Earlobe Reconstruction is for Chumps

Real men cut them off when they’re done with them!


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21 thoughts on “Earlobe Reconstruction is for Chumps

  1. this made me laugh cause me and my bf got ina arguement cuase iwanted to strech my ears bigger than ten and he wont let me and he said if you strech ima just cut my ear off cause its the same why would you want holes in your ears that big… haha

  2. Are there any people who cut their whole ear off? Van Gogh did(I think just his lobe), it seems like it should be more popular. I did see a boy with only one ear once but I’m pretty sure it was from an accident.

  3. Im pretty certain Van Gogh just sliced off a bit of cartilidge for his mistress.
    I’ve been contemplating the whole lobe removal thing for afew years now. I feel it’d would work really well with large gauge conch piercings that way.
    Id also be more tempted to sculpt the lower part of the ear to make to it flow better.
    Still cool though.

  4. Van Gogh was driven insane by solitude and the unanswered love he supposedly must have had for Gaugin, who went to live with him in South France a couple of times. That, and the fact he was hearing sounds (or voices maybe)… If Van Gogh had a mistress, it would have surely been a dude. Then again, he wasn’t married… So it would simply be his boyfriend.
    Greetz from artboy :D

  5. i could have sworn it said “Earlobe Reconstruction is for Chimps”

    Then when i looked again it said chumps, which made me a little upset inside, because his ear does look like a monkeys ear…..


    that was intended all along….!

  6. simon, van gogh did live with share a yellow house with Gaugin because he wanted to start an artist’s colony but with drinking, drugs and bizarre violent behaviour forced Gaugin to move on. The ear he cut off was for a prositute who was a female.

    I like this dudes ear, his plug looks like a tasty marshmellow

  7. I really don’t have an opinion about this but a rather funny story to relate to #5. my auto-shop teacher in high school had skin cancer and lost part of his lower lip. so to fix the problem, they stretched out the lip, and basically remade it. this guy was bad ass to begin with, and when he passes, many hardcore guys i went to high school with will most likely cry themselves to sleep every night. but yeah, that’s all i have to say about that.

  8. e nosssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!

    e pra kem pode ne pra kem ker nao!!!!!!!


  9. is there something else done to the ear?…it looks as though the top and side were rolled or thinned out?

  10. My ex had his lobe bit in a bar fight and decided to prove his manliness by getting drunker and cutting it off himself. Idiot. Also I’m loving the shades.

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