok to go masturbate over graves..
    how would you feel if it was your mother or one of your family? would you still just think “well they’re just an object now”. would you seriously not have any problem if you found him doing this on one of your loved ones graves?!

  294. wow.. I read practically all of the comments.
    I can see why people are so concerned about how Wanda wants AIDS, but he clearly said in the interview he would not spread it unless someone wanted it, and since what he mostly does for people doesn’t necessarily require the contact needed for spreading it, I see no problem if he has thought it through and is prepared to deal with the consequences. The only thing I *really* disagree with is the necrophilia thing.. I just think that’s too disrespectful, I don’t mind getting off in a graveyard even though it’s not my thing, but using the corpses is crossing the line.
    And I can’t really understand why some of the commentors dislike or have their opinion of Shannon suddenly lowered because of this interview.. All he really did was ask the questions and post it up here for people who might be interested in it, I would be mad if he had censored it because he thought people couldn’t handle it.
    Anyhow.. I think as long as it makes him happy and everyone involved in it happy, it’s all good. Because there are countless people in the world that aren’t happy, so Wanda is lucky in that way.

  295. mattlax; are you fucking serious?

    375 comments, for the 3rd or 4th time someone picks up on the necro aspect, but man, im faaaaar more disturbed reading that, than the interview. your regard for respect is disgraceful. yes theyre dead. but just because a dead body is not breathing anymore, does that mean you can do whatever you sweet well please with ‘it’?

    even if you have no respect for the dead, they are mere commodfied objects, waste of space, unworth of memory, or even common decency, [which in my opinion is pretty disgustingly ignorant and pitiful], even if that is your view, you dont preach it?? youre telling people that their dead are nothing? it doesnt matter if you dont personally agree with certain death ideologies, but total disregard and absolute blatent lack of consideration for other peoples views, especially with this subject matter, is deeply offensive. the fact that doesnt trigger any basic respect switch for you is disturbing.

    “now YOU need to grow up, once someone is dead he won’t come back to haunt you because you weren’t respectful of his body…”, “to think that playing with a body is disrespectful is completely archaic”, “come on guys, respecting something that isn’t alive?”

    youre the one who needs to grow up and mature. or atleast redirect the shit comming out your mouth, to back to your rectum.

    have you ever been close to anyone who has died? ever seen an actual dead body? ever felt anything slighly unusual? even if you havent, other people have? other people have connections to others? even if you havent had experience in the death area, is it not obvious to be respectfull of other peoples? obviously not, as you are slagging off connection to gravesites as negatively archaic and stupid..

    anyone else who has read this who have experienced deaths in their various forms, lost loved ones precious to them, you have told them that their remains are nothing but wastes of space and should be forgotten? so that you can build a golf course or something on that plot.. and that does not register anything at all to you..?

  296. would you honestly not be upset if one of your loved ones, was fornicated with in a morgue? thats no problem? go for it? playing with dead little girls is fine? or is that disgusting necropaedophilia?

    how bout, if your loved one is in a coma, vegetable, practically braindead, no outward emotion, but technically still alive, are you allowed to molest them then? and thats fine?

    if la pute is reading this, hunt this guys corpse down, strap some heels on him, and have your sweet way with him.
    hows that sound?

  297. shannon ,who speak about little girl?, i’have never speak about children i dont want any child ,certainly is a misastanding i want only dusty mens ,sperms and shit no more , please make the dialogue in the right way i am not and dont want to be a necropaedophilia i am not this sort of man i am may be very pervers but not that ,if the translation is not good is not my fault
    i just say my fantasm will be to be fisted by a foot of a dead man thats all and no more

  298. Hey, you can do anything you want with my corpse when I’ll be dead, I’m an atheist, I don’t believe in anything after death so my body might as well rot in a back alley, I couldn’t care less, I won’t be there to complain about it…

    You know what? If there weren’t people like me who think that their body isn’t worth anything after they’re dead, biology would be lacking most of the knowledge it has today, surgeons couldn’t train on corpse before working on living people (as a matter of fact, they need more corpse to do so right now [in Quebec at least] because the majority think that their body should be respected and stay whole after their death… that’s bullshit).

    I stand my point, a gravestone is just carved rock with a name on it, graveyards are a waste of space that should be used for the livings (and I never said to create golf course, that would be stupid, but how about all of those apartments buildings crowded with families that must live in disgusting conditions? hey, maybe all the space used by graveyards could be used to do something actually useful and build them decent places to live!).

    Think about it, more and more people have their corpse burned and their ashes spread somewhere, their family won’t have anywhere to go to to remember them and I’m pretty sure it doesn’t matter to them… Moaning on the gravestone of a dead person is purely symbolic, you could do the same in your room, the difference is in your head only.

  299. Again, you only look at one side of it. Not everyone “moans on gravestons.” I certainly don’t. A burial site is the same as a picture of a loved one. Certainly you wouldn’t suggest that people get rid of their pictures. Even though those are taking up precious shelf space that could be used to put canned good or small electronics on…

    And your argument about biology is pretty far off as well. See, the people that donate their bodies to science actually DO think their bodies are worth something, thats why they donate them, because they recognize the value of what could be learned. Its not that they don’t care. Its the complete opposite, they very much do care. You think people who sign up to be organ donors just do it on a whim? No, its because they recognize the value their bodies could have to others, not the lack there of.

    And I’m not so sure the situation in Quebec, but where I live, there isn’t exactly an overwhelming amount of cemetaries; certainly not enough to argue that they are taking up needed space.

    I also don’t see what being an atheist has to do with anything either. A burial isn’t a necessarily religious thing. I share your belied, or I suppose lack there of in religion, but I still respect the dead.

    And if you really think a gravestone is just a carved rock, then you have to be willing to say that you have absolutely nothing of significance in your life. You have no possessions, no memories, no objects that have any sentimental value to you. And unless you don’t have a soul or have never had any significant relationships, I find that hard to believe.

  300. wanda la pute, i was asking mattlax if they would have a problem with playing with bodies if it was a child, because they seem to have very strange ideas about what is acceptable with objects. im just wondering about whether the respect ideas change if a situation subject changes.

    you like your dusty dirty men etc. i was just asking mattlax if there was a difference if you change the body to a more sensitive subject. i am very interested in necrophilia, and find your fantasy fascinating, but am just questioning consideration and respect issues that can clash.

  301. potential translation strife, it is quite a mission to get the information back and forth. im dutch, and my french is not good enough to be able to talk about these things. i apologise for the mixup, so much is lost through translation.

    hey mattlax doesnt mind what is done with his body when he is dead, maybe you could ask him if he would donate his body to you? that would be a usefull idea.

  302. TrinityVA – I agree with you completely. I guess the point I was making is that people get very upset at the thought that they might be put at risk yet I have people in my life that I care about (that I consider to be smart people) that don’t use condoms or get screened regularly. I was more wondering aloud if the people on here worrying about their safety and the safety of others are as careful as us?

  303. marijke: As sad as it may seem, a corpse is a corpse, the whole children thing is cultural…

    Where I come from you’re an adult when you reach the age of 18, in other cultures you might be considered an adult as soon as you are 13 years old, during the early renaissance in Europe you were an “adult” as soon as you were fully weaned, the whole idea of being a teen didn’t exist, you went from being a baby to being an adult to being dead and that was it, in some culture you are an adult as soon as you go through a ritual to be considered so and someone might “pass the test” on the first try, others might have to try many times… It’s completely subjective to call someone an adult, would you consider that someone who suffers from some kind of deficiency that makes him behave like he was 10 years old even if he is 30 a child or an adult? Why do teens who are 17 years old sometimes go to the adult court for things that are considered “big crimes” (like murders for example) if they aren’t adults?

    In a biological way a males should be considered adults when they reach the age of 25 and females the age of 22 (if I remember correctly) because that’s when the puberty ends in most cases.

    My point is that the only person who gets hurt per see when we talk about necrophilia isn’t the person who’s corpse is being fucked with but others (family, friends, …) and the way I see it giving importance to a dead body isn’t logical since the person that “owned” this body do not exist any more.

    Hey, is that really respectful to let a corpse rot in a wood box or is that (once again) what our culture has led us to believe? The Inuits went completely the other way, when they got old is was respectful to the family to stop being a burden by going away and dying from starving/from the cold/being eaten by a polar bear (or anything big enough to attack you and kill you) and there wouldn’t be any special care given to the corpse. Wouldn’t it be more respectful to make that person be useful until the end may it be by giving pleasure to someone or by being used by scientists to do research?

  304. Oh yeah, by the way, I would give my corpse to Wanda but considering that he is 50 and I’m 21, unless I die from an accident, he’ll probably die before me, sorry… Seriously though, I would prefer that it be used to train surgeons or something like this, I’m thinking more about the quantity of people it might make happy and not about the quality of the time I would spend with a necrophiliac, but if science doesn’t need me, do whatever you wish!

  305. the one problem i have with this is that once infected with HIV, i assume he will want the same treatment and care as others. i personally think thats a fucking joke, why should you receive care (from the statistics i’ve seen you’re looking at least 50,000 dollars a year) that could quite easily go to someone else. i have to agree with the others Shannon, i’m not sure this article should have been published here.

  306. #238 I was making a comment that he should write a book…I suppose I was comparing him to De Sades in the philosophical sense for his mind and writings were free with no boundaries…

  307. I just realized something, all of those that say that it’s ok as long as he doesn’t hurt anyone else, does it means that it’s ok for someone to sniff coke as long as he doesn’t hurt anyone else (considering that the addiction to this drug is psychological and not physical)? Or do you think in this case that since it’s a drug it’s not all right? Shouldn’t we consider that the hormones released in Wanda’s body when he is being dominated (pretty much the same hormones that are released when we get pierced or tattooed) might be part of some kind of chemical addiction he has?

  308. I don’t belive he eats human feces. This can cause toxic shock and make you very sick. I’m suprized he can stand the smell.

  309. I read the article and many–but admittedly not all–of the comments and the plus side to this piece is that it has generated some very interesting and thoughtful discussion. For this, I’m happy I took the time for it.

    My greatest concern about the article is how can be used as fodder by fundies for arguments against gays, festishists, and those who like body play and decoration. Arguments that are seriously used to legalize denials of rights like marriage; arguments that can used in court to disparage one’s character; arguments used to deny a person a job. …

    Now, as someone mentioned, bug chasers, HIV-infected barebackers…are nothing new online but the stories do tend to remain on the fringes — not one of the most popular sites worldwide.

  310. It wasn’t until the 249th comment (thank you, CupCake)that I saw one that expressed a major thought of mine (that he’s a slacker who’s not really trying to get infected). If he could get laid he’d have caught it already; he’s had 25 years of the virus being in the wild. And hell, if he were really gay he wouldn’t be playing with female dommes, either.

    My guess is that if he’s raiding garbage and alleyways for diapers and condoms, he’s not only living a life nearly devoid of real sexual contact, but he’s also a bullshitter of the first magnitude. As Warren said in post 326, infectious waste is controlled in hospitals. How the hell does he get access to diapers of AIDS patients? My guess is that it’s BS. My hope is that it’s BS. Because if it’s not, then the patients of Rochefort Hospital are being very poorly cared for in third-world conditions.

    And in what world can someone “put on a garter belt, fishnet stockings, and high heels — nothing else — and then go into cemeteries…” Forget the cemetery part. Where can one get away with this? More than once (which he implies by the use of the word “sometimes”). Where are the police and the good citizens of Rochefort when he does this? I call bullshit on this and the rest of his lurid fantasy.

    And as for those who would say “good for him, he wants to go out with a bang.” (as has been both said and implied in many posts here)… People with AIDS don’t go out with a bang. They go out with a wimper–a long, very sad, painful wimper. And if you had a soul, or if you knew anyone who went through it, you’d realize that and not think this was a person to be admired, nor worthy of being interviewed. My guess is that this is a very lonely person with little real outlet who thinks that contracting HIV would gain him entree into the cool kids’ club. “See, I really have had sex.”

    The last thing we need is for the body mod community to be tarred by association with this borderline individual and his fantasies. People have conned Shannon in the past with their fantasies (Bruce, whom he noted and called him out in the ModCon book). My hope is that he finds out the same about this joker.

  311. Marisa – I would hope it would be obvious to all readers that Wanda represents the far fringes and that it would be silly to use him to make an argument against the mainstream… Not that fundie arguments make sense.

  312. “It wasn’t until the 249th comment (thank you, CupCake)that I saw one that expressed a major thought of mine (that he’s a slacker who’s not really trying to get infected).”

    yeah, i’m wondering about that as well.

  313. Wanting HIV is too far. All the other crazy shit, whatever. But AIDS is something that needs to die. This fuck is gonna spread it too, cause he obviously can control himself.

    I hope he gets HIV and then finds out noone will have sex with him.

  314. Well. That was an… interesting interview. It didnt make me feel sick or anything, it just intrigued me. I know I’ll almost certainly never understand what drives and motivates Wanda, but this doesnt shock or (for lack of a better word) gross me out particularly. He isn’t hurting anybody aside from himself. With the AIDS thing, I agree with a lot of people here, he will quite possibly regret it if/when he contracts it. But, again, this is his choice, and from the sounds of the interview, he’s pretty determined. And from then, there’s no way out, really. I’m surprised he hasn’t already contracted it.

    The necrophilia thing does disturb me a little… I know most people would be outraged by him digging up one of thier relatives and having his way with them. To be honest, though, I really dont see the fuss. I know this is just my view, but the way I see it, they’re dead. All he’s doing is having sex (or whatever) with an empty shell, whose person has moved on to another life. To me, it’s like having sex with… I dont know, a snakeskin? A shell of something that has moved on. I’m not saying it’s for me – I couldnt do that, I’m just saying that the concept of other people doing it doesnt bother me terribly… #387 said it better than I did.

    Also #373, agreed. Guys, stop the shannonbashing. His blog, his rules.

    I had more to say, but i’m tired, and I forget the rest. I just hope he stays happy with his life until the end of it.

  315. That last post shouldve read “CAN’T control himself”

    And Shannon, even though I think this guy is a loser for wanting HIV id love to read another interview with him!

  316. I say this interview is totally fake. Either Shannon and this guy made it up to see people’s reactions, or Shannon fell for the biggest troll in the history of BME.

  317. It’s people like this that allow me to confidently say that the human race is doomed.

    There are individuals struggling and suffering around the world because they are put into positions they have no control over. But this guy wants to purposely contract HIV? Give me a break. In the end it is just selfish.

    As far as I’m concerned he can get all the HIV he wants, the problem is that he will spread it to people that do not want it (whether he says he will or not). Either way, I say he starts getting busy with his mission and removes his shitty ass genes from our already crappy gene pool.

  318. Happy? I seriously doubt he’s happy. He sounds quite mentally ill.
    Many people with mental illness don’t even have the capacity to realize it. Their behaviour is ‘normal’ to them.
    If this was a reflection of true happiness, lots of people would enjoy such behaviour.

  319. Holy fucking shit, this guy is just straight up diseased in the mind. What a fucking sick freak, he should die tomorrow before he hurts or kills somebody.

  320. i do not see where is the body modification in it. his chest ? it was some kind of accident. so in that case, i can send you a picture of my broken leg, or my black eye done by my boyfriend while fucking me ? his piercings ? it is absolutely not the biggest part of the interview. what is the biggest part actually ? his disgusting sexuality. i come on this site to see body modifications, not a dirty old man drinking sperm.

    It could be interesting if the interview was done correctly, but it is all about his sexuality, about facts, not about why he did this. so okay it is great to know that he loves to eat shit, but why ? when he transforms the question on his answer, you do not even try to insist. this interview is shit and the way you did it is CRAP.

    just because he is “extreme”, you can promote very deviant sexuality ? and what will be his passion tomorrow ? children ? and will you post an interview about “oh yeah i like tu fuck little children” because it is extreme ?
    you know that a lot of teenagers come in your site, and even if they are supposed to be eighteen for that, a big part of them is still in college. don’t you feel guilty for showing that kind of sex to them ?

  321. Clearly this had nothing whatever to do with “body modification,” yet Shannon extols it as an exploration of life by manipulation of the body without giving any attention at all to the blatant hompophobia and AIDS-phobia, and while apparently totally missing the fact that this guy was using the interview as a way to get off by talking about his sexual fantasies, not to mention trying to draw a link between bug-chasing and Buddhism! If people want to eat shit more power to them, but no amount of bullshit analogies make it anything to do with body modification.

  322. this post caught my eye, of the ones i read. sorry if this has already been rebutted:

    “The right to die under your own conditions isn’t really an ultimate right. I know what you mean, in terms of terminal people choosing suicide, but this isn’t the same.
    Most people don’t get to choose conditions of their death. You can’t say “I don’t want die in a car accident” and be guaranteed that right.
    rooster on February 27th, 2008 at 1:02 pm”

    apples and oranges, here — no, you CAN’T guarantee avoiding death from one specific cause, but you CAN sway the odds drastically in your favour by bugchasing.

    deliberately trying to avoid a certain cause of death and deliberately trying to seek out a specific one rely on two totally different sets of odds, thusly, your comparison is bunk.

    on another note, i have to smirk at all the claims in here of “i’m open-minded, BUT …” no, no. are you open-minded or aren’t you? even if you’re unable to understand Wanda’s desires from a personal stantpoint, should it not stand to reason that a person who claims open-mindedness should accept it on the grounds of it floats Wanda’s boat without Wanda causing anyone else direct harm?

    i don’t understand why Wanda is the way he is. i don’t want to BE the type of person Wanda is. i feel love and appreciation and arousal in completely different ways. but what works for me works for me, and what works for him works for him. neither better nor worse; simply different. and herein lies where acceptance should be unconditional.

  323. I really enjoyed this interview, I find this guys mind to be fascinating on many levels… I can’t quite comprehend why he wants to die/get aids, but then that’s what makes it so interesting.

  324. you must just anderstand one things ,I am a real pig and I love to drink your sperma in used condoms ,if you want to give me yours ,contact me ;
    also in few time bme video will receive a new video in live shown a cutter open my breast and put inside an high hell humm very good and very dusty and don’t worry my head is clean
    if you have aids I venerate you i kiss all pervers vicious and sadistics people
    wandalapute (a sperme)

  325. The only problem I have with this is the AIDS part; not in the fact that he wants it, but in the fact that due to his frequent sexual encounters with different people he could very well pass it on. I seriously doubt he gets tested for AIDS every time he has sex.

  326. I am frankly scared by another option: is he considering the possibility of becoming a long-term non progressor? That actually would completely break the fantasies about being hiv+.

    … and as well: it’s truly the first time that someone that calls himself slave is asking his punishment. not really bsdm, not really body modification… should I say a little “les marie claire pas claires”?

    with respect.

  327. Wanda and Shannon, thank you for sharing this interview with us!

    Wanda: Good luck with your search, I know how frustratingly difficult it is to fulfill one’s ultimate fantasy in the SM world, when the said fantasy is an extreme one. I wish you all the best :)

  328. Quote Shannon -the “damage is done”, so to speak and there’s no going back might as well enjoy the ride, I think.

    The way i see it is, the damage has been done and the damage continues to consume his life, the only way he can gain any pleasure in life i.e to cum is to continue this destructive behaviour. The fact that he wants to die from Aids is fitting to his cause, he could choose torture to end his life, but that would be too quick and easy, he chooses to die from a most terrible disease that will linger and serve its purpose as people will see him die in this way.

    It is saddening that people suffer from such deprevation their whole life, he has only ever know pain and degredation to have what he concludes as happiness and that is truly sad. We all suffer from pain at some point in our life but we generally get over this and carry on with our lifes. I guess its possible that were not all made of the same stuff, well it would be a bit boring if we were.

    As a Mistress (Domme) i come into contact with many people who ask for different forms of BDSM, i refuse extreme stuff as i know i could not treat someone like that and it would not make me happy, and for people who ask for say cbt, Ball kicking, tieing, piercing, i understand that it is a need they have to feel some pain to become hard and orgasm and i kinda find it fascinating that they want me to hurt them in this way, although i do not derive pleasure from this, what i do derive pleasure from is showing these people that there are other ways of achieving such a high. So far in my time in the scene i have only not been able to convert one person, and from my understanding he only required pain to orgasm, which i actually found a little selfish as, if you want to experience it with someone else then you should be willing to give something back, or maybe thats me been selfish. There’s another article on here about a guy who practises extreme cbt on himself, as crazy as i think it is at least hes only doing it to himself(he may have ppl help him cant rememeber) but their probably aware its only for his gratification, or maybe they enjoy it too.
    Anyway back to Wanda, he is already putting people at risk of Aids, he drinks strangers cum and has unprotected sex, Nice.

  329. Just another little note, it would be very interesting to see some feedback from some of Wanda’s play partners/Dom’s/Domme’s to see what their take was on the whole Aids and Wanda’s desire issue is.
    Oh and while i am here, i once saw a programme where hospital workers sold or gave medical waste (bodyparts, utensils, general waste ie nappies) away. There will always be someone willing to source anything you can possible ask for, thats how depraved our lovely little world gets. I cant put my finger on the programme, but it related to aborted babies bodies been taken and used for experimentation from a hospital (or more than one) in the UK.
    Sorry but another point, many people have mentioned how Wanda has no limits on the amount of degredation he will suffer, i would like to turn that round and point out that as a slave he offers himself to his Master/Mistress to do whatever they will, to me its the Master/Mistress who is pushing the boundaries and forcing him to do it. A true slave will always oblige. Without pointing any fingers, the couple he mentioned been with, when he had his breast removed seemed to take him to the max.
    Wow what an article, bizarre but interesting, in fact the debate is awesome. Maybe in some way this whole article /comments may help Wanda in someway. Much like it is always good to read stories about similar life issues which we all go through.

  330. I dont see the big deal about this guy wanting aids. He’s 50. He’ll more than likely die from natural causes than the disease and Im sure hes thought about that. If he was say 20 years old, he probably wouldnt feel the same. Aids at 50? Big deal, by the time the shit really hits him he’ll probably have alzheimers – he wont even remember to take his daily intake of human waste.

  331. its so sad… i cried when i read it because he has so much self hatred.
    that poor poor man

  332. I can see Wandalaput does make a lot o people sad… poor of them, what are they doing here? Do they come to show pity and shame because they’re afraid of what they are? This man knows exactly what he wants and he’s one of the few who got the guts to do what they want in life… Most people don’t understand that being degraded and abused it’s just another way of enjoying life. All those comments about how sad Wandalaput makes some fainted hearts are just the same old comments that us, the modified ones, hear everyday from the ‘normal’ people out there on the streets… This man is praiseworthy just because he dares to be honest with himself without a human mask. Most of us will die with that mask on… By the way, how are we supposed to contact him without an e-mail address or a phone? I’d really like to…

  333. The link appears to be broken, taking me to an error page. Was the interview removed due to the uproar? As controversial a topic, I would hate to see this removed just because of the response. It seems somehow contrary to the entire point of posting in the first place. I would like to be able to read this, though I’m sure I will regret it after the fact.

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