Alex Trebek: “Balls!”

Shannon: “What does Andrew keep in his chainmail pouch?”


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33 thoughts on “Alex Trebek: “Balls!”

  1. damn, i had that idea about 5 years ago but my girlfriend is against it. oh well, at least i know i am not the only one trying to protect my jewels from knife attacks.

  2. That’s really cool… I don’t think I’ve ever seen that before. I wonder if he makes jingling sounds when he walks?

  3. i know a guy who has a lot of cbrs on his skin chandelier as well and it definitely makes jingle noises.
    almost melodic. ;)

  4. haha I was wondering about the airport too. unless he did some of those piercings himself his ball were probably pretty pricey

  5. Talking about airports…I never travelled by plane before: Must you remove all your piercings when going through the metal detector? :| Removing 20+ piercings would be a fucking pain in the ass…

  6. Actually, none of my surgical steel jewellery sets of teh alarms… I have no idea how.

    Nobody ever has to remove these things, he’d just be pulled aside and chece dith teh sammer metal detector and if it’s suspicious, they’d take him aside to the little room to check…

    It’s pretty cool though, I also wonder what it looks like when it’s moving.

  7. As far as metal detectors are concerned, it depends on how sensatively they are set. I have had my surgical steel set them off, but my titanium labia rings have never given me a problem.

    This really does look like chain mail. Nice!

  8. anyone know just how many there are? And I vote for him to make a video of them so we can see them in thier glory !!

  9. Shannon, you’ve killed the game show. The answer needs to be in the form of a question. :(

    Alex Trebek: “Kept in Andrew’s chainmail pouch.”
    Shannon: “What are Balls?!”

  10. I guess it works your way too. I had read your line first and then the title, hence my confusion. :P

  11. #15, 16 and 17..I used to work security screening in an airport and your surgical steel won’t set off any of the metal detectors unless it is really, really big. And if you do happen to set off an alarm the protocol is (or was when I screened) that you would have to be inspected by an RCMP officer in a private room or you could go into a private room, remove your jewelry and send it through the x ray machine. I worked in Vancouver and Edmonton internationals as well as other small airports and never once saw anyone set off alarms because of piercings. Anyway…skin chandelier make me giggle.

  12. More out of curiosity than anything (please don’t take offense) but I was wondering how you (or anyone with a large amount of piercings in an area) keep things clean?

  13. It’s like pierced in place chainmail for your sac. I want to know what it sounds like and if you can hear it when he’s walking…

  14. Wow. That is … surprisingly beautiful.

    #24 keep things clean? I don’t have vast experience but my husband’s ballsac never seems to get dirty enough to need vigorous scrubbing. I expect he does just fine with a spray of warm water and a lather of soap.

  15. This has got to be the strict Jewish upbringing talking, but the ol’ bishop-in-a-turtleneck actually weirded me out more than the sackchain.

    [Before anyone jumps in with an OMG CIRCUMCISION IS EVIL YOU IGNORANT MORON comment, as a woman who doesn't care for visual porn and whose partners have almost exclusively been American men, I have not had the opportunity to see very many uncut cocks. Therefore, I unconsciously (and very unrealistically, I might add) internalize circumcised penises as "normal" and uncircumcised penises as looking a little strange.]

  16. @ #23, I have never been in an airport. I visit my husband in prison, and I have to go through metal detectors every week. Some prisons, no problem. Others, my steel jewelry has set it off. I hope my titanium never gives me a problem, as I am unable to remove the rings myself.

  17. #27, Kristen…ballsacks get very dirty, they sweat and build lots of bacteria…although his seem to be surprisingly free of hair,for that many piercings it would be a pain in…balls to take them out and shave down there…and more hair would add to sweat and bacteria and dirt.

  18. ….still trying to think of a schwetty balls joke.

    oh yeah…and it looks really cool

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