Best White Power Tattoo Ever.

Mike, who plays guitar for The Seventh Gate and Call The Paramedics says of his Nazi unicorn tattoo by Painless J at Marlowe Ink in Fairfax, Virginia, “only the whites get angry, hah… funny how that works?”


Continue reading for his other, equally questionable tattoos.


The piece above (also by Painless J) is brilliant I think… The piece below? Not so sure… last time I posted gender bending shit eating on BME it didn’t go so well.


Both of these transsexual pieces (with apologies to any transsexuals reading this) were done by Eric Doyle of Jinx Proof Tattoo in Washington DC. I’m sure he’s thrilled to be credited, haha…


Edit/Update: Thanks to cuntcumber for reminding me I needed to include Mike’s knee tattoo as well:


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113 thoughts on “Best White Power Tattoo Ever.

  1. The trouble is… the art is cool but the concept isn’t. Make sense? The unicorn is really pretty but the meaning behind it is ugly.

  2. That is simultaneously both the best unicorn tattoo and the best white power tattoo ever put to epidermis. Mike, I salute you!

  3. Those are amazing. The last two aren’t my thing, but I would proudly wear the first two (well, proudly wear the first in the right company).

  4. not so sure of the meaning of the unicorn…is it because neo-nazis are sort of against gays or am I missing the point completely!?

  5. Albert: My first glance at it (via a thumbnail on my Opera speed dial) I thought it was a gay pride tattoo. It wasn’t till I saw it full size that I was like “…oh.”

  6. “only the whites get angry, hah… funny how that works?”
    Ha. Ha. Ha. Yeah. Pretty fucking hilarious, mate. Aren’t you just a comedy genius. Ain’t nothing funnier than racism.

  7. i still don’t get the unicorn tattoo, maybe I am just a little slow. anyone care to explain it too me?

  8. I think the fact that it’s on his ass says something about what he means by it…

  9. I had a semi running joke for a while about going into a white supremest tattoo shop and asking to have some unicorn flash done. It’s interesting and really amusing to me that someone else thought of the idea!!!

  10. #23 lol, its a bum knee hehe, I agree that the unicorn is meant to poke fun at white supremacists and if that is indeed the context I find it quite amusing, I am curious though what is the tattoo on his other shin that cucumber posted the link for, it says “feed me a stray _______” stray what? or should I not want to know the answer?

  11. I see no evidence of anyone not “getting the joke”. I’m well aware the wearer isn’t a neo-nazi and finds this really funny. I just fucking hate that kind of humour. I sincerely hope mine and Cere’s paths don’t ever cross.

  12. Yay irony. Kill the nazi band and “white power” on the unicorn and you have the makings of a really pretty tattoo though, without the humorous meaning behind it.

  13. holy fuck modblog is hilarious today, between this and the shit people are saying about the zombie interview, i’m laughing so much i can’t do my homework. are you posting today shannon just to hear people say dumb shit?

  14. Nazi, white power assholes SO need to be made fun of relentlessly, because really, they deserve it. Great tattoo, some people REALLY need a sense of humor though…

  15. #24: Much like walking into Paul Booth’s or Bob Tyrell’s shops and requesting that they do a nice vibrant and colorful “My Little Pony” tattoo or “Care Bear’s” tattoo. lol

  16. also…i believe it was the Dave Chappelle show that did a skit on Gay Racists, right?

    Where the dude rolls up in a pink sheet and politely asks the african-american family to move and leave the area lol

  17. What is the irony(or joke) in the Unicorn tattoo? I don’t get it.

    Sorry if it lets out your stupendous inside joke.

  18. is the shit-eating transsexual supposed to be a Hel look alike?

    Looks a lot like the Norse Goddess, well, paintings of her…

  19. Charlie-Manson-cuntboy invokes the lulz just for it’s strange and peculiar nature…I mean, they both appear to be on his calves so total “WTFlol.” reaction.
    But I gotta love the one-upped Gorjira and extra-bad unicorn.

    Am I the only one who thinks the rainbow needs to be extended?

  20. Sometimes Hitler can be cute I guess…

    looks like he’s planning to eradicate the juice.

  21. Love the Nazi Unicorn tattoo. I imagine natural stupid Nazi folks loving it before someone explains the rainbows and the unicorn to them. Great!

  22. Well if you really want to get into it and take it legit, what exactly is so wrong with someone having a different political affiliation or racial pride?

  23. There’s nothing wrong with racial pride, it’s when you take it extreme and it turns into a philosophy that preaches hate instead of just pride. White pride is admirable, white power/supremacy is deplorable. But that’s just my opinion…lol

  24. Nazis and white supremacists need to be made fun of, not because they are easy targets (althought they are), but because it’s a way of marginalizing their views. The visual language of the tattoo is being used in an ironic, post-modern way to break down they hate-mongering and make it a subject for ridicule, instead of something to be taken seriously. I think riducule and dismissal is the only appropriate reaction to views like this that are actively damaging to society as a whole.

    The amusement factor is a side benefit.

  25. I love when people use the term “post-modern,” especially when I’m damn sure they have no idea what it means.

    That being said, I’ve got nothing against the first tattoo, but his comment about how “only white guys get offended” makes me wonder if he, indeed, has many non-Christian, non-white acquaintances. Try flashing that around a synagogue—are many people going to laugh before he has to go into his protracted “post-modern” explanation?

  26. Haha these are awesome. I also like the way he covered his junk with his scrotum :P

  27. It’s funny, but I myself wouldn’t want to have the text “white power” on my body – regardless of the context.

  28. I can totally imagine a gang of neo-nazis bent over this guy and discussing whether they should beat him up or respect him. Needless to say, the guy has cojones.

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  30. I thought this was horrible until I got the joke. XD
    Not anything I would have on myself, but major cool points to this guy!

    I just hope more people get the funny side and don’t go around thinking he is a nazi.

  31. Gay nazi tattoo (ROFL). but ok…. a couple of month ago, Isreal’s security found a jewish nazi gang (!!!!) and they were chrisching Hitler, not exactly realizing, that hey would have ended up tortured and very dead in his regime.
    So there is no real bottom of low intelligence level in that scene. Now the proud gay – nazi… he – as wall – wouldn’t had good times in “his” regime (ROFL), but below a minimal IQ…

  32. I’m probably stupid but I totally don’t get the tattoo of the hermaphrodite covered in blood and feces. I find it beautiful in a repulsive kind of way, but I have no idea of what it’s supposed to mean. Anybody care to explain?

  33. I’m such a first thought?? Now that’s a gorgeous arse that I’d spank in a heartbeat!! Then I noticed the tattoo..I think I must need a good rodgering…lol

  34. Hats off the the guy for the best lulz of the dya. Boo to those BAWWWING bleeding hearts who are tough on lulz, and the causes of lulz.

  35. Mike, pardon me if I’m speaking too much for you. He’s just an asshole (not in a bad way), and he obviously got exactly what he wanted out of the tattoo: to piss people off for, basically, no reason.

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  37. Has anyone noticed that the ‘t’ in the word ‘white’ in the first tattoo, looks a little like a funky pound sign ‘£’?

  38. Katie:
    Are you referring to the post-structuralist postmodern, or the neoconservative postmodern? They both ended up with much the same result, although the post-structuralist ideal worked out better than the neo-conservative. (Irony: the neo-con movement of the time wanted to return to classical ideals in painting, namely realism and figuration, but ended up creating a new movement, because they deprived the images of context.)

    Post-modernism as we currently understand it mixes various themes/styles, usually decontextualizing the elements that are mixed, and are often tinged with irony.

    I like to think that, since I’m working on a BFA right now, that I have a least a *little* idea of what some of the major art movements of the 20th century were/are… :P

  39. at first i started to get confused because i asked myself, “why the hell would a hardcore racist put a unicorn of all things,” but then it clicked on several different levels and i giggled to contentment:)

    one of lines- of- thought that crossed my mind was what if some jackass really thought this was hardcore and got a unicorn tattooed on him, then i thought about the power rangers and started laughing again.

  40. Stormchaser:
    Nazis sind die ewig gestrigen und dümmsten Wesen auf dieser Welt.
    Und Vorsicht auch bei Satire, die kann oft auch falsch verstanden
    werden. Ich kann in diesem Fall Satire nur akzeptieren wenn damit
    klar gemacht wird wie dumm sie sind und wenn sie damit lächerlich
    gemacht werden können.

  41. This reminded of Artie Lange’s Idea of a bumper sticker that is offensive to everyone. “I love niggers”. It is a phrase that is pretty sure to offend anyone from racists (because of the I love part)and non racists (because the n word is a disgusting word.)

  42. What is more immoral than war?

    War is an ugly thing, but not the ugliest of things. The decayed and degraded state of moral and patriotic feeling which thinks that nothing is worth war is much worse. The person who has nothing for which he is willing to fight, nothing which is more important than his own personal safety, is a miserable creature and has no chance of being free unless made and kept so by the exertions of better men than himself.

    John Stuart Mill

    Judging by your fear of reality, I am sure you don’t know who John Stuart Mill is. He was a writer and poet during the American Civil war. A war during which hundreds of thousands of Americans gave their lives to fight slavery, an institution I would argue is more immoral than war. But I bet your ugly ass wouldn’t grasp that based on that white power crap you have tatooed on it. I hope you die of hepatitis soon. (but not so soon that you don’t go through the requisite amount of suffering.)

  43. By the way, there is no valid interpretation for meaningless stupidity. I should back off however, you are the one stuck with that on your skin for the rest of your life.

  44. Am I the only one to think that a white power tattoo CAN’T be “cool”? I am quite shocked at that posting, not to mention the number of mindless comments on how funky the whole thing is.

  45. Bist dus chwul oder wat?
    Du mit deinen Regenbogenfarben oder hasse Weichspüler getrunken, bestimmt noch dazu extra flauschig!


  46. man, all i can say is that rocks. and i would totally stay up with this guy till four in the morning arguing over the toaster oven while plastered on night train and smoking fancy cigars with wagner playing in the background. yep, that’s how those tattoos make me feel. *grin*

  47. i love this. i’m super intolerant against intolerance [hypocrite much? i know], and i think this is the best way to “stick it to ‘em”, as it were.

  48. This is nothing, you should have seen Mike the time he lost a bet over a game of pool and ended up getting analy fisted on the same table he lost the bet on.

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  52. HAHAHAHAH …….the joke is on him. Nice life you have there, loser.

  53. come to Portland Oregon with that nazi bullshit and I will kick your face in . fucking asshole !

  54. Wow Anthony, hope I don’t live on the same side of Portland as you.
    Luv the ink, even more so now because that asshole doesn’t!

  55. on his AIM page it states that he’s SINGLE – quelle fuckin’ suprise lol!!!! imagine getting schtupped by a dude with a tattoo of a shit-covered tranny on his leg lmfao!!!

  56. this is the coolest thing ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i want to c a guy fuck without a dick lol jk jk

  57. how do u have sex lol jk jk this guy is a beast no other man wuld do this so more power to u lol this shit is cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  58. Isnt the white power tattoo kinda gay?? Dont neo nazis hate the gays????

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