Stretched Piercing or Protosplit?

This BME member in Shandong (which incidentally is also what I call my junk), China, has since split his tongue, but I thought these pictures of him before the split were pretty neat!



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21 thoughts on “Stretched Piercing or Protosplit?

  1. 6. They call it a frenum piercing (not sure if it has a non anatomy name), it can also belong on a cock (pacificly mine), which is probably how 7 got *confused.
    *Assuming he/ she really was confused.

    I want my tongue split more then ever now :(

  2. Do you know how this partial split was done Shannon? I knbow that Oscar Navarro was trialling a teflon piece of jewellery shaped like a wedge for healing an initial split like this then performing the final forward cut when it had healed.

  3. I have to admit I laughed at ‘Shandong.’

    I’m also interested in how he has that nicely healed oblong shape, given that so many people talk about how their tongues heal so quickly if they forget to put jewellery in.


    “1 in 5 pierceings get infected.”

    and they have more wonderful little tid bits like that. i wanted to comment, but alas no way to get in contact with this ‘well educated doctor’ they also said that teenagers have found another way of rebelling, and tongue splitting is the new craze. oh my.

    this ruins the way people view piercings and modifications, and it really upsets me

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