“I really put my foot in it this time!”

Haha, it’s funny, Anders is such a “safe” interview that there hasn’t been the usual frenzied hurricane of “for” and “against” posting. Before I got out ice skating, let me make up for that with a little of the old “Guess What”. I don’t think anyone will particularly have trouble with this one — the answer continues after the break.



That’s a 40mm (1 9/16″) tunnel by the way.

62 thoughts on ““I really put my foot in it this time!”

  1. Damn! That’s freaking huuuuuge! Must be kind of weird when it’s erect though…

  2. How the hell are you suppose to piss lol…and 40mm?! That’s bigger than the fork tubes on my motorcycle…dang…

  3. a what did he do in case ha have erection in public 😀 must put his hand in pat and take it out ?:D

  4. That’s rad.

    But I keep thinking…. I bet if you look at it straight on, it looks like a vagina.

  5. Wow. Impressive. Now we need another penis being stuck through that one…

  6. Its kind of weird that the tunnel is bigger then the actual penis itself (no offense!). It makes it look almost backwards, like the base is now the tip… Crazy…

  7. Oh wow. My first thought was that it looked like the beak/trunk of some kind of weird animal with giant nostrils… but that’s just me.

  8. Haha, it cracks me up that people are wondering if it works still or if he can pee. It’s just a stretched foreskin piercing… Why in the world would it affect function at all? I mean, some people actually cut their foreskin right off and still function.

  9. ah shannon im sure that some people (like me) were under the impression that it was an ampallang, if its only the foreskin i get it! pretty cool tho

  10. Oh that makes so much more sense now. I must be awfully slow to not realize it was foreskin…

  11. I imagine erections must be a bit painful because of the large amounts of pressure, however I would love getting one of those just to know how it feels.

  12. Oh… So thats foreskin and not an actual weiner tunnel? I thought it was like a stretched ampallang.

  13. ahh,it’s his foreskin…dang i was all amp’d up to go oooooo and awww, but now it’s just “oh”

  14. I didn’t know it was the foreskin until I read the comments.
    I was going to ask if sex was the same/if he had to make adjustments/if any sensations were heightened/etc
    so now I feel a little silly, ha ha.
    in any case, it looks really good. I’m impressed.

  15. I love it when people push past the limit when it comes to there body. It just goes to show you how much you can do!

  16. I am not surprised that I knew it was a foreskin. I am a great believer in the pratical and fun aspects of that great part of the body.

  17. OK phew it never mentioned it was foreskin. Thats pretty damn impressive I have to admit. At first I thought it was a giant ampalang..

  18. if you turkeys would mouseover the image or checkout the filename, you can usually get a clue as to what going on 😉

  19. hahahaha shaun that is the best comment yet.

    and matt–
    “weiner tunnel” > ampallang
    for sure.

    oh well 🙁

    so since I’ve never delt with a penis with foreskin, does this effect the erection (the piercing NOT the skin lmao), like can he leave it in when he is erect or does he need to take it out? i know foreskin is pretty stretchy as we’ve seen in a lot of bme extreme stuff lol, but i was just wondering what it looked like erect, especially if he (can) leave the jewellery in.

  20. Can I petition to have Shannon create an official entry for “weiner tunnel” in the BME Encyclopedia? Or at least have it mentioned in the ampallang entry…

    “An ampallang, also commonly known as a weiner tunnel…” I think it has a very official ring to it.

  21. did someone do this verticly and stretch it large enough to fit a d size battery a while back?

    Awesome stretch, looks totally rad.

  22. I thought the D Battery was actually in an incredibly stretched urethra hole (is it called the meatus?), not a piercing.

  23. note to self: don’t click on the blurry or partial pics on modblog when the kids are home sick from school…one might walk in the room…kinda like mine just did a few minutes ago…thank god for screen minimizers!

  24. That’s the first time my jaw physically dropped after looking at a picture on modblog, and I’ve seen pretty much every entry.

  25. I feel like maybe people didn’t realize it was a foreskin piercing because they may not have seen or known many uncut dicks… ?
    As for the piercing: A. great job B. looks great C. I’d sort of like to put it in my mouth and play with it. (minus jewelry)

  26. wow.

    i guess while i understand its a foreskin piercing i cant comprehend it…. is there anyway we can get more pictures so it can make a bit more sense?

    great job though

  27. I’d really love to see that errect, it’s so amazing. It’d be interesting having sex with that too.

  28. Hi
    I am the proud owner of the perforated foreskin featured in the blog,
    It was quite a shock and a thrill to think that people were discusing my foreskin
    and was pleased to know that it was interesting enough for people to ask intelejent questions,
    I will be pleased to anser questions and send explani tory pics later (about november i am traveling now and using internet cafes a bit embaresing for sending pictures!)
    ps yes i do remove tunnel for peeing and sex

  29. dude, isn’t your foreskin hangin then ? thats grows :S
    but cool too, and one more thing?
    do you miss sometimes?
    because it doesn’t come out straight right ?
    how do you do? do you seat?

  30. does it really matter if or how he can pee whit that?? he can put his toe trew it!

  31. I am turned off by body modification -and especially by self-circumcision or other genital mutilations or modifications. You’ll pardon me if I have chosen not to willingly or knowiingly assosciate with people who have had these disfigurements done on themselves, esp. to such extremes as cutting off both their legs and most of their fingers , for a cheap thrill !

    As for sluts who aren’t doing anything about their extreme obesity or who roll in their own excrement, you’ll find plenty of such in Spaceghetto.

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