Blood on the Beach

I’m always so jealous of the beautiful photos I receive from AlienX (Xtreme Body Art) in Natal, Brasil… I haven’t posted scenic suspension photos in a brief while, so let me post two they did recently (the girl is xFABIx and the guy is Henrique). A small gallery of pictures of each continues after the break.

From my point of view, a large part of suspension (and body ritual in general) is intense connectivity with the surrounding environment and the universe as a whole, so a natural setting is important…



PS. If you like these sorts of photos (and really, I think the my favorite suspension pictures probably come out of Brasil), what’s stopping you from planning a suspension vacation?

beach-suspensions-a-1.jpg beach-suspensions-a-2.jpg beach-suspensions-a-3.jpg beach-suspensions-a-4.jpg beach-suspensions-a-5.jpg

beach-suspensions-b-1.jpg beach-suspensions-b-2.jpg beach-suspensions-b-3.jpg beach-suspensions-b-4.jpg beach-suspensions-b-5.jpg

26 thoughts on “Blood on the Beach

  1. Wow I’m fucking jealous, hopefully I’ll be able to do something similar to this in the future….

  2. I love this sorta stuff, and while I know it hurts. How badly does it scar? I might be heading to Brazil in two years.

  3. these suspension photos are always very beautiful.

    i like mod blog because i love tattoo and i love seeing people doing interesting/fucked up shit. suspensions have only really appealed to me in an aesthetic sense.

    im interested if there is anything else to suspensions? any sensations? i mean, i know the hooks probably hurt a tiny bit as they are placed, but other than that, anything feel cool?

    i hear that some people freak out and just can’t handle the experience. any reasons why some do?

  4. Suspension vacation? BTDT. Best vacation I EVER had.
    And I totally agree with “a natural setting is important” – it definitely is, for me at least.
    @ Tsarik/#6: go read peoples’ personal experiences in the
    suspension/ritual section on BME
    . This will give you a pretty comprehensive view on what it feels like for the person experiencing it.

  5. hello! I´m really happy that you have liked the pictures. thanks so much. this is very important to me and if some day someone think about came to Brazil it would be a pleasure to meet you, because we are a big body modification family here.
    Acttualy…this is a lake not a beach..hehehehe

  6. Tsarik: Some poeple are extremely pain sensitive, no matter if endogenous endorphines are produced or not – these people feel everything much more dramatic, than normal ones. These people freak out during tattoing, these people are screaming in pain, when getting piercings.
    Imagine – these trying to hang. What maybe an easy thing with a little bit of pain for the majority, will be like severe torture for them, even endogenous endorphines will not save them. They may hand successfully, but after 10, 20 minutes of brutal torture – they will give it up, they will never be able to feel it like most of the people do.

    many people feed different – less pain, and additionally endorphines are kicking in, reducing the pain to zero after seconds to minutes.

    Some people will feel very little pain from the beginnign, likewise there are hypersensitive people, thare are also pretty insensitive ones, even without endorphines (little pain = no kicking in of the natural pain killers) – that will work EASY and nice.

    People are different – and that’s why nobody can predict how YOU will feel doing suspensions!

  7. Belo, linda fotos, estão rebentando por ai em.
    Belo trabalho alien, lindo suicide de um ponto Fabi.

  8. I’ve always wanted to go to Brazil sooo bad.

    And I don’t think streched ears look great on everybody, but the girl in the photos pulls them off wonderfully. They compliment her whole body very nicely.

  9. I’m not going to get into the personal why’s and warefores of suspension. It’s an increadibly personal journey, it was for me at any rate.
    Gorgeous photos of gorgeous people.

  10. im actually going to brazil this summer for capoeira, anyone know how to contact a suspension group down there?


  11. cara ehhh foda 😀 eu fui num estudo aqui em hk, e as fotos de la eu perguntei da onde era, a mulher falou que era TUDO do brasil xD
    entao nessas coisas o brasil ta bem (:

  12. these photos are beyond beautiful i’d really be interested in seeing photos of the marks (or scars if any) left by the hooks i think i’d be really proud to show those off, there like a little story

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