Xed Lehead Chestpiece

This typically brilliant tattoo (on Bean) is by the ultra-talented — and I’m happy to say, soon to be interviewed here — Xed Lehead at Into You in London, UK. If you continue reading after the break you can see the rotary tattoo machine that he uses (I assume many people have never seen one before as they’re not that common).



36 thoughts on “Xed Lehead Chestpiece

  1. I love Xed’s work. I’d love to get work done by him someday …When I have money and concrete plans of what I want done that is 😛

  2. i managed to wangle an appointment with him late last year his work schedule is crazy,i need another one at least,his works the finest ive ever seen in that style..oh nice chestpiece!!

  3. 8. There’s no secrets, it’s a rotary machine. The advantage of using them in this instance is that they are very lightweight and it is much less strain on the hand/wrist for doing dotwork such as this.
    Cool chestpiece too!

  4. The machine xed use are mostly custom made by him .
    I guess the secret is not in the machine more by who’s using it . I tried using one ages ago and have now a huge black scar. I never said I was talented…

  5. wow, bad ass tattoo, plus i have to admit, i love pierced nipples. i had mine done, wasn’t too bad. but on females, much more attractive.

  6. that’s absolutely gorgeous. is that smudged ink, shadows, bruising, or all of the above on her left arm area?

  7. I had some work done on my left forearm by Ardee Allen (Skinworks Tattoo, Newport Beach, CA) a few years ago with a rotary machine. She used the machine often for solid blackwork. I don’t know if it was my imagination or not but the rotary did have a slightly more intense feeling when it was used.

    The benefit of it besides the machine being lighter (benefit for the artist), is that the motion is a little more direct. The needlbar is attached to a cam that’s offset on the motor, unlike a traditional machine which is an electro-magnet. The things that leave more room for error on a traditional machine (contact points and springs adjustment, etc) could be argued to also be the things that would make those machines more superior in the hands of an artist that understands machine tuning science.

    I have yet to be tattooed by a pneumatic machine (runs off an air compressor), but I’ve held one and they are super lightweight. I’ve seen some great results too from the artists I know that use them.

  8. I’ve been in love with Xed’s work since I first saw it in Body Art, but I’ve never read an interview with him. Make it so, Shannon!

  9. Xed is a true pioneer. Just managed to find Beyond Belief on Ebay which has some of his performance work in. I just wish the waiting list to be tattooed by him wasn’t so long !!!

  10. rotary machines with liek a 28 mag kick ass for heavy/solid black. i will be reqyesting that on any future heavy blackwork.

    and i thought the rotary was also easy to take than the standard gun, pain-wise.

  11. Rotary machines are nice and quiet. The late Barry Louvaine in London used them for all of his work. Outlines and round shaders. His machines looked heavier and were of a nice “professional” matt chrome finish.

  12. 🙂 Thanks for the nice words!

    There is only one bruise, on my arm. The rest is ink smudge, as the photo was taken just after finishing. Though Roo’s suggestion is certainly more interesting.

    Xed is a fantastic dude, and I will certainly be hitting him up for more work in the future! Looking forward to the interview!

  13. I dont think those are bruises OR shading on the breast area, are they? (the one on the arm definately is!) It looks like its a very fresh picture and theyve just wiped the ink and blood off. I could very well be wrong though! 🙂

    Im loving this guys artwork. The last picture posted with the red is the most gorgeous tattoo Ive seen in a long time.

  14. The angle of the nipple piercings work well with the chestpiece, which is very nice btw. . . I can’t get enough of dotwork.

  15. Wow, maybe I should sometime ask this guy to do something for me! The nipple piercings are like made for the tattoo, they fit perfectly together 🙂

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