I think you missed your mouth

Freakboy and Gnomoweb in Sao Paulo, Brazil demonstrate the advantages of having giant labrets. A second photo continues after the break.



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39 thoughts on “I think you missed your mouth

  1. #5 – Why would we be disgusted? Personally, I don’t care if other people drink, smoke, do drugs, screw every person they meet – It just doesn’t work for me.

  2. I take amusement in the fact that most straightedge people I meet need to be all inyourface about the fact that they’re drug-free and smoke-free and alcohol-free and people who don’t adhere to the sXe code should go to hell.

    I just find it hilarious.

  3. im straightedge and im not “in your face” about it at all.
    it just for me, i dont push it on to other people

  4. im straightedge and im not “in your face” about it at all.
    it just for me, i dont push it on to other people

  5. For some reason, the hand implant is reminding me of lymphadema. I think it’s just the way he’s holding his hand though..

  6. Kelli – I definitely agree.

    The implant is fabulous, but I can’t help but think of lymphedema. Heh.

  7. I suddenly have an urge to run to Brasil and open a bar just to see bartenders serve liquor in this fashion.

  8. thats crazy, i love it. and all the straightedge kids i know are annoying about it. cool for them with their own choice, but if they feel they need to push it on me like religion, it feels like their less comfortable with their own choice

  9. Where I’m from it’s more of drunk people shoving booze in straightedge kids faces. People can wear shirts with beer logos on them but when a sraightedge kid has a straightedge shirt then they’re “in your face.”
    Maybe where I’m from it’s backwards

  10. I definitely think the initial post about straight edge folks getting uptight is pretty ignorant. Assholes aren’t limited to being straightedge, they just tend to stick out more because like most things in life, a bad experience sticks in your mind much longer than a positive one.

    I have enough friends who continually tell me they wish I still drank, and try to coerce me into drinking. I also know people who are straight edge, and concern themselves with making it everyone else’s business. If you reversed the situations, and the edge kid was a drinker, he’d still be a jerk, only he’d be the one playing beer pong and wearing a Jack Daniels shirt.

    Regardless, I wonder if that one dude’s septum is going to have a yellow stain from the nicotine?

  11. All the pictures you post from Brazil make me want to hang out there sooo bad.

    And for #5 — I’m straight edge and not disgusted at all, one of the many reasons I’ll never get a sXe tattoo. I’ve always been the only edge kid hanging out with a group of stoners; it’s a personal life choice, not a reason to get all preachy to others.

  12. Haha that’s so funny! XD

    (PS: I’m straight edge too. Wouldn’t have mentioned it at all if it wasn’t for the silly comments that sXe kids would get all uptight about this pic :P)

  13. i dont see how the mentioning of sxe had any relevance to this pic really lol we dont care if others drink so why would a pic of someone living there life how they want to bother us?
    im wondering what happened to his ear in the 2nd pic :s it looks pretty messed up

  14. I agree deadboy. I’m not sxe, but why on earth does every picture with a cigarette or alcohol all of a sudden become a battle between the two groups? Haha.

    Baahh, I just want to touch the implants! I’ve never actually seen someone who has them and I can imagine it’s very interesting..

  15. lol Im sxe but i dont give a shit what other people do,everytime i see someone smoke or drink i dont tell them not too.Its not my body so its nothing to do with me being sxe is my own personal choice! Its a cool picture and its there choice to smoke/drink or whatever.I never see things like this as a battle between two groups.Mentioning sxe totally had no relevance and has basically detracted all comments away from the pic and made them into a non edge/edge pile of bollocks.

  16. I’m with Laurel.. “I’m not sxe, but why on earth does every picture with a cigarette or alcohol all of a sudden become a battle between the two groups?”

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