I at least admire his determination…

…if not his placement. I’m always surprised at just how long people keep piercings that are going wrong. I suspect that in the time it took me to get this image posted, this reader from China has already lost his nipple piercing — I’m actually amazed it’s holding at all with that big ring and that tiny strip of flesh.


36 thoughts on “I at least admire his determination…

  1. There is such a thing as TOO MUCH, even in the body mod world.
    This is one such example. Man, that poor nipple.

  2. china is not a good place to do piercings and tattoos
    actually they are not that clean, i am brazilian but i live
    in hong kong, here have just some studios that you can really trust. Almost that people from oversea.

  3. I grabbed my chest when I saw that. I’m terrified of rejection, and I’ve had my nipples pierced for over a year.

  4. I thought it rather looked like a bird beak…

    …and when I realized what it was, I just wanted to pull, to end this. Heh.

  5. my nip piercin was goin a bit dodgy,put i jst changed my bar,its one of my favourites on myself and on other ppl,shame to see it like that…but hey he might have a funky nipple fetish?

  6. The worst thing is I have the urge to rip it out for him just so that the healing will start.

  7. i actually grabbed my nipples when i saw this. *cringe* i don’t even have nipple piercings but eeeeeek!

  8. I can see this guy going for a jog or something, hearing a clattering of metal on the floor, and suddenly shouting “SHIT! My nipple just committed suicide!”

    Or whatever that is in Chinese 🙂
    My mandarin is terrible 😀

  9. Holy Moses. That’ll come out from washing it in the shower! Or the pressure from a shirt!

  10. Ouch.
    I too, wanted to yank it out just to end it’s sad life of hanging there. It’s gotta be something ingrained in us that makes us reach for it…

  11. that dont even look like a nipple!!

    do u think that it fell out 1 day and he didnt notice, then he took his top off and was like ‘holy shit!’ haha

  12. I don’t know how people can let things just go that far. Like that pic of the labret rejecting out the front on BME Risks…whole post is just dangling there. Same with this poor ignored nipple =(

  13. Wow that is weird i was the first post now the first post is blimey from :/ Werid weird

  14. It looks more like he’s had it ripped out and has just glued the thing back together after it healrd *cringes, I’m glad I took mine out beofore it got bad even if I sometimes wish I’d kept it a little bit longer.

  15. oh god! this picture made me go check my own nipple piercings for like 10 minutes to make sure nothing was wrong with them!!!
    how can he even stand that!

  16. sometimes u’ll just love a piercing too much till u’ll never let it go no matter what…

  17. That post made me cringe and keep hold of my 5 year old nipple piercings! At least it looks pretty healthy though and shouldn’t be too bad once it comes out.

  18. I always wonder what could make someone in this situation think this is ok? I always imagine them waking up one morning and thinking, “Well, it looks like my nipple piercing is rejecting, I bet it would get better if I put in even LARGER gauge jewelery! Yeah, that makes the most sense.”

  19. it took me 4 monthes to take my right nipple piercing out[retired at 8g]…kept getting ripped. I still have yet to get it re-pierced

  20. had the same crap happen to my nipple! but my problem was opposite,too small jewelry in too big nipple! blah

  21. Wow, This is really a mess. Yuck. I remember when I first got my nipples done, I had extra long barbells in them for swelling and crusts etc…and I was taking a shower. I don’t know exactly what I was doing but I snagged my silver bangle on the barbell and was absolutely terrified that I had ripped it out. I stood there screaming scared to look at it, but it was fine. Thank god cause I would hate to have a split nipple like this.

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