Identify the missing bit

I think this one is pretty easy, although there’s a subtle nuance to it.



Before the comments start, I should add, as you can see from the left photo, that the individual had already done half, likes it, and is very aware of the consequences and issues involved. As a point of trivia, for most people, the “stump” is extremely sensitive, and erections are much harder afterwards, so in general terms even though this is a removal procedure it is most definitely also a sex-positive procedure.

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91 thoughts on “Identify the missing bit

  1. Im guessing it’s an ear…mostly becous it looks like an ear..
    and it iiiis : a penispart..did NOT see that coming =P

  2. So grateful am I for the years of ‘desensitization’ through BME that allow me to stomach the last two shots. Hugs, BME. Hugs.

  3. Shouldn’t that be on your other site?

    Wonder how much you cold make from the google ads on that?

  4. I agree with Rauka, I did NOT see that coming! My guess was a foreskin, so at least it was in the proximity. :S

  5. I was going earlobe reconstruction….i was wrong…oh god was i ever wrong… :)

  6. Thats also the same reason I couldn’t get a meatotomy!

    This is all brought on by my second year Virology lecturer, each Monday morning at 10AM there was a 10-foot penis on the screen, each time suffering from a different disease.

  7. first one ive gotten right in a while. i wrinkled my nose until i read the explanation, then i only wrinkled it a little. this procedure make me nervous…

  8. oh my……thats a bit far…
    i wonder how much that would bleed come his next hard on

  9. I guessed right. It’s a bit mutilated so it’s difficult but the coronal ridge gave it away. I like getting my dick sucked way too much for that. “hmm how can I take away sensation and meaning from my life? eureka! I’ll chop part of my wee off”

  10. SWEET.. totally got it.

    I agree with others. The years of modblog have made my stomach just about impervious to queasiness.

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  12. I was right, although when it comes to guessing on this site, you’d probably get about 90% right if you went with penis in the first place.

  13. YES! I was right for once! I saw it and I was like “Oh, that’s… PART OF A GLANS!” Thank you, BME, for making me that much more proficient at identifying severed genitalia. I’m sure it’s a skill that will come in handy some day.

  14. I was thinking penis, but then I thought nah that’d be too easy… I was right though ^^


    I aint doing that to mine….I dont care HOW much more “extremely sensitive, and erections are much harder afterwards” it is….
    YEEE ow..I’ll leave that to other more dedicated body modders

  16. hah, hoorah bme for desensitization.

    somehow i got this, but i was going with smoeone removing the lobe itself as an alternate mod… which could be fun

  17. i guessed ear. then i was confused by the first picture because it sort of looks like the penis is coming up through some grass. oh my. Did he know that sex was going to feel better when he cut the first half off or was it a happy discovery?

  18. never heard of anything quite like that before, and yet bme has taught me to start guessing the most unbelievable possibility first. thank you for that, i’ve never guessed correctly before.

  19. My guess without looking at any other comments is a piece of the head of a penis. now lets see!

  20. those pictures left me screaming for about five minutes until my voice gave out. thanks a lot warren. imagine the person who pulls down this guys pant without prior warning.

  21. Almost said “ear” but the ridge gave it away…sort of.
    Darn, that’s def a serious modification he’s done. Obviously he likes the progress and that’s great that he’s found a means to achieve his happy =)

  22. Unwritten rule of ModBlog: assume it’s genital until proven otherwise. Yay (?) right again.

  23. ouch. dude, why? whyyy?
    aw well, judging from the greying pubic hair i’m guessing the guy is old enough to make his own choices. good luck to him.

  24. I thought it was and ear like rugby players get! I’ve heard it’s more sensitive, but I don’t understand how that works anatomically

  25. Well,well, I got one right!!! It looks interesting to me – even fascinating (but then I’ve been relieved of my testicles).

  26.,, penis..yes! glad i thought about it before clicking through.

  27. I knew what it was by the coronal ridge. No way would I do this, I like my penis whole.

  28. I thought that shriveled bit of head was a clit… Not too far off, I guess. I wonder if there’ll be a female nullo’s procedural pics here?

    I hope the guy can still pee through that, and that the scar tissue didn’t heal over it…

  29. for me…..i knew it even before i red (idetify the missing bit)..
    for those who thought it was a nipple or a clit …i think they were just thinking about what they want in reality.!
    and Shannon please don’t forget to send its picture after healing ….it will be great to see the results…it is so frustrating to see the cut and never know what it will look like !!! i think you Shannon need to be more positive on this you should ask the senders ( your sources)to update by sending’em individual E-mails ..may be you need to offer some promotions

  30. Easy one! I guess I’ve been here for too long, didn’t make me throw up or anything :P

  31. Why is it that every glasectomy penis i see seems to be ravaged and scarred by years of CBT?? WAIT… I THINK I JUST ANSWERED MY OWN QUESTION? Ennyways, the sometimes sad downside to most genital modifications (and I’m speaking from personal experience) is that it seems the “wearer” is always seeking to recapture the sensations of a fresh mod. Unfortunately, in body modification, the body is an expendible resource, and you can only chop off/modify parts once!!! I always get a little sad when i do a new tattoo on myself and think.. “there goes another piece of virgin skin”… fortunately , I love all my tats and piercings and regret none. I always feel bad for peepz whao have massive blackouts, beacause they wanna cover their old art… Umm.. yeah.. tangent…

  32. is that a smiley face on the shaft??

    guessed right haha
    shannon loves the peeeeeenis :)

  33. OMG,I guessed right for the first time ever! As much as I think penii (?) are wierd, I’d want the head attach…I wanna touch it 0_0 hehe

  34. Yes! XD I finally got one! Woot! Now I dunno if I should feel proud of myself for correctly guessing the “mystery” part or if I should… screw it I’m proud of myself:)

  35. I totally guessed nipple. Now I’m just queasy… Guess I need to be desensitized a bit more!

  36. i try to show my modless boyfriend these posts all the time…he refuses to look anymore after i showed him the guy eating his own testicle…i almost got him to look at this one, but he knew better…

  37. Oh snaps I knew it was the top of a penis =D

    BME you have thought me well over the passed few months!
    I salute you =D

    When you see things like that…and Shannon says

    “guess what”
    you NEVER

    EVER should expect something as innocent as an ear piece lol


    even though if i had a penis..
    I think id like to leave it all there!

  38. Oh snaps I knew it was the top of a penis =D

    BME you have thought me well over the passed few months!
    I salute you =D

    When you see things like that…and Shannon says

    “guess what”
    you NEVER

    EVER should expect something as innocent as an ear piece lol


    even though if i had a penis..
    I think id like to leave it all there!


  39. My guess is also absolutely RIGHT!!! I got it at last hahaha.
    I just wonder What was done to the removed part?

  40. Considering I got this right… I think I spend too much time up close and personal with penises.

  41. ‘sex-positive procedure.’ Well obviously! I’m mean why else would you cut your dick off?

  42. I was right. I actually guessed half a gland removed. But I’d really like to see a picture (or in person) a full erection with the glands removed.

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