“Anal Hood” Piercing

This piercing by Pat Tidwell at Slave to the Needle in Seattle, Washington reminds me of the most recent “guess what” entry, although the anatomy is more unusual. You can keep reading to get a better look at it, but he calls it the “anal hood piercing” — he describes the tissue as skin similar to labial tissue and says this is only the second time he’s seen anyone with this anatomy… Not sure what the cause of it is, but it’s definitely pierceable.



42 thoughts on ““Anal Hood” Piercing

  1. Kind of looks like that prolapse-looking thing that happens to bums when they’ve been through a lot of bum sex.

  2. I wonder how many people have something like that. Presumably you wouldn’t know unless they decided to get it pierced and then submitted a picture! Kinda looks like it would get in the way though…

  3. That is the oddest asshole I have ever seen.

    Sort of neat, though.

    However, as always, with anal piercings, I have to wonder how they’d ever keep it clean.

  4. 7. Damn it, now I can’t look at it with out thinking of bum sex.
    I wonder if it ever gets in the way though?

  5. She made her odd little bit of extra tissue attractive, I think. Looks nice.

  6. I’m guessing it was a little snafu while she was forming as a fetus? Sometimes tissues stray a little.

  7. How cool! I’ve actually seen that particular thing up close and personal on one occasion- she didn’t know what it was about, either, but said she’d always had it.
    Cool idea- I would most likely pierce it if I had that spot.
    As far as getting in the way of bum-sex, or keeping it clean- notice that she’s got a lovely normal asshole *above* where it is? I think if people can keep their taints clean for the most part, she’ll be alright.

  8. mexican food/carribean/or serious pepperhead…….definately some serious Habanero/Scotch Bonnet anus ripping done there to get “EXTRA TAINT”….whoof

  9. I’ve actually seen that on a stripper in Connecticut before. And actually no that long ago I met a girl with an extra labia on her thigh.

  10. I guess it’s a bit like a third nipple, really.

    Looks good though. I’d be worried about it getting in the way but aside from that it’s pretty cool.

  11. very interesting. it looks like she has a clit on her a-hole.
    the piercing looks cool though. the healing process must have been silly

  12. A very nice healing process I suppose… Sitting must have been nice. But I really like the way it looks, very unusual!

  13. I don’t know what to say except for “interesting” like a lot of others. Oh yeah. I can put on a “fascinating” and a little “O.o”-smiley.

  14. it looks like “skin tag” quite common, anyone can get them at anytime, not just on the ass, they can be quite large or tiny & sometime look like felsh colored moles that stick out, very much like what many people call a 3rd nipple

  15. I had one as well. I had it removed as I found it unsanitary. I was told that it happens from having a fissure or tear in the anus in such a way that the skin starts to pull down and portrude outward during healing and can happen at pretty much any age, so people can have them since they were very very young and don’t even realize it had grown there.

  16. I have a scar in the front of my anus. From my first try at anal sex, which I have to add was a horrible failure and I ended up with two stitches. 😉 I think that I could probably pierce that scar. Idk, It is like a very small soft flap of skin. This picture just gave me the idea. I do wonder about the cleanliness of piercings in this area in general.

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